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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have arrested three people in connection to a September pawn shop robbery.

The suspects allegedly went in to OPM Pawn Show on Carolina Beach Road to pawn a television. Investigators say they pistol whipped the owner and bound his hands, feet and mouth with duct tape.

Antonio Schwartz, Desmond Hudley and Virginia Jones are charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon among other crimes.

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  • Guest546

    Desmond — sounds like a guy from the country club.

    No this Desmond should be put away for life — he has a 7 page criminal background. Highlights include drug possession (all types), theft of about everything.

    Antonio — named for St. Anthony of Pudua Italy no doubt — has a more modest 5 page wrap sheet. Assault of Females is his specialty with firearm possession of a felon.

    His female companion, Ms. Jones, fittingly has a background being an accessory to crimes.

    Check the records yourself by googling “NC Offender Search”

  • anita hudley

    commenting on the comment made about desmond. i dont see anywhere in there where he killed anyone or molested a child but i guess you are perfect? im sure u have done some wrong. and when i bow my head to pray i know im not talking to you however i will pray for u

  • chacoptaco

    I have done business with the owner of the pawn shop many times. he is a very nice man who will work with you if you need a little more time to “pick something up” I am sorry to hear that he was assaulted I hope he is alright.


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