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Wilmington, NC (WWAY) — The voters have spoken and the ballots are in, Beth Dawson and Woody White will be joining the ranks of the New Hanover county commission.

“We’ve worked many months reaching out to the citizens across our county and they have obviously embraced my commitment to serve them” said commissioner elect Beth Dawson.

Though their first official meeting is still weeks away the board members have spoke with each other and have already formed a general consensus of the hot button issues in New Hanover county.

“What do we do with our landfill,” said Jonathan Barfield Jr. “How do we retrofit Wastec and get it back up and running and burn the majority of our trash and indeed extend the life of our landfill. That’s the pressing issue that I’m hearing from a lot of citizens in our community.”

“The citizens have a lot of significant issues on the table right now and trash is one of the top issues, our sewer our schools over crowding, we have a lot of significant issues that we need to get to work” said Beth Dawson.

Though there are many issues on the table the commissioners agree that there will be no more issues within the board.

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