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LYNCHBURG, VA (LYNCHBURG NEWS & ADVANCE) — A potential deal to move the Lynchburg Hillcats minor league baseball team to Wilmington, N.C. was shot down by voters there Tuesday.

In February, the Hillcats dropped a bombshell on area baseball fans — if the citizens of Wilmington, N.C., would agree to help build a new stadium there, the Atlanta Braves would buy the Hillcats and move them south before the start of the 2014 season.

“Now we can plan on being status quo, and continuing with the Carolina League staying in the Hill City,” Hillcats general manager Paul Sunwall said.


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  • ma_lashley

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to report it as a tax-payer funded stadium was shot down by voters. I don’t think the opposition was to baseball, just who should be taking any or all of the risk associated with moving the team here.

    The voters had their say. Mandalay/ANLBC could have crafted the deal differently or proceeded anyway with their own money and you wouldn’t have heard a complaint. Except maybe about parking or traffic which always an issue with downtown events.

    I see this is Lynchburg’s reporting but still it’s an inaccurate representation of what 70% of voters truly objected to.

  • SouthEastNC

    I’ve said all along that I’d probably buy season tickets, but would vote against the deal that they had on the ballot.

  • Beach Bum

    Nothing misrepresented in that story. I hope Atlanta pulls out all together.

    We need a baseball stadium like we need jobs. Obama won re-election and will give everyone more free stuff courtesy of robbing people who actually earned their wealth. Never mind the megaport that was shot down that could of brought money to the region. Or the Catapiller plant that said no thanks.

    We need a baseball stadium like we need Obamacare. No choice in health care.

    I know what we need. Titan Cement plants.

  • SurfCityTom

    Cooper Tire which could have come to Brunswick County? 1,500 good paying jobs once the construction of the facility, which also would have employed all types of construction personnel, was completed.

    That’s what NC needs.

    But where did it go and why?

    Let’s see:

    First — you have a North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, who was in Europe with 5 of his flunkies, attending some sort of air and space convention in France. Did you muss he was chastized for going way over the per diem with multi bottles of expensive French wine for hs and his traveling companions. All on the state dime by the way.

    Cooper Tire presents itself; and while in Europe, he doesn’t think to go to Germany; solicit the opportunity for North Carolina; and determine exactly what it would take to get the deal done.

    Meanwhile, the South Carolina Governor and a whole gaggle of State employees travel to Germany; solicit the opportunity for South Carolina; and determine what needs to be done to get the site.

    Voila, it goes to the state which showed the interest.

    $25 Million was the incentive required for the plant.

    Sotuh Carolina knew exactly how to put the deal together.

    North Carolina did not thanks to incomplete information, and a percieved lack of interest, thanks to the Secretary of Commerce.

    He needs to be the first one to go when Governor McCrory is inaugurated.

    If Governor McRory wants to give everyone a boost now, he could begin the process of securing a true business professional and not some political hack or fundraiser; and introduce him prior to Christmas.


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