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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Leland Police Department says a woman was robbed late Wednesday evening as she tried to deposit a local business’s daily deposit at the BB&T at Brunswick Forest.

The victim says she did not see a weapon at the time of the robbery but was manhandled.

She says she thinks the robber left in a dark colored SUV or truck but is unsure. Bank surveillance video is being screened to identify possible suspects.

Detectives say they believe the robber is a black male and were wearing a mask at the time of the robbery.

Anyone with details is asked to call the Leland Police Department.

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  • chris

    frist you have to asked your self ,, who knew that this lady was makeing a depostit at that bank and at that time …. frist were did she work , and who was fired from there ,in the last month or two, , the bank is new to leland ,, and it sit way in the back ,,,to me it sounds like a inside job,,, some one knows something ,,, how did he know she was depositing the money at that time of night one would have to think , someone knew !! or did she let someone know and she was part of it, its sounds to fishy to me ,,,, tha bank is new , and it just dont sound like this was a robbery out of the blues ,,, someone knows something !!


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