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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — School is supposed to be the one place parents know their child is safe, but for the second time in two weeks a teacher with ties to New Hanover County Schools has been accused of inappropriate behavior with a student.


After a joint investigation between the Wilmington Police Department, the FBI and US Marshals, former Roland-Grise Middle School math and science teacher April Schaefer was arrested on charges of indecent liberties with a child, felony indecent liberties with a student, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and disseminating obscene material to a minor.


“The charges in this case are severe, and we certainly wanted to level charges that are consistent with our evidence that would certainly remove this person from the ability to be employed at a school to predate on children for the rest of our life,” WPD Sgt. Thomas Tilman said.


Schaefer has not been employed full time at Roland-Grise since 2011, but she has subbed there at least once or twice a month over the past year, said New Hanover County Schools spokeswoman Valita Quattlebaum.


"Any students at Roland-Grise Middle School or that attended Roland-Grise Middle School that knew the suspect in this case, April Schaefer, or had her as a teacher, if they had anything they felt was inappropriate, I would like them to come forward and call my office,” Sgt. Tilman said.


At a first court appearance this afternoon, a judge set Schaefer’s bond at $500,000, and Schaefer indicated that she would not post bail.


An assistant district attorney indicated that there is a chance this case is moved into federal court due to some material being exchanged via the internet.

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  • dumb founded

    how would you know that. It seems like you more about this situation?

  • Lucyyy

    I do also have to say they did not engage in a relationship or anything sexual while April was the ‘victims’ teacher it was completely after April stopped teaching at roland Grise and the girl was at high school. She shouldn’t be charged with a student but only with a minor.

  • justsaying123

    ive meet april, and she is sweet she is NOT A MONSTER… this student did agree to this on her own will. not saying i agree with this but people are saying horrible things about this woman that isnt nearly close to other horrible things in this world. i think people are taking this out of proportion beacuse she was a teacher it was a student ,… this kinda stuff happens everyday and those people because there not a teacher or not a student get a simple charge, they dont go to fed court… if this case was rape it be different … but its not.. im sure april will and has learned her lesson but i dont think she should get max sentencing. i think this should be treated like every other case and not be broad casted like this. its not fair.

  • Guest76576579879

    You really think this woman will want something to do with the girl who is the reason behind her going to jail?

  • Guest48594859034805

    I myself do not know April nor the victum. BUT this woman is an adult and she is responsible for her own actions. It does not matter if she is no longer a teacher, this girl is 15 years old. Making her only about a sophmore in highschool now. It would be different if the girl was graduated from high school but she is not even old enough to get charged as an adult for anything. This woman, April, is a predator. To anyone defending her…think if it was your child.

  • Guest124

    I have met April, and I have found her to be a really good person. How she chooses to live her life, and lifestyle is no ones concern but hers.
    What people do not understand they are afraid of. I am not saying that I agree with this, but who are we to judge? She is the only one that will have to answer for this, not you.
    I do not believe that this happened the way people are saying. I just cannot see this woman taking advantage of a child. She loves her job as a teacher, and would not jeopardize it. She has kept her private life private, and never has been one to “advertise”. She is always willing to help her friends around her, and never once to my knowledge has ever tried to take advantage of any situation. Remember to look at what people may think of your life choices before you start ranting about others.

  • Sammmmmmmmmm

    April isn’t a predator. Quit being judgemental a holes. Remember it takes two to tango and that is exactly what happened.

  • Guestone

    Guest93017392751086, that’s probobly not far from the truth… I wouldn’t doubt it one bit!

  • guesty

    Its a man, baby!

  • Shat up

    What she DID?!? If you are basing your harsh judgment and homophobic comments (calling her a “freak” and a “preditor”– btw its’ PREDATOR, you moron) on this news story, then you don’t even know what really happened, you ignorant s*&t. Good day.

  • WtimingtonTruthTeller

    You left out one small detail. “Barney” also had hard computer evidence, from her, and enough “Probable Cause”, presented to a magistrate, for a warrant. Maybe, in your sick world, it’s “redneck”, to want to protect our young girls, from animals, like this. I am proud that the WPD is doing its best to protect children.

    A half million, was not right, I agree. Anyone, male or female, who sexually abuses children, should be put in a electric chair. It should have been “NO Bond”.

  • Gramps1935

    This is the stuff that we expose our children to, in the schools, these days ? When I was a kid, a preditor, freak, like this, would have never been allowed near children.

    What you did to that young teenager, is horrible. You are a monster.

  • Guest93017392751086

    Having known April in college, I am more inclined to believe that she did nothing wrong and that this is another example of redneck homophobia and hypocrisy. Based on the very weak report and emotional but empty public statement from Barney Fife, I can easily imagine the following scenario.

    Mom finds daughter looking at lesbian porn online. Daughter tells mom that she’s gay. They fight. April’s name gets thrown into argument. Mom blames April for “corrupting” her little girl, so she calls Barney Fife. Fife calls the FBI and says “errast dat lersban!” . The judge , elected by a bunch of ignorant rednecks, acts like a redneck and demands half a million in bail.

    Half million? Really? How about house arrest and an electronic monitoring?

  • PublicAvenger

    If she is a freak, monster, who preys on young teenage girls. Like a peodophile priest, who misuses his authority, over his victims. I hate it. Even if she is convicted, she won’t do one day in prison.

  • Person

    5 years minimum. She sets a horrible example for the lesbian community, and for teachers as a whole. Disgusting if you ask me personally. But really people, making fun of the way she looks isn’t really nice- women are allowed to cut their hair short, men can grow their’s out. Has nothing to do with the case at hand. Which I find despicable.

  • Guest55

    Two things I need to comment on.

    First, the school system does what it can do to screen employees so that child exploiters are not hired. As far as I can determine, there is not a reliable test to screen for illicit behavior that will occur in the future.

    Second, this lady was arrested for her alleged illegal behavior. That behavior has nothing to do with her looks which several comments note does not approach our traditional understanding of female appearance. Ones appearance has nothing to do with criminal behavior. Folks who make fun of someone’s looks are insecure bullies.

  • Guest7

    Damn, I loved April. I can’t believe this is happening.. Free Schaefer!

  • Guest222554555

    It’s almost sad how everyone who comments this is more concerned about the looks of this woman than the crimes she has committed.

  • raerae

    I know both of these people and its not right. it was mutual by the time shes out the girl will be 18 anyways and free do to what she wants

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