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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –- The Christmas tree is a huge part of many families’ holiday celebrations but to what lengths would you go to get one?

Saturday night 22-year-old Nicholas Stevens, 22-year-old Tyler Brodeur and a 16-year-old minor tried to take advantage of the Optimist Club of Winter Park by stealing three Christmas trees off their lot at Hugh MacRae Park.

“I don’t know if these young men are desperate or if they were taking them home or taking them out to sell them to somebody else to get money for other needs they have I don’t know but it does bother me that young men like this would do things like this,” said Carl Miller, of the Optimist Club.

The three men were charged with first-degree trespassing and misdemeanor larceny. Tyler Brodeur was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon at the time of his arrest.

The circumstances surrounding the robbery have bothered Carl Miller, leader of the Optimist Club.

“You know anybody that needs a tree that bad I think we would donate a tree to anybody that would come here with good cause,” Miller said. “If we really think that they are in dire need of assistance we would give them a small tree.”

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