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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington has been been selected by as a top retirement destination.

“Where to Retire” magazine will profile the Port City in “8 Hot Towns to Snap Up Bargains Now” in the
January/February issue. It’s available nationwide December 18.

“Where to Retire” editor Mary Lu Abbott said the Wilmington area possesses qualities important to retirees.

“Signs like rising home prices and falling inventory point to a rebounding housing market,” she said in a news release. “Our eight locales, including Wilmington, offer boomers excellent buys now, with the possibility for value appreciation in the future, as well as an active retirement lifestyle.”

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3 Comments on "Wilmington rated top retirement destination"

2015 years 10 months ago

We are looking forward to retiring to Wilmington in 2014

2015 years 10 months ago

Maybe a lot of folks do want to come here to retire, BUT, the majority of the population is under retirment age and they need good paying jobs to make it to retirement age. Jobs, like an expanded port, Titan, Continential Tire, etc would have brought in. We don’t need another restaurant, the ones here can’t make it, we don’t need another strip mall, the planners should stop approving building permits until every store is filled. We need good paying/long term jobs.

Florida is just several hours down the road.

2015 years 10 months ago

Come to Wilmington where retirees and tourist reign supreme.
Our job base is then waiters waitresses and lifeguards !!!
Now before you guys go off on me – I’ve been there and done that when I was MUCH younger, and I have nothing against waiters waitresses and lifeguards.
My problem is NOT with the support industries to tourism – it’s how Wilmington wants to market itself and what identity Wilmington wants to have.
Do we want to be a working city with an industrial base? A medical community? Do we want to be Myrtle Beach II? If the answer to THAT is yes then encourage tourists and bus trips. Encourage the building of carnivals and amusement facilities – perhaps put a Tanger mini-outlet center here.
Just remember – low wage jobs are not the best for major economic impact.



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