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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The United States are not so united tonight as rumors that history may repeat itself circulate. Petitions on the White House’s website suggest that citizens across the country are not happy with the way things in washington are going and want a major change.

Petitions to secede from the United States started popping up shortly after the election last week. Citizens from more than 20 states, including North Carolina, have filed petitions to secede from the union.

With more than 20,000 signatures in less than a week, the Tar Heel State’s petition is quickly approaching the 25,000 signatures required to get a response from the Obama Administration.

UNCW sociology professor Dr. Mike Adams says the movement may be a glimpse of what is to come.

“I don’t think that this particular petition drive is going to result in anything,” Adams said. “When people ask if I take this petition seriously, no I don’t. It’s a foretelling, though, of things that might be taking place later on.”

Adams says when the south seceded from the union more than 150 years ago, it took a while for traction to build.

Other people say the petitions are a joke and merely the response of sore losers.

“It’s funny because of the current situation and states wanting to secede from the union? Really? Why? Nobody has a good enough reason why,” Nicholas Oates of Wilmington said.

Others say the requests signify a larger problem in Washington.

“I think really the only thing that needs to be taken seriously is just the fact that there is some disenchantment with the process, and that everyone in Washington needs to learn how to work together,” Mark Kennedy of Wilmington said.

The Texas secession petition has nearly 80,000 signatures. The White House has not yet responded to the petition.

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71 Comments on "Secession petitions gather support in NC, across country"

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2016 years 2 months ago

It is humor to hear americans speak about christ and country in the same sentence.
When christ returns (according to ur bible) the countries of the earth will be united in
Battle against him. So exactly why are you loyal to a government controlled land mass called
A state? Is ur citizenship here or in the kingdom of God? Hell will be full and now you
Know why. But as the prophet says (as for me and my house we shall serve Ehyeh-God of
Abraham,isaac, and jacob.) @theJudahite

2016 years 2 months ago

“Also you called him black, I call him socialist. The libs are the ones that make it a race issue.”

Yep. Same here. Interesting isn’t it, who has the real race issue.

2016 years 2 months ago

Well said. I’m in agreement with you.

2016 years 2 months ago

Hellooooooo …. Time to get over that little conflict back in the 1860’s and start living in the present.

By the way, if someone is capable of infiltrating your system, your system sucks!

2016 years 2 months ago

For all of you who are putting down the people signing this position and even for the one who said that whoever signs it can’t be a Christian I have three words for you: “Declaration of Independence”.

Our rights come from our “Creator”. The government exists by the “consent of the governed” therefore the “governed” have a right to the dissolution of the government.

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