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CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — Tuesday night Calabash Commissioners voted to strip Mayor Mary Louise Knight of her powers. Today, Knight says the whole thing is crazy, and she’s still legally acting as mayor.

“Positively ridiculous,” Knight said of Tuesday’s night vote to strip her of her official duties. “Know what you’re doing, know what you’re saying before you open your mouth.”

Knight says commissioners don’t have the right to take her mayoral powers away.

“This council has no legal power to do anything to me. I hold my seat by statute and the will of the people, and I am indeed the town’s leader,” she said.

Knight says the town administrator approved the new flooring that sparked the controversy. She claims mold and other problems led her to spend more than $1,100 on new carpet in her office.

Town commissioners say she should have put that project out for a bid and broke town ordinance by failing to get pre-authorized purchase orders.

“Enough is enough,” Knight said. “They’ve walked in town hall, they’re micromanaging, not letting the town administrator do his job.”

The town attorney confirms Knight is still the mayor of Calabash, because she was elected by the people.

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  • Joe1943

    Shes both…right AND wrong. She is still Mayor as she was elected by the people. In that respect, she’s right. However, in a Mayor-Council form of government, the Mayor serves as a spokesperson for the Towns OFFICIAL position. The ONLY powers she has are the right to chair Town meetings and vote in the event of a tie. So shes wrong when she says they cannot strip her of her powers as the Board decides just whzat powers she has in the first place!

  • nosey

    The mayor needs to read the town charter which I doubt she has if she had she would know that the town adminitrator in that type of government works for the council not the Mayor and the mayor is not authorized to make any commitments sign any contracts or spend a dime with out the council voting on it. her only real duties are to run the meeting according to roberts rules and to vote if there is a tie breaker needed. She was voted in as mayor not queen and it is not her money to spend, I think what she did borders on the criminal and if I were a tax payer in that community I would have called the SBI.

  • taxpayer

    c’mon Mayor…”still in power”…in Calabash?! What a hoot! Not to disparage the town of Calabash in any way…but “power” isn’t something you had…let alone lost.


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