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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Nearly all of the Election Day results in North Carolina are now official.

The State Board of Elections on Tuesday certified the winners of the Nov. 6 elections for federal and state offices. Board leaders signed documents affirming the winners that go to the Secretary of State’s office for safekeeping.

Certified winners in North Carolina include Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who edged President Barack Obama in the state by about 2 percentage points, and Republican Pat McCrory, who defeated Democrat Walter Dalton for governor.

Three races have not been finalized because they are being recounted. They are the 7th Congressional District, the 1st state Senate District and a District Court judgeship in three north-central counties.

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  • Hogg W.

    I take my paper sample ballot, and my identification with me to the polls and there is no reason I can’t turn in a signed written ballot along with the fallable machine counting ballot. I never knew a battery failure could add 100 votes to a candidate and would have never known this if this US Congress race was not close enough to be recounted. We cannot certify any counting machine with tax money and say for sure it is accurate. Paper backup is necessary if we are forced to pay for callibrated machines that the results read-out is controlled by a single technician.


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