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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina State Board of Elections has made the winners of three close races official.

The panel certified Thursday the victories of U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre in the 7th Congressional District, Bill Cook in the 1st state Senate District and Amanda Stevenson in a District Court judgeship. Those races were still in the recount process when the board certified hundreds of other Election Day outcomes two weeks ago.

McIntyre is a Democrat who edged Republican challenger David Rouzer by 654 votes for his ninth term in Congress representing southeastern North Carolina. Cook is a Republican who edged Democratic Sen. Stan White of Dare County by 21 votes.

Stevenson defeated incumbent Judge Quon Bridges by less than 300 votes in a district covering Vance, Granville and Franklin counties.

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1 Comment on "NC board certifies 3 winners of close races"

Magella Duhaime
2015 years 10 months ago

Dear Mr.Mike McIntyre,
I am writing to you about or bus transportation in Wilmington N.C. They have revamp the buses here. And I find that the system is ludicrous. The buses pass each other within the minute yet they have discontinue the 30 minute routes and now they are an hour. Try waiting for a bus in the rain for an hour. Waiting for two buses pass one another within a minute of each other. They send the buses to rural areas which do not collect fares and cry they have no money. I have sent letters to the mayor and council. Ms. Laura Padgett told me to ask for more funding. Like that will solve the problem No wonders the government is in a deficit to have that thought process. The problem is no direct routes where you collect more fares. They have the buses running all over the place and not picking up enough fares. Claiming they need to expand. Who decided this? Is this the way our government runs they would never make it in the private sector. If I moved to an area where I didn’t have a vehicle and needed public transportation I would move to the area that does. Not expect the bus to come to me. Up North they have the subways and bus transportation people live around that. I need direction on how to solve this problem.
Thank you,
Magella Duhaime


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