StarNews: Transportation panel backs next step on new bridge crossing

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Submitted: Thu, 12/13/2012 - 4:38am
Updated: Thu, 12/13/2012 - 4:42am

By Adam Wagner

Consideration of another Cape Fear River crossing is sputtering into gear, and on Wednesday the project was given a healthy shove by the region’s Transportation Advisory Committee.

The committee passed a resolution requesting that the N.C. Department of Transportation move ahead with its environmental study, which will narrow down the 15 alternatives over the next few years until only the preferred route remains.

"We’ve had two years where this project was stalled and that was just miscommunication (between the TAC and the DOT). … It’s fairly perilous for us to delay the request to ask them to move forward," said Laura Padgett, the committee’s chairwoman and a Wilmington Councilwoman.

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1 Comment on "StarNews: Transportation panel backs next step on new bridge crossing"

2015 years 8 months ago

On the bridge crossing.
One thing mentioned is a bridge adjacent to the CF Memorial. This will cause some problems but lets compare the CF to the new bridge side by side. Lets assume the NEW BRIDGE (NB) is a concrete plain, less costly structure like the I-140 bridge crossing.
CF, when raised is 135 feet above water. We are assuming the new bridge to be 135 to 140 feet but the NB will be stationary so the ramp up and down will have to be extended outwards so the roadway is not too steep. IF I remember correctly this would make the Wilmington take off to be around 5th or 6th streets and the landing would be near or past the 421 exit – which is problematic.
So, to me, a bridge should be further down the CF – and the Independence corridor is a good choice – but the CF is wider at that point – adding to the cost. I think a tunnel along the Independence/133 route would be feasible if not desirable.
It’s going to be costly no matter what but tunnels are advantageous in that crossings can take place safely in high winds and freezing temps with no problems. My concern remains that a Independence/133 crossing may not be used as much by motorists due to the extra travel involved. We are, by nature, a lazy lot, and we desire way too much convenience in our lives.