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If you hosted Thanksgiving dinner, you probably are aware of how food prices have gone up since summer droughts damaged many crops. With Christmas approaching, certified financial planner Ross Marino has some tips to help keep your food costs down.

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  • taxpayer

    I doubt Ross talks to his clients about how to keep food costs down during the holidays. More likely, he’s talking to them about “puts”, “calls”, and “short straddles”

    Why not get an expert to talk about food costs…and not a fee-only financial planner.

  • taxpayer

    does not, and I repeat, does not discuss food prices with his/her clients. Puts, Call, Short & Long Straddles…yes. But food prices…not a chance, unless the food being discussed is being looked at in terms of a commodity such as coffee or orange juice.

    Nice advertising for Ross.

  • CFP

    Actually, CFPs discuss many topics, including food prices. They may talk about how to eat organic without spending too much money. I just had this conversation with a few clients recently (avoid the dirty dozen).

    I know many CFPs, and none of them talk about specific commodities, like coffee or orange juice. Those markets are for gamblers. In addition, I’m not aware of any that actively recommend options. That’s also too much like gambling.


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