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By Ashley Withers

WILMINGTON, NC (StarNewsOnline.com) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger will have the chance to represent the county on several boards and committees, after being removed from most of these last year.

Commissioner Jason Thompson resigned from all boards and committees he served on as a county representative at Tuesday’s board meeting and asked that Berger take his place.

"I would like to make a motion that I be removed from all of my boards and committees, and I would make a motion that Mr. Berger be appointed to those in the short term," he said. "Simply because right now he doesn’t have any and he can do them."

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  • InvolvedVoter

    Mr. Thompson, why would you do this given what you know of Brian Berger? How can Berger’s appopintment to Boards serve the citizens in any way? This man needs to be ignored not elevated. I am profoundly disappointed at your lack of concern for the citizens of NHC which you are supposed to represent. This decision certainly was a poor one.
    I wonder why you would do this. In fact I wonder why Mr. Barfield would vote in agreement to appointing Berger to Boards? Some backroom deal for a future appointment to a vacated seat possibly?

  • Guest987432

    Is this Thompsons way of getting back at voters for not re electing him? He wanted Berger voted out and now gives him his seats on boards? This is why the spoiled child was not re elected to start with!!

  • RSimmons

    He must really hate us to leave our future in the hands of Brian Berger

  • OMG

    Welcome back to the CFPUA coard, Crazy Man!

    I’m gonna think up some lyrics to the Kotter them when I have time…something on the order of:

    Welcome back, your absence was our ticket out. Welcome back, your presence will want to make us shout. The names have all changed since you left before…now your back, our board meetings won’t be a bore. Who’d a thought we’d need ya (who’d a thought we’d need ya) Not me, for one, believe ya.

    Yeah we need him (not) cuz’ the commissions on the spot, welcome back.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Very good OMG! Your almost there. If you can come up with one more verse it would be great. I like it.

  • Guest123456

    Does anyone know when this tool-bag is up for re-election?? Haven’t they learned their lesson about Berger! He is worthless!

  • Peyton Garrett

    I had rather these appointments go unfilled, short term. This guy is a nut and this added visibility will only come back to bite the commission in the rear end in the long run. Let this dweeb sit in the corner, do nothing, as he has done all along and fill out his term in exile. Mark it down, the drama will start up again. Berger is about due to fire off some middle of the night e-mails and show his butt anyway. I guess the money he owes the county has been quietly swept under the rug. No mention of that.

  • Benjamin Franklin

    And make no mistake, he is the sage of his generation. After a bumpy start, you can rest assured that history will remember him as one who exemplifies great leadership and political wisdom. He is a mixture of Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, FDR and a touch of Winston Churchill thrown in for good measure. You are seeing greatness in the making. One day you will tell your grandchildren that you knew of this great man when he was an up and coming county commissioner. Having attained senior status as a county commissioner following the recent election, I predict an eventual election to state office and then national. In 50 years, a “Bergerian” style of leadership will be a household phrase – Guaranteed.

  • Huh?

    OMG! :-o!?!?!

  • Guest1948

    Another good reason why ALL of the commisioners need to be voted out of office!! If this doesn’t show total incompetence I don’t know what does.

  • CE

    Did he back all of the multiple personalities or just a few of them?

  • Guest2020

    Jason Thompson is an idiot. Berger has personal issues and has trouble living up to his responsibilities and should not have more placed on him. The Board, as a whole, did the wrong thing in this situation and I hope the residents of New Hanover County remember that when they go to the polls the next time.

  • Guest 10101

    Gee, from the reports we’ve been getting, I thought he was recovering from a physical injury.

    Get well soon, Jason!


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