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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are investigating a fight at Hoggard High School Friday.

Investigators say one student was allegedly held while another student hit him repeatedly.

A spokeswoman for the school system says it is investigating the situation, and will take the appropriate action once the investigation is done.

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  • Guestparent

    So this is obviously anti-Hoggard week. Why don’t you ask anyone who was there whether this was a “bullying” incident. That would be accurate reporting. This was a simple fight and nothing more and this “victim” quit the football team at the end and obviously has a “grudge” as a result. How come we did not hear anything when New Hanover High School had to cancel their Homecoming Pep Rally because of “gang activity” there and we heard nothing of all the school suspensions that occurred as a result of that. And if the victim’s face had been “unrecognizable” as reported by the mom, you would see evidence of this just 3 days later. Let’s get the real story and this kind of alteration happens every day at other schools and you fail to report on it. There are great things being done at Hoggard High school. How about reporting on some of them, rather than focussing on the negative and trying to sensationalize on a school yard fight. A lot of things can fall under the “bullying” umbrella but this is not one of them. Get off Hoggard’s case and start “sharing the wealth” when you report. Get the real story.And just so there is no misunderstanding here, last week did fall under the bullying category and should be treated as such.

  • windsnake69

    What in the world has happened to Hoggard High School!! Not too long ago it was one of the most exemplary public schools in this area. But now all we hear about is students giving birth in bathrooms, coaches/staff getting inappropriately frisky with students, fights, cyber bullying, the list goes on. What is going on here?? Is this the result of ‘redistricting’ or poor administration or what?

  • Daman1533

    I don’t see any correlation between administration and a girl giving birth in a bathroom. The “cyber-bullying” thing went along with the teachers getting “frisky with students” thing which never even happened. Please, If you do not go to this school and know the facts, do not leave comments assuming you do. Also school fights are a regular thing that do not happen very often but they do happen, at every school not just Hoggard.

  • Tara

    Thinking of moving to the area, obviously no high school is perfect, but question to those who have already replied: which high school do you like the best and why?

  • Guest28403

    A fight means 2 people were involved in a physical altercation. This was an assault perpetrated by 2 people upon a 3rd defenseless party not a fight. Then again had this poor student been able to defend himself he would have been accosted by the left wing liberal pantywad School Administrators who have no concept of the legal right to self defense when attacked or assaulted meaning this poor kid had he chosen to defend himself would have been subject to disciplinary action himself.. Makes sense doesnt it. No wonder we have kids with issues these days. They are bullied and picked ona nd beat up and should they actually chose to defend themselves if assaulted THEY GET PUNISHED.. Parents need to start standing up to the BULLY School System for punishing Kids for standing up for there legal rights to defend themselves. Better a kid defend himself if attacked then the school system repress that right and eventually the victim snaps and pulls a Columbine..

  • Guest Reply

    Today is November 23rd…this fight happened on November 16th! Why haven’t I seen Tom Brokaw report on this story yet…or a video on YouTube? Why hasn’t WWAY had a follow up story on Timmy hitting Johnny, because Johnny called him a Do-Do Head and then backed up against him and Pooted on him? Why…why…why? Why? Who cares…that’s why!
    On the other hand…I remember back in high school one year, a kid laid his ruler across his pencil box (like a see saw) and with a devastating blow…launched a large spitball clear across the room, and it struck (and) stuck on the black board…then it slid down slowly until it landed in the eraser tray, leaving in its trail a wet streak. Even after it dried it left a stain. Best we could figure was…he had just produced an acidic vomit burp whilst chewing the paper which formed into the spitball.
    Our local news covered that story for nearly a week!!!!!


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