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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Jury selection started today in the trial of a man accused of killing a mother of three in 2010.

Daniel Brennick is charged with second degree murder after a car accident in Brunswick County. Satu Harris died at the scene of the accident on River Road near Southport.

Brennick was 22 at the time of the accident. He accused of drunk driving and killing Harris.

It was almost midnight in May 2010 when Harris was driving south on River Road near the intersection of NC 87 north of Southport. Highway Patrol says Brennick’s truck crossed the center line and hit Harris. Troopers say Harris was trapped in her car and died at the scene.

Brennick was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center and later had his leg amputated.

Harris left behind a daughter named and two sons. Her family did not want to talk on camera Tuesday, but they have posted their concerns about the impending trial on a memorial page on Facebook. Harris’s sister and daughter both told members of the group they would keep them updated on the trial is it moves forward. They also asked for the continual prayers and support as jury selection began and said they hope Harris finally knows justice.

The trial for Brennick’s second degree murder charge is set to begin tomorrow.

Brennick was also arrested in September for violating his probation by allegedly selling drugs.

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  • Guest1234569876543

    Hang him.

  • Nghtwatch

    Kinda hard for a 1-legged guy to get a fair trial in this part of the state with such media-addict murder-shouting prosecution teams! Reminds me a whole lot of the mentality of the people who used to wear white pointy hat costumes carrying torches.

  • Dale Cobb

    Why did it take this man two years to go to trail what happens to The right of a speedy trail two years is not speedy

  • Guestmnomn

    Are you kidding me? I am glad that the prosecution team took a short two years to accurately gather all of the evidence needed to get a conviction. OBVIOUSLY, something was done right in the legal system. Not to mention, this guy was in a coma and undergoing surgeries for his lost leg and could not be in a trial while recovering. Kudos to Brunswick County for a well prepared trial! He was offered a plea for 9 years, and refused it! He now has 15 plus years? He obviously is not a smart man!

  • Guest12347654376

    He chose to put himself behind the wheel and a mother of three paid the price. He should be publicly hanged.

  • human

    If the people seeking justice for the children left without a mother were anything like the white pointy hat costume wearing dorks, the man wouldn’t be standing trial. He would be hung or burned at the stake. You are an idiot for posting something like this. May it never happen to anyone you love.

  • Guest2846105072010

    The fact that he lost his leg in this horrible accident is nothing compared to the fact that three children lost their mother! If he had made better choices he would still have his leg and this women would still have her life. I believe in our justice system, it was his choice to stand before a jury of his peers. I pray for EVERYONE that has been affected by this tragedy, shame on you for bringing racism into this!

  • elGuapo

    Kinda hard to pay college tuition from the grave. Case is cut and dry. Trial is barely required. The woman was one of those who makes the world a better place. The guy imposed his worthlessness upon a totally innocent victim. You must be kidding. Do you even have a mother, daughter, sister, or friend? How’s about we just erase her. This was anything but an accident (like texting). Angry, young, drunk, stalking, truck-driving male kills hapless single mom on her nightly drive home from work, to which you say, “Hurry up and give this guy a fair trial or you’re all in the kkk.” Yeah. Ok. I know people w/NO legs who drive. What’s your point? How about we rewind it and offer her to come back absent one limb, and he gets killed instead. Oh wait, that wouldn’t be “fair” enough you either, would it? “Let the Angry White Male Get Away w/Murder!” Want your hood back now nightwatcher? Shame on a community that would let a menace such as this reach maturity unchecked, when a life could have so simply not been wasted, leaving other’s shattered-

  • guest11

    Its a shame it took so long and that he was let out for that length of time in the first place. (only to once again show his disrespect for the law) I knew Satu and she was an amazing woman who had her life cut short because of one “boys” carelessness. Surely they wont hang him as many people obviously wish to see but he certainly should never see the light of day again. 16 years seems like a joke to me for ending someones life and making 3 children lose their mother.


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