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FIRST ON 3: Hear woman's call to 911 demanding $300k to end chase


SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) -- Brunswick County Sheriff's deputies say a woman led them on a high-speed chase and demanding money to stop.

The pursuit started just before 11:30 p.m. near Holden Beach Road and Oxpen Road in Supply. A deputy started chasing Jeniffer Herring when she wouldn't pull over for a traffic stop.

During the chase, Herring, who identified herself as Jenna, called 911, stating there was no emergency, that she was driving 45 mph and she would pull over for $300,000.

Click here to listen to the 911 call (.mp3 format)

"I have a contract with you guys that if you wanna go ahead and declare a false sense of emergency, it's $300,000 per incident," she said as emergency sirens blare in the background. "So I need to make sure that you guys are willing to pay the fee that you already owe."

Herring sounds calm yet irritated as the call begins, but as it goes on, she grows more and more combative. She continues to tell the dispatcher that because no one is in danger, the dispatcher needs to "call your dogs off." Herring repeatedly asks the dispatcher if he is willing to pay her $300,000.

The chase lasted about 15 minutes, during which the deputy says they hit speeds of 70 mph in a 45 mph zone.

During her call to 911, Herring tells he dispatcher she is running a stop sign because she refuses to stop. She also says at various points that deputies chasing her are going as much as 90 mph.

The 37-year old South Carolina woman hit a dead end, and stopped in a private driveway. She is now behind bars in Brunswick County, facing a list of charges, including driving while impaired.

Herring was already wanted for a pending DWI case in Brunswick County. Throughout the call, Herring refers several times to someone named John Rogers. The Sheriff's Office says Rogers is the deputy who arrested Herring in that first DWI case.

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People need to read the

People need to read the article fully before they start commenting. The lady refused to stop for a traffic stop. This action is illegal no matter what county you're in. And she lives in South Carolina. So if New Hanover County backed up agains the state line, the chase would have occured in New Hanover County. Just because the incident happened in Brunswick County, don't start bashing Brunswick County or it's law enforcement. That's just showing your ignorance. I think Brunswick County law enforcement did an excellent job getting this woman, who is clearly a nut case and habitual DUI offender, off of the streets.

This lady was dumb as crap

This lady was dumb as crap thinking she was gonna get 300,000 dollars ... so simple minded

hey i wasn't texting mr.cop ;)

Brunswick county finest at it again. So what was the reason she got pulled over? A cop pulled me over n said he saw me texting? Lol no he didn't. Just a reason to pull you over and search you and your car.

Aaaaand, you're an idiot!

Aaaaand, you're an idiot! Learn to read and understand what it is you're reading before you post.

Only in Brunswick County

What a dumba**.


It is called a GENE POOL FILTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WWAY should research the $300K reference. That sounds like a good story in the making!

Did she get the $300,000?

Did she get the $300,000?



Was that 300K before or

Was that 300K before or after taxes?

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

Only 37?!?

Looks like she has had a rough life.