Republicans nominate Hickey for New Hanover Commission

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Submitted: Fri, 12/14/2012 - 4:09am
Updated: Fri, 12/14/2012 - 1:46pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After coming close to winning the seat outright during the November election, Derrick Hickey has been given a second chance at filling the void on the New Hanover County Commission.

“I spent a year running for the office of county commissioner, and I’m committed. I’m dedicated,” Hickey said. “It was sort of very emotional not winning in November, and I’m just glad I have this opportunity.”

After the debacle of nominating Melissa Gott for an open seat earlier this year, the New Hanover County GOP took time to consider its choices, creating a buzz in the room after Hickey won the vote over ABC Board Chair Tom Wolfe.

“What surprised me was that they actually had a democratic process and allowed the floor to vote unlike the last time with Melissa Gott, where they had five individuals,” Republican watchdog Justin LaNasa said. “I was quite shocked and amazed, and I’m glad that somebody stepped up, and, be it the leader of the GOP or the executive committee, and decided that the floor should vote on who should be nominated.”

Not everybody left happy after Hickey defeated Wolfe. Commissioner Brian Berger says he sees a rift growing in the party and in the County Commission.

“I don’t think that Woody White and Beth Dawson are Derrick’s biggest supporters,” Berger said. “I think that Woody and Beth have been playing political games for personal ambitions and power as opposed to doing what’s in the best interest of the citizens of New Hanover County.”

The County Commission meets at 1 p.m. Friday at the New Hanover County Government Center to consider Hickey to fill the seat left empty when Republican Rick Catlin resigned after winning election to the state House of Representatives.


  • GuestEd57 says:

    Reading some of these posts, it is not surprising that our county is in the shape it is in. Hickey came in 4th in the election, the party executive committee nominated him, and somehow his nomination is compared to Obamacare’s passing? If you think that, you are nuts.

    Brian Berger is his own worst enemy, but Hickey’s not attacking him is not something I see as a weakness. I asked him why he did not when I saw him before the general election. And he said that we don’t tolerate bullying kids who are different in schools. We shouldn’t do it to adults.

    Sad to see such a group of self centered people come together on this board. Pray for our county.

  • Guest7645 says:

    Thought one day I would like to run for a seat on the Commission but after all this drama who would want to deal with all this.I have 17 years in state government, own my own business,have several kids attening school in New hanover county,volunteer my time in the CB parks and Rec dept and feel like a have a lot to offer the ciizens of this county. Tried once to get on a board that I have 20 years of experience in but somehow I just was not good enough for the powers to be.

  • wilmwatch says:

    Beth has all the warmth of hoover and all the class of Nixon. No wonder she is trying to undercut Hickey. Woody is deceit dressed up as a leader–he would be worthy of respect if he played games in open and didnt try to defeat HICKEY behind the curtains. POint is Derrick is qualified- he is as qualified as other gut -his only fault is he hasnt been a RINO or part of the old gang that almost crushed NHC.

  • 789 says:

    I don’t know if Mr. Hickey wants the truth coming out about him. Check out the comment on the Star News website today and check out WECT Facebook page from August 2012, It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Guest 7000 says:

    The NH County Commission needs stability. Commissioners should appoint Jason Thompson to the seat. He has the needed experience.

  • Tis Only Me says:

    taking a page from the Democrats playbook regarding listening to the will of the voter. Obama rammed the Affordable Care Act down America’s throat despite polls revealing most Americans didn’t want it. He lost the House of Representatives and a few Senate seats the next midterm election.
    The citizens spoke in an election last month and indicated they did not want Hickey as a County Commissioner. This wasn’t some poll – this was a vote. Now, the Republican party wants to ram this nomination down the throats of NHC’s voters. If the four Republicans on the board agree with their party and proceed with this, don’t act all surprised if we have a five member Democratic/Independent Board of Commissioners by 2016.
    Keep in mind one thing if nothing else: Hickey’s strongest supporter on the board appears to be Berger. Consider for a moment Berger’s highlights since about January of 2011 and digest that. He was recently re-appointed to the CFPUA board and couldn’t bother to show up for the very next meeting.

  • Wilmingtonbred says:

    Hickey and Berger are cut out of the same, crazy cloth. Hickey is as loose a cannon as Berger is, and possibly more conceited (if that is possible). Too bad the Repubs didn’t nominate someone with class, honor, and decorum like Mr. Wolfe. He would’ve gone a long way working with Beth and Woody to restoring the reputation of the County Comissioners. Hope everyone is ready for more crazy because it’s on the way now that Berger has a crony.

  • taxpayer says:

    Thomas Wolfe was selected…not Hickey. Hmmm….

  • SouthEastNC says:

    I like Jason, I really do. However, the voters clearly spoke when as an incumbent he didn’t win his own primary. That is a prime example of voting someone out of office. While I don’t want Hickey in that seat, I think he has more of a right to it than Jason since he wasn’t that far behind Barfield as the last candidate voted in.

  • Guest2929 says:

    Jesus, Brian. Can you avoid a personal attack on your fellow Commissioners for one second?

  • Guest2929 says:

    PS Brian, is voting for a raise for county workers at a time when median income is going down and spending over $10M to renovate a building instead of just buying or leasing a new building that could be equally close to the courthouse doing what’s best for the citizens? How about that or the dozens and dozens of other joke votes that you’ve made? You’ve voted with the rest of the Commissioners the overwhelming majority of the time and are not the lone “No” vote you claimed you’d be. You’re not a revolutionary, you’re a joke, both personally and politically.

  • straightnut says:

    Only the same guy posting same messages ever since he supported Caster and Causey and Butler. Brian has been honest- he has in fact supported lower taxes and spending. supporting raises in some circumstances is the right thing to do. If you want to call people names take a look at dawson and her husband who is vulger and vile.

  • Fed Up says:

    “What surprised me was that they actually had a democratic process and allowed the floor to vote unlike the last time with Melissa Gott where they had five individuals,” said republican watchdog Justin LaNasa. “I was quite shocked and amazed and I’m glad that somebody stepped up and be it the leader of the GOP or the executive committee and decided that the floor should vote on who should be nominated.”

    That is a lie. At the 10/3/12 meeting the process was EXACTLY the same as the county plan provides. 31 voted for Gott, 20 for Hickey.

  • Justin LaNasa says:

    Just the numbers will show you,If that’s true,51/77 attendance no one knew what was going on. Wheres the transparency that our REP party screams of their isn’t any.Our GOP is just as bad as any closed backdoor dealing bunch of whooo haas as i have ever seen and by the way if this person who makes comments and hide behind allies(Fed up) is on the REP exe committee get off NOW !! While you still have some dignity.

  • Guest GOP r says:

    Didnt Hickey run Brian Bergers campaign?

  • Guestwit says:

    lets stay on target–Hickey got more votes in primary than she did. Behind the scences she has played games. She is cold and calculating. her husband has in our opinion slandered other republicans. Hickey deserves this spot and the games she is playing should be exoposed.

  • straight shooter says:

    When it comes to games- woody takes the cake—the wilmington cabal would like to give us more of the same- last night republicans stood up and went with Hickey. White is playing games and he is not being transparent. Defeat Hiockey and we will expose the many conflicts of interest and dirty tricks played by some in Republican hierarchy. White is scum dressed in a suit.

  • SouthEastNC says:

    “I think that Woody and Beth have been playing political games for personal ambitions and power as opposed to doing what’s in the best interest of the citizens of New Hanover County.”

    Well Brian, I know for a fact that your bosom buddy Hickey was doing everything he could to try to get in Ted’s vacated seat before the November election while Beth and Woody both chose not to seek it since it would make it look like the Republican party was selecting a “choice candidate” out of the 3 of them who were running for the Board.

    At least you prefaced that statement with “I think” so that it isn’t actually a claim of corruption you are making, and more of just stating a suspicion.

  • nonnonsenseguy says:

    He is qualified. All the games and decit by the RINOs to the contrary doesnt change that fact. White and Dawson are indeed low lifes for their decietful actions behind the curtains- no class and little integrity. They are playing a game that will boomarang if they undercut hickey. They should be ashamed. A team like Nixon and Hoover- corrupt and cold!

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