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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP says newly discovered notes by the prosecutor in the Wilmington 10 case show he engaged in racial profiling to select 12 people more likely to convict the suspects.

The Rev. William Barber held a news conference Tuesday in Raleigh to discuss the notes by Jay Stroud in the case involving the burning of a white-owned grocery store after a police officer shot and killed a black teenager. The notes were taken in the first case, which ended in a mistrial.

Ten activists were convicted of the arson in 1972 and jailed until 1980, when the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the convictions.

The NAACP and other groups are asking Gov. Bev Perdue to pardon the activists.

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  • Guest111

    Absolutely! When I hear NAACP I can’t help rolling my eyes and saying “oh Lord, here we go again.”

  • Guest525

    It’s truly sad to see that people still carry such ugliness in their soul against another race. Many feel that African-Americans should forget about what happened in the past…how and why should we? The 1898 riot destroyed black owned businesses, those people still have relatives alive today, their businesses burned, ran out of town, thrown out of elected seats here in Wilmington, no to forget are steps for repeating. I suggest research of history online at http://www.unc.edu

  • Guest525

    Please explain what they’ve done to fuel racism, and how they’re not helping to promote causes for all people, not just African-Americans. Thanks.

  • SurfCityTom

    they’re not trying to Blame Bush.

    On the other hand, they would scream bloody murder if there was a WET or White Entertainment Television. But it’s okay to have BET or as it is known, Black Entertainment Television.

    Drive by a public housing project. What’s the ratio of black to white?

    Watch the EBT cards being issued monthly. What’s the ratio?

    How about those free cell phones? What’s the ratio?

    Go look at Medicaid. What’s the ratio?

    It’s time for the NAACP to focus on parental involvement in the lives of children living in the projects and dropping out of school at 16. It’s time for the NAACP to start teaching young African Americans there’s more to life than bling bling.

  • I’m sorry for you Guestarticulatore as YOU are the one who is in denial. Sad really. You are part of the problem.

  • Guestarticulatore

    The NAACP is fulfilling a vital role for the benefit of the African American communities who, to this day remain disconnected from the mainstream of “white” society. Tell me, Guest6858, what do you do when you are not twisting facts against the victims of racism to call them racists???? Do you run a Holocaust denial website on the side?

  • Monkey Junction

    I knew this story would attract the azzhats like flies to honey.

  • The NAACP has done more to fuel racism and more to harm blacks than any other person, organization, etc. in the history of this nation. I have never seen another group of people who blindly follow an association more. People, they are not out to help you…they are out to help themselves and they’re making fools out of you in the process. Like it or not, it is the way it is.

  • Guestarticulatore

    For sure, if “those people” had jobs and a real place in the community and a stake in society I am certain that “they” would be assets. In the meantime, NAACP, keep up your good fight.

  • Guest111

    My gosh. You people just LOOK for something to belly ache about. Get a life and join the 21st century. . . better yet get out and be an asset to society.

  • tweety11

    The republicans should use your logic and stop belly ache and get out and work together with the democrats and be and asset to society or should i say you people.

  • Beach Bum

    Domestic Terrorism. End of story. No governor in their right mind would pardon terrorist.

    Since no one alive today was subjected to slavery time for the 93%ers get their new obamaphones, have obama pay for their mortgages, buy them a new car, pay for their lack of education with the United Negro College Fund and give them jobs they are not qualified for through affirmative actions.

  • Guest525

    Domestic terrorism? History tends to differ on that. Do you know the real reasons this occurred? Racism is racism no matter how you try to cover it up or behind. One of them were school segregation (you know neighborhood schools). Did you know back then the KKK was patrolling during this unrest also, so don’t be too quick to blast the NAACP, do you think your sad display of jumbled text doesn’t reflect your hatred for people of color. President Obama isn’t paying for anything, do you consider him the only one to make the rules and regulations of government. You know what Beach Bum, I truly feel sorry for you and the others that you have to carry such hatred inside you. May the Lord bless you.

  • Guest CommonTater

    the naacp exists there will be no true progress with race relations. They are “their owns” worst enemy. How racist is a society that elected a black man to the presidency not once but TWICE. Tired and worn out cries of racism. The more they say it the more people pay less attention to the the actual cries and turn their focus more to the hate of that racist organization.

  • Erlkoenig

    Yes NAACP, keep up the good fight for Socialism as the white socialist who started the NAACP intended.

  • Guest111

    My Lord! “IF you had jobs…” get out the door and get one. They are out there if you TRY to find them. Or better yet, make your own job. Can you clean houses, work in yards, do delivery service for people who can’t drive, can you drive someone to the doctor, the grocery, Walmart. . can you sit with someone who needs to have a companion in the home with them. . this is a lame excuse. Then, “if you had a real place in the community…” YOU DO HAVE A REAL PLACE IN THE COMMUNITY! You have a home. Do you take care of it and make it presentable? Are you involved in a church? Any group at all? These are examples of having a place in the community. And WORST OF ALL…”Stake in society” I really don’t know what to say about this that could be printed in this column but it comes to mind … where do you live? Under a rock? Out in the woods? Your mere existance makes you a part of society. The question is are you an ASSET to society or a burden to society? You tell NAACP to “keep up your good fight”. Get off your rump and keep up your own good fight taking care of yourself, do the right thing, be a friend, be a good person and stop yelling for NAACP to take care of your problems. Your problems are self made by you and only you can improve them. I want to say so much more but it wouldn’t get printed. I’m so sick of blacks yelling about being the underdogs. You do it to yourself.

  • Guestarticulatore

    W.E.B. DuBois was an African American who is the principal founder of the NAACP. W.E. Walling was a Republican as was Mary White Ovington. Who was the “white socialist” that you claim was the founder of the NAACP?

  • Bob Cuzone

    If they get the pardon they get 5 million dollars of tax payer money that could go to the officers and firefighters that protect us, instead of those that attacked the police and fire departments.

  • Guest321

    The National Association of Racist has to have something to base their existance on. Don’t like Obama’s policy, you must be a racist even though he’s half white. When you’ve got nothing else, cry racism.

    Get off your asses Wilmington 10 and try and do something positive for the community that you helped to divide. The current President rode rasism right back into office because his supporters (dark and light skin) voted to keep getting something from government.

  • Guest1264

    I’m pretty sure that the defense attorney engaged in some type of racial profiling to get an acquittal. Does the NAACP have a problem with that as well?

  • Is this going to be the new trend? Be a bully or be black and you don’t have to obey the law?

  • Guest2345

    It would be refreshing if as much energy was spent trying to identify who actually did commit these staggering crimes (burning tax paying citizens’ livelihoods, shooting at firemen/policemen, etc.) as groups have spent trying to prove that the 10 people convicted of the crimes were innocent.

    Oh…wait…they ALREADY HAVE identified who committed these crimes. That’s why no groups have came out and said “The Wilmington Ten didn’t do it, THESE people did it”. Because the Wilmington Ten DID do it. There was never much doubt about that. Just an over zealous prosecutor who screwed the case and himself wanting to guarantee a win.

    It’s getting old…it’s 2012 now. The only people keeping racism alive in Wilmington are those who chose to focus on the past. Get over the past. Drop your agendas and embrace that skin color really doesn’t matter in 2012 to the vast majority of people.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    will probably grant a pardon. Then restitution, and millions of dollars, to cement the black vote for democrats in the future.

    If the Rev. William Barber spent as much time on a treadmill as he does in front of tv cameras, he’d be alot thinner.

    “Rev.” give me a break. He’s the biggest (no pun intended) racist in the state.

  • Guest111

    I agree 110 percent! That man is tremendous in size. I would hate to own the insurance company who has his health covered. .

  • Lane

    Just ask them if these black teenagers are innocent, they will tell you the truth now after all these years.NOT

  • Historeck

    Divided community? Descendants of those named in the official UNC transcripts of these riots would like to see the full list of names responsible.

    Barefoot Case Shows KKK Still Alive In Areas Of N.C.
    “The roots of the Ku Klux Klan run deep in the south. Formed in Tennessee after the Civil War, the roots spread throughout the southeast.

    “Its purpose was to prevent blacks from voting or running for office and to throw the Republican Party out of power,” said Harry Watson, a UNC History professor who runs the Center for the Study of the American South.”


  • Beach Bum

    I asked for no hand of sympathy and asked for no measure of empathy. Their actions were that of terrorism. Domestic terrorism. No matter if they felt it was justified or not. They get no pass because of sufferage from the Civil War Era. No blacks then or today were alive when sufferage was an issue. If they want a pass, how about they go rebuild what they destroyed first. Then and only then should a pass be considered.

    And we see how well the intergration is working out…93%ers proved segregation is alive and well with the last presidential election. Why I say that? Because they knew if Romney were to of been elected, all the free stuff goes away and they would actually have to get a job.


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