Man stabbed in chest in Shallotte

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Submitted: Mon, 12/10/2012 - 2:13am
Updated: Mon, 12/10/2012 - 2:16am

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a stabbing in Shallotte. Around 6:30 p.m. 26-year-old Keith Futch was found stabbed in the chest.

Futch was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. His condition is unknown at this time.

All people involved in the incident are being interviewed but deputies have not arrested anyone at this time.


  • FFWife says:

    What is wrong with people these days? Have they no parenting/raising at all? I mean going around and stabbing people and then walking free? This is a life we are talking about, and just to be so cowardly to stab someone, must have gotten scared and taken measures in their own hands and easy way out rather then the old fashion way man to man. I pray for the victim and family that there is a speedy recovery and I also pray for the justice system that will put this person away for such a cowardly and low life act of crime for a very long time.

  • Tara clemmons says:

    Im keiths mother and I want to know why the man that stabbed my son isnt in jail

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