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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the impending fiscal cliff just 19 days away, it is critical for Democrats and Republicans to simply agree.

Hope in Washington is fading. President Obama says there is no deal until Republicans give in on a tax increase for the top two percent of earners.

Republicans say the real issue is spending cuts.

During a news conference today House Speak John Boehner said, “While the president promised the American people a balanced approach, his proposals have been anything but.”

We set out to learn what our congressional delegation is doing to end the stalemate and avoid tax increases for the majority of North Carolinians.

Democratic Senator Kay Hagan says party affiliation aside, she supports any plan that makes sense for our state.

When asked during a phone interview her reply to constituents who are questioning whether the right leaders have been elected to represent our state, Senator Hagan said, “From my perspective, I don’t care whose idea it is, whether it’s a Democratic idea or a Republican idea. If it’s a good idea for North Carolina, I will be at that table. I am just as frustrated as the businesses are in our state and as the individuals. We have got to get together and get this done.”

We reached out to other congressional leaders for comment. Democrat Mike Mcintyre’s office said the congressman had a busy schedule and chose not to do an interview today. Senator Richard Burr’s office said the Republican was tied up in an intelligence committee meeting and could not talk with us. We also called Republican Congressman Walter Jones. His office has not yet called us back.

If the country falls off the so-called fiscal cliff, major tax cuts will expire, meaning virtually every American will see less take-home pay.

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  1. B M

    The fact Hagan was ever elected is pretty frustrating to us LEGAL citizens (taxpayers), what is she frustrated about, the fact her party hasn’t even put up a budget for years or the fact her right hand man, Obama, hasn’t even put up his budget, is this another one of those let’s pass it then we will see what is in it, sorry Hagan, we taxpayers didn’t buy it last time and we ain’t buying it this time!

  2. Vog46

    Its not just he Democrats – and anyone who thinks it is is being disingenuous.
    Reagan proposed $3 in spending cuts for %1 increase in taxes. He got less that $1 in spending cuts – from a Republican congress lead by Sen Bob Dole.
    Also – Social Security is NOT an entitlement and is totally solvent. Raise the age of retirement and the debt does not move one iota.
    Its those GOPDEM politicians (phonetically sounds almost like what I wanted to say)
    Tax cuts sound good and get votes
    Getting Fed spending in their districts gets votes
    Both sides have to move on this

    BTW – I agree with raising the retirement age but for a different reason.
    But politically? We’ve been starving the beast too long and it’s appetite has grown too big


  3. SurfCityTom

    what does she not understand. She and all the Democratic spenders have put this Country in the financial peril it now faces.

    Even Bill Clinton, way back in 1992 understood finance enough to know tax increases alone would not be sufficient. He pushed for spending cuts; Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd cut him off at his knees when he proposed entitlement spending cuts.

    You can not spend more than you take in.

    Her grasp of this may explain the weak, no focus response.

  4. taxpayer

    maybe you should break ranks with your pal Harry Reid and tell him what the majority of citizens know and understand…y’all have a spending problem…not a revenue problem.

    We have to live within our budget…so should you. After all, you’re the one who was elected.

  5. SurfCityTom

    again I can not completely disagree with you. I’ve questioned whether the Republicnas would have the stones to stand firm and require significant spending cuts on all of the give away programs. Start with the free cell phones and continue to the life long benefits such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Section 8. Even Clinton was shot down, during his first year in office, when he proposed a 2 year limitation for the programs. And he was a Democrat with a Democratic Congress.

  6. Vog46

    Oh I’m just blowing off steam at Congress I guess.
    But lets look at this realistically using Fox News sound bites.
    We are being taxed at levels not seen since the 1980s. When I talk to my conservative friends they are excited about this and say we should being spending down to that level. I tell them this:
    Ok – lets drop down to 7 carrier groups
    No money for more stealth bombers or fighters
    No Virginia class submarines
    Reduced Special Ops soldiers and sailors
    And so on

    They get all tongue tied saying oh no don’t cut the military – we can’t do that – why General Dynamics would lay off thousands – Electric Boat too my God you can’t be serious…….
    I am dumbfounded by what I see as the complete utter and unknowledgeable support for the military industrial complex – which Ike so strongly warned us about.
    The Pentagon budget is up 33% in the last decade alone – and that does NOT include the wars in Iraq and Afpakistan which are “off the books”.

    If the President nominates Hagel (R) to be defense secretary (and I hope he does) we may see come changes as Hagel is NOT afraid and is well versed in defense affairs.
    Yes, means test Medicare
    Yes medicaid to work programs
    Increase the taxable income for Soc Sec to at least $500K
    Raise the retirement age to 67
    But close 40% of our overseas military bases – starting in Japan and Okinawa. Keep all bases in Korea open. End the current wars and remove all troops from Iraq and Afpakistan areas.
    As for taxes? Raise them – sorry – but raise them.
    End all tax shelters for investment income.Heck I’d be willing to entertain a sales tax on stock purchases something like half percent. Quarter percent each for buyer and seller.
    I would drop the corporate tax to 15% with one and only one exception. If any U.S. company brings 5,000 jobs back to the U.S. they would get 1% knocked off their corporate tax for every 5K jobs they return to US soil……….

    I do believe a deal gets done Tom – and it will be a primarily Democratic victory – Boehnner has moved on the tax issue, and Obama will move on the Medicaid entitlements.

    But there are ways to cut the budget – I just wonder if anyone’s got he stones to do it.


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