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SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — Two new companies are coming to Brunswick County, and they’re bringing new jobs with them.

NEAH Transportation and Torus Energy are setting up shop in Shallotte. On top of bringing jobs, the companies hope to provide a green product.

Torus Energy and NEAH Transportation Holdings, an affiliate of NEAH Energy, are coming to Shallotte. The green companies build trucks and containers that transport and store food that are powered by solar panels and natural gas.

But why are they setting up shop here?

Aside from easy transportation and the proximity to ports, employees of Torus Energy and NEAH Transportation say southern hospitality may have won them over.

“Fundamentally we found that the community would be very user-friendly,” NEAH Energy Chairman Karl Miller said. “They really wanted the business here, and you have to look at does the community want you in their neighborhood to help build the economic base?”

Brunswick County says this is just the first move in bringing more businesses and jobs to the area. County officials also agree that scoring a business is a nice change of pace after losing two larger companies over the last few years. County Economic Development Director Jim Bradshaw says companies like Caterpillar and Continental Tire chose other places because of the incentives in those states. He says this was not the main concern for NEAH and Torus.

“This is a smaller company,” Bradshaw said. “They will be moving their families to the area from other parts of the country. With that, you can see a more family-oriented business, medium-sized industry. They weren’t as concerned about the incentives as the larger companies.”

Brunswick County says all companies, small and large, make a difference to the community, especially when they bring jobs to the region.

Within the first year, the companies will create 30 new jobs. The year after, the companies think they’ll hire 75 more people.

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