Waterford residents organize petition against rezoning

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Submitted: Fri, 11/16/2012 - 4:22am
Updated: Fri, 11/16/2012 - 1:53pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — At Thursday night’s Leland Town Council Meeting, several residents spoke out against the proposed rezoning of land near the Waterford community, which is currently zoned for commercial use.

Council was considering a text amendment that would allow developers to apply for a multi-family housing zone permit. Developers are proposing to build a 240-unit apartment complex in the Waterford area.

Waterford homeowners say when they moved to the area, they were promised the land would only be for commercial use. In retaliation, residents have organized a petition against rezoning. Peter Durso, who lives in Waterford, spoke to council about the petition and says more than 170 homeowners have already signed it. He says increased traffic, noise and safety are only a few reasons why residents are against it.

Because of the public’s confusion about the amendment, council tabled the item and continued the public hearing to their next meeting in December.


  • interestedinla says:

    This development and the changes planned to the town ordinances to make it happen will affect the viability property values of Waterford homeowners and the economic growth prospects of Leland for years to come – as well as allowing for “fast tracking” similar projects elsewhere in Leland in the future. It’s the destruction of the small town/bedroom community economic and social engine that has evolved over the last decade that may kill the goose that laid the golden egg for entrepreneurs and developers and homeowners.

    We are in the midst of the creation of an apartment building bubble akin to the home building bubble that was created a few years ago. The hell bent every man for himself blind thrust towards building apartments to capitalize on what, IMHO, is a short term supply/demand situation in apartment housing will inevitably lead to a catastrophic overshoot just as has happened over the last decades – when the brakes are inevitably jammed on too late in economic bubbles to prevent oversupply, market crashes, bankruptcies, etc. etc. I know there are those that say the popping of this new apartment bubble is years off – but that is what the development community and the banks said right up to the bursting of the housing bubble. There are entirely too many apartments being built in Wilmington and the surrounding communities to be economically viable in the long run.

    When the “free market” does it’s thing and the current apartment “business model” becomes toast the surrounding communities will pay the price. (I use the “business model” term loosely – these developers are cowboys not businessmen).

  • Guest28451 says:

    I wonder who made those promises to Waterford homeowners when they purchased their homes?
    Could it be Mr Exum?

  • John says:

    You live in Waterford not Land Fall. The people in the Waterford community also wanted Harris Teeter to open a day just for Waterford residence and closed to the public. If you wanted peace and quite you should have moved to the country and bought 10 acres and not moved to one of the most growing counties in NC. COME ON MAN!!!!!!

  • GuestReality1 says:

    It’s just a bunch of Yankees over there.

  • not retired ! says:

    Not all people that live in apartments are “careless”.Why don’t you people just be honest and say what you mean. ( We are snobs and don’t like outsiders )

  • Retired says:

    Thats why people moved into Waterford for the gates, being able to drive a golf cart around and not worry about getting hit. Its nice living in a community where you dont have to worry about “suspicous cars” driving around and noise all through the night. This is a place to settle down and retire, they dont need an apartment complex housing careless people and creating extra traffic.

  • isail7cs says:

    The math is against the Waterford folks but I wish them well in their fight.

  • Waterford Owner says:

    Waterford developer Bert Exum assured residential owners that the commercial parcel in question would be used for stores and other businesses. He gave the same assurances to the Town Council several years ago when it approved his request to rezone this parcel from residential to commercial. Many area natives live in Waterford, including the former mayor of Belville and a former Town Council member. Both opposed Exum’s amendment to rezone commercial property around Waterford to allow for multi-family building. There is plenty of available land in this area where the apartment complex can be built without opposition. Exum announced several months ago he had sold his remaining residential properties at Waterford. If he no longer wishes to develop the commercial parcel, he can and should sell it to another commercial developer. All of Leland will benefit from having this parcel developed commercially. Additional stores and businesses will create new employment opportunities, enable residents to shop more locally, and result additional property tax and sales tax revenue for our town. This is not about snobbery. It’s about keeping promises and doing what’s best for both Waterford and Leland.

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