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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach Town Councilman Bob Lewis says he is taking the steps to get property he owns properly registered with New Hanover County.

Lewis says he has registered his boat with the county. He says he will register a trailer he recently bought by next month. That means he will soon get a tax bill for the property.

Lewis told us yesterday he did not realize he needed to register the items and pay county tax on it.

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  • B M

    OH-MY!!! didn’t a fellow named GEITNER claim the same thing about some unpaid taxes???? of course he squared his tax bill when it was convenient to get a taxpayer funded job and retirement, could it be that LEWIS has come across some of the same conscious!

  • Guesttenheimer

    ….that you need to register your boat with the state Wildlife Commission so you can get registration numbers or you will get a healthy fine (even as Mayor!). And don’t forget that your trailer needs a license plate to LEGALLY tow that tax-free boat to and from the ramp because the CB traffic police will cite you for that too. This means you have to register your boat AND trailer with the DMV to get a title and registration. When you do decide to take that boat down the road and launch it, first put the license plate on the trailer, make sure you have air in the tires, plug in the lights and confirm they are operational. Apply your state registration and numbers on the forward portion of the bow (both sides), registration on the right and numbers in contrasting colors and a minimum of 3″ high. If you are going to fish in that tax-free boat, put gas in it first (you do have to pay for that), buy some bait (pay for that too), take your keys and make sure you have a fishing license (not free, even for the CB Mayor). Take Sarah Friede with you. You may need an anchor.

    Since you claim to be totally and blindly ignorant of your tax obligations as a public official, the above instructions will greatly assist you with the avoidance of missing other ELEMENTARY legalities with which you are likely deficient.

    A silly 3rd grader could’ve developed a better tax story than you just gave to the public!


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