Whiteville High student charged with gun at East Bladen High

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Submitted: Mon, 11/19/2012 - 8:07pm
Updated: Tue, 11/20/2012 - 1:31am

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County teen was in court today after Bladen County Sheriff’s deputies say they arrested him with a gun at a high school football game.

Deputies arrested Trevor Patrick Sellers, 18, of Whiteville, and charged him with having a handgun in the parking lot at East Bladen High School Friday night. While deputies were patrolling the parking lot, they say they saw Sellers with his door open and a beer bottle that was still partially full of alcohol. Upon further investigation, deputies found a loaded .32 caliber Kel-Tec semi-automatic handgun in the center console.

Sellers, who investigators say attends Whiteville High School is charged with Possession of a firearm on education property, carrying a concealed weapon, consuming alcohol less than 19 years of age and possession of a malt beverage on unauthorized premise.

Sellers was released after posting a $5,000 secured bond.


  • WHS Student says:

    He’s known as a bully here at school. There are many of us here that are scared of him.

  • MY Name says:

    THANKYOU, THIS IS ALL THE REAL STORY. Trevor is a good boy and doesn’t deserve any of this!

  • Guest9743 says:

    “He was driving his mom’s car” so didn’t know about the gun….I guess that means he didn’t know about didn’t know about the beer either???

  • Concerned guest says:

    Okay since the most important comments, of course, aren’t listed…let me make them clear. It’s made out to be that Trevor was drunk intending to harm. Um…wrong! After the noisy ass police in Bladen County were snooping around looking into vehicles, they saw an open container. This led them to search the vehicle (he happened to be driving his moms car) and THEN found a gun. He had no intention of hurting anyone and was unaware of the gun being in the console. Know the facts before you talk

  • WTF says:

    HAHAHAHAH no he’s not!

  • Guesth says:

    “bet you done some dumb things in your day”… Wow, sounds like you two were educated together… Not the sharpest tools in the shed… By the way, guns and drinking and driving are quite a big deal. Not to be choked up to teenage stupidity.

  • Guesthumbus says:

    if you claim you never done anything stupid then your name must be Jesus!!! Not saying what he did with drinking and driving was right just saying that immature people do immature things….all except for an exempt few….by the way i’ve never been in trouble with the law and have a college degree actually graduated in the top of my class so there.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    The last three years of the 11th grade were his hardest.

  • Guesthumbus says:

    That is BS!!! This is not a dumb young man…he is just an imature young man…bet you done some dumb things in your day I know i did

  • My name says:

    Trevor, is a smart boy actually! He makes A’s and B’s it wasn’t his car or his gun he didn’t even know it was there so you might want to recheck before you say things.

  • gtfo says:

    You make yourself sound like an idiot. A teenager is going to drink. Yes, he was stupid for drinking at a football game. Yes, he knows that now and he says he’s not going to drink at all again, but just because he had beer doesn’t mean he had a gun to harm someone. Why would you bring a gun just cause you had beer? Don’t judge anyone ’till you’re perfect. His mom had that gun in there from past experiences for protection and just didn’t think about it and the gun is legal just not for Trevor and Trevor wouldn’t pull a gun on anyone he would be the type to fight. I’d appreciate it if people would leave the smart comments out of this until they know Trevor’s whole life story instead of acting like they know this situation and him so well.

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