RAW VIDEO: Alleged police brutality attack against student


Submitted: Tue, 11/20/2012 - 4:24am
Updated: Tue, 11/20/2012 - 4:42am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A friend of UNCW student Joe Gigliotti recorded this video of Gigliotti being arrested by a Wilmington Police officer in September. Gigliotti was charged with resisting arrest/hinder and delay, but says he was a victim of police brutality.


  • Guest123 says:

    To everyone defeinding the cop…you’re missing a very important point. Wilmington PD reprimanded the officer and dropped the charges. They obviously thought he went over the line as well or they would have defended him.

    As for the setup conspiracy theories? It seems your focused on the fact one of the party goes had a camera….I guess you conviently forget that ~80% of Americans have cameras on their phones. That percentage is MUCH higher among college students. It would be rarer to find a situation that didn’t end up on YouTube.

    Granted the college kid was being mouthy; however, that doesn’t give the cop the right to act in the manner he did. I’ve worked with some great police officers in my life. (both as a loud mouth college student and productive, tax=paying family man) Most of whom are extremely professional and could have diffused the situation with a little humor, different body language, etc.

    This is not the low standard for behavoir I want set for my Police Department, and I hope I’m not in the minority.

  • brat says:

    I saw nothing wrong by the officer. Obviously there is a history of problems or the students wouldn’t have met that officer three times, or have been prepared to video to “create” an incident. I don’t care of the students background, whether he is over-privileged or not, all I see is someone who does not treat the officer with the same respect he thinks he himself deserves. He was treated exactly as his actions determined he would.

  • LaNier says:

    Though the LEO(Law Enforcement Officer) Was Gentle compared to what I have witnessed countless times, He entered the house without a warrant. Noise complaint is a simple infraction, and a ticket at the door. It is not justification to enter a Home, let alone take a Home owner/renter into custody and be physical with him. Its not Lippy to demand officers of the Law to Obey it. However, his communication skills is representative of the American education system that seeks to dull the rational faculty for such makes better subjects. You, writer are as well a Product of that dumbing down. Your expression that this young man should have been tased, illuminates your own internal issues. though you may be upset with noise makers, and they should check their externalities, your demand for force and or coercion shows you to be a Brute. Your demand that one ought to shut up and Obey, shows you are a trampled subject with no pride or Character. Liberty is tumultuous, and you clearly prefer the comfort of passivity and docility. As your wishes become met in the growing use of arbitrary force in this society, you will soon find you and your collective communitarians faced with more coercion and oppression at your door. Such is not the fault of the police, but the fault of you subjects demanding they do harm on your behalf. You are the Button pusher for force, and are the guilty one for the institution that acts on your behalf. It is said, in a democracy, you get exactly what you deserve. As a Brute, you clearly deserve a government that rules by Brute force, for your intellect is Lacking, and you are likely incapable of self reliance, and direction. Mental midgets such as yourself need Giants to rule their life, so they don’t hurt themselves. Government by arbitrary Force and Coercion is Illegitimate. Force is for self defense, and the initiation of it arbitrarily is violence. You have requested violence. Shame on you.

  • GuestofWind says:

    If this is considered police brutality, then this country is in even more trouble. If this were the days of Wyatt Earp, he would’ve been pistol whipped and thrown in jail until he could sober up. We are turning into a customer service loving spinless jellyfish whimpy society.

  • Another Victim of WPD Brutality says:


    WECT has pulled the comments explaining the police misconduct behind this picture, but trust and believe Wilmington police officers can do whatever they want and never face consequences for their actions…

    As someone who went to the ER twice because of 1 officer’s use of unnecessary force, Wilmington residents need to realize that any sense of safety the police are supposed to instill just doesn’t exist in this town…

    I would suggest that this kid get in touch with the WPD’s Office of Professional Standards, but it won’t help. They’ll gladly listen to what you have to say though, and discourage you from pursuing any justice in the matter… don’t forget they’re all on the same team and are NOT looking out for Wilmington residents….and this isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s 1st hand experience.

    Until someone starts policing the Wilmington police, everyone should be sure your phone is charged and ready to record video…Rodney King just taught WPD how to not get caught.

  • guest8675309 says:

    But after watching the video, you absolutely have no case for police brutality here, go ahead and waste your time and money. Sorry my boy.

  • Randleman says:

    If you lived near UNCW, you would know the late-night partying that goes on by drunken college students. We are fed up!

    If this is “police brutality,” please, God, send more to our community.

    And the running-off-at-the-mouth man who’s filming the incident should have been tasered as well.

    The nerve of this jerk to want to charge the policeman with “brutality”! He should have kept his mouth shut and cooperated with the policemen.

    I wish he had been given jail time.

  • motherof3 says:

    UNCW should be ashamed? They are not desperate for admissions. Do your research buddy. And UNCW has no control over the choices students make once they are admitted. Do you have any children? Do you blame parents for every mistake kids make? I guess you have to point the finger somewhere don’t you. This comment isn’t about the video in question, but toward you talking your crap about UNCW. What an idiot.

  • windsnake6969 says:

    All I see from this video is an arrogant, rude, and very immature college boy who has no respect for authority. Throwing himself to the ground was a nice touch. Police brutality? Absolutely not. If anything, this boy owes the officer an apology. And UNCW should be ashamed at how desperate they must be for admissions since they admitted this clown.

  • GK28405 says:

    with the same cop, YOU should have learned from the first 2!!! Bunch of drunk college kids who’s mommy and daddy let them do whatever they want and the real world will eat them alive!!!!

  • Guest28403 says:

    Especially where he throws the guy down for no reason. Also mentions this cop possibly has been harassing these students. Sadly some of these “U” cops have a big head and think they have to be bad-asses to make a name for themselves and prove their toughness. Its unacceptable and should be subject to disciplinary action. By chance is this one of the cops who was the subject of issues previously??

  • SPENCER says:

    I watched the video and all I saw was someone who may have been intoxicated yelling at the Officer. I did not see the officer do anything wrong. Shame on you WWAY to even give this space in your news. Didnt you watch the video first ?? To that Officer, Keep your Head up , and be safe out there. 1*

  • Guestguest says:

    What a drunk idiot. A room full of alcohol drinks, and what appears to be “ladies of the evening”. The boy needs to grow a set.

  • Beach Bum says:

    Let me see…

    Police are called to your house for some reason…

    You do not follow the instructions of the authorities…

    They take you into custody to detain you…conduct their investigation…yours and their safety…and do not follow their instructions….

    And the police are the ones with the problem?

    Please, call yo daddy, hire a lawyer, sue for money you didn’t earn, let the citizens on the City of Wilmington buy you a new wardrobe and end the career of a professional.

    I sure hope Evangelous does not let his officers down.

  • Guest 3 says:

    Why was WPD called there in the first place?

  • Guest, Just Another says:

    Third issue with that officer? Maybe you should have cleaned up your act so they wouldn’t have to keep coming to your place. Bunch of whiny, privileged brats, “got you dog”.

    Should have put the camera on that white dress – would have kept my attention. Quit complaining cry-babys.

  • Guest, Just Another says:

    No complaint. The kid was obviously being a pain in the neck.

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