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ONLY ON 3: UNCW student claims police brutality


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- In September, a UNCW student was arrested by a Wilmington Police officer that he claims used excessive force. The student says it was a case of police brutality. You can decide for yourself.

A friend of UNCW student Joe Gigliotti recorded video of Gigliotti being arrested by Wilmington Police Officer R.S. Young. Gigliotti was charged with resisting arrest/hinder and delay, but says he was a victim of police brutality.

“He used excessive force,” Gigliotti says. “He abused his power.”

Gigliotti says there were about 15 people at his house that night, the majority of which were over the age of 21. He says when Officer Young came to his house and asked if there was any underage drinking, Gigliotti assured him there was not and says Young then forced himself inside.

In the video, you can see Officer Young dragging Gigliotti through his house and then pushing him onto the ground.

Watch the raw video here

“I landed on my head and had a pretty big bump on my eye for the next week and a half,” Gigliotti says. “I also had marks on both of my arms from where he had pulled me as well as my wrists.”

After his time in jail, Gigliotti immediately filed a police brutality complaint against Officer Young. A few weeks later he says Wilmington Police Internal Affairs informed him that Young had been severely reprimanded and Gigliotti’s charges were dropped.

However, Gigliotti says police brutality is nothing new with Wilmington college students and hopes this video will change that.

“I would rather just see them become both a more effective and friendly police force instead of the way that they are right now,” he says.

Wilmington Police spokesman Kevin Smith says an internal investigation into Officer Young was completed and says he is still employed with the department. Because it is a personnel matter, Smith could not comment any further.

According to police records, no one was ticketed for underage drinking at Gigliotti's house the night he was arrested.

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The Police Brutality File

In what way was this officer reprimanded? When will the police and other government entities stop hiding behind "personnel" matters and disclose the facts. He is a public servant and the public has a right to know. Sometimes these things smell to high heaven. This officer was out of line and in my opinion and did not need to throw this guy to the ground. Respect the Law??????

So the drunk student,

Was very cooperative? Looks to me the officer did what was necessary to diffuse the situation. Kudos to the officer, drunk stupid students are the worst. The camera guy needs to learn how to film something. Can the camera get any more shaky? Bet this dude won't be having any more parties anytime soon.

This isn't even the full

This isn't even the full video, and you don't know the situation. The cop forced his way in bumping Joe with his chest. He said there were multiple cars in the driveway when there was only 2...3 people live there. The other cops that responded said officer young reported over the radio joe was resisting arrest when he clearly wasn't. They also watched the video and said to me personally that officer young was in the wrong. These people complaining about students, you live on college acres one block over from a university.

The Police Brutality File

In what way was this officer reprimanded? When will the police and other government entities stop hiding behind "personnel" matters and disclose the facts. He is a public servant and the public has a right to know. Sometimes these things smell to high heaven.

I think it's....

I think what stinks is your post. Looks like a setup to me. Some poor little rich boys with too much time on their hands, wasting the WPD's time when they could be at an emergency or where someone really needs them. I do not see police brutality. I see a brat who needs to keep his mouth shut.

The Police Brutality File

You must be a cop or married to one. Wait until it happens to you or your son or daughter and you will sing a different tune. I don't give a damn about the kid's tone. The cop came right into the house. Like I stated before, there are great cops who do a great job and by the book and there are beefed up boneheads who don't. Itnink this guy happens to be one of the latter.

If it were my son,

I would say take is butt to jail for acting like that, this is what's wrong with parents today, let your kids get away with anything then when they do get into trouble, it's like "oh he is such a sweet boy".. Parents today are so clueless it's funny...

No....I'm just a citizen..

No...I'm just s citizen who's tired of the perps crying victim. Wah Wah Wah....

This is my roommate. It was

This is my roommate. It was not a setup, the officer was not invited in the house, or called to the house; he had no reason to be here. I agree with you on the WPD could be at an emergency if there was one in this small town. Joe is not a little rich boy, he works hard.

Yea Joe working hard

Throwing them beers back. The little brat got what's coming to him for acting that way. Grow up kids.

guess being in a fraternity isn't rich anymore?

Well, your lacrosse playing fraternity roommate ain't poor friend. So get over it. Perhaps you would represent your letters better if you learned how to say yes sir and no sir to officers of the law when they are called to you house, learned to live in a single family home neighborhood appropriately and acting as an agent of change and good rather than an entitled victim. If you want to have a frat house, then get your brothers together, get the money, and go build one..but get OUT of our neighborhoods..because you and the FIJI house down the road that is owned by Mr. Toler are unacceptable and someday someone is going to expose it and deal with it.

Doesn't work that way

The police don't just park and go to houses, they are called by somebody. Maybe nobody in your house called, but I would bet one of your neighbors did. All calls into 911 are public record, so make a request to have that call released.