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WPD: Murder victim in wrong place at wrong time


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The community is in shock after a Cape Fear Community College student was shot and killed leaving work last night in downtown Wilmington.

At this point, police say details surrounding the murder are cloudy.

Around 11 p.m. Thursday police say Josh Proutey had just finished work and was heading home. A short time later he was found dead in a parking lot next to the Community Arts Center near 2nd and Orange Streets.

"He was just downtown working and apparently at the wrong place at the wrong time," WPD spokesman Det. Kevin Smith said.

Those who knew Proutey, who was from Clayton, described him as a typical 19-year-old who worked hard and loved his family.

Proutey was leaving the Community Arts Center after work.

Folks who worked with him on the show can't believe what happened.

"It's shocking, and it's just a tough situation for us here," coworker Jason Aycock said. "He was always a hard worker and dedicated to doing what he thought needed to be done, and he was always helping facilitate and make sure everything went off without a hitch."

Though police say this appears to be a random act of violence that claimed Proutey's life, they are still urging everyone to be cautious downtown as the investigation into the murder continues.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wilmington Police Department at (910) 343-3600, or Crime Stoppers at (800) 531-9845. Information also may be submitted anonymously through Text-A-Tip. Enter Tip708 and the message; send to CRIMES (274637).

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shooting in downtown

Can we please have an update from the police on this horrible crime? Both parking lots were full where this teenager was shot, he had just purchased a sandwich, the parking lot is next to a restaurant and across from a bar. Did NO person see anything? Is this a gang related event in which someone had to be shot in order to be in a gang? Was this a robbery? If so, what are the police doing about this? I agree with the writer who stated that thugs hanging around downtown should be hasseled to the point that they realize that it is useless to be downtown. Why are the people who own businesses not screaming over solving this crime? This crime keeps business away! Someone knows something.....incent them to talk! I cry everytime I think of this child's family and the hurt and loss they are feeling. This is on the heel's of the deliveryman getting shot and killed over FOOD. If Charlotte and New York City can clean up their downtown, why can't Wilmington? We pay plenty of taxes!

senseless; just totally

senseless; just totally senseless !!!!!

Murder victim

We see these young punks hanging around on the side and back streets all the time. We know they are not there to spend money in a night club, or eat in a downtown restaurant. The cops see them also, what can be done? I'll tell you what can be done...Ask the punks for an Id, run it for warrants, then ask what their business downtown is. Check their pockets for cash or lack thereof and search for weapons. Let the criminals know that if they aren't downtown to spend money they need to stay away, not loiter in the shadows. Many good people have been attacked on the back streets while the WPD hangs out in front of the bars on eyeball liberty. Foot patrols, horse patrols, Segway patrols and bike patrols, all are needed. They are needed on Second St. Orange St. Nun St. etc. The violence has been going on too long. The criminals know downtown is a easy mark for robberies,They have been getting away with it too long,it has got to stop. WPD, please make downtown an uncomfortable spot for these robber/murderers...


Well one thing is those of us that have to work in the bars to help pay for college etc. we are happy to know this crime was not associated with any BAR downtown. So many times the bar owners get blamed for everything. Now on to this terrible crime. If it was at 11 pm why did not one hear anything, there are houses all right there. The second thing is where is all the extra cops that are suppose to be saving and protecting the downtown area. Thirdly I feel so sorry for this mans family...they have lost a love one. And lastly I bet we find out it is another THUG that carries a gun and it will be interesting to see where the shooter lives!! Again I am sorry for the loss of this family, however greatful that a bar or the bar crowd did not get blamed since that money helps pay for me to go to school!!

It's long past time for

It's long past time for folks to get angry. It's time to get busy. I'm taking a concealed weapons class in January and should have my permit by April. I WILL NOT go down without a fight. The criminals own my neighborhood (Downtown) right now. It's time for this to end. The Police department are in denial and want to solve this by playing semantic games. You CANNOT trust them to defend you, nor to take your fear seriously.

Fellow Downtowners - please arm yourselves and take weapons classes. Learn some basic self-defense techniques. Most important - MOST IMPORTANT - Look out for each other. Have each others back. Don't let your friends walk around alone.

Mr. Proutey, may God rest your soul and comfort your family, your friends, and your neighbors.

from a family member to the person who did a BG check!

Josh is my cousin.. and he will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him. He was known to be a comedian who loved his family more than anything. He grew up in Clayton, NC. with the same best friends he had all of his life. We used to play man hunt in his neighborhood when it got dark. He was funny and nice. The fact that someone took the time to do a background check on my cousin who was JUST murdered not even 48 hours ago disgusts me deeply. you are a sick, cruel, inhumane person. Would Josh do a background check on you if you were killed by any way? Absolutely not! he would send his best regards to your grieving loved ones. How nasty can you be? Just when you think the world can't get any worse, your little cousin ONLY 19 YEARS OLD gets murdered by a monster. Then, someone posts a background check on him. Did you forget that he's barely an adult? Did you make mistakes when you were YOUNG?! probably so. Why can't some people just let us grieve and heal without kicking us while we're down? and to all of the people who have stopped by the family's home yesterday and today with food, kind words, memories, and warm hugs.. it's appreciated more than you will ever realize and our family loves every single one of you. To C3 Church, a huge thank you to you as well for your prayers, phone calls, and the funeral that will be held with your church. My heart breaks for My uncle Don, (Joshua's dad) Julie, Ben, and Jason (his siblings). The family will come together and we will mend our hearts together just as a family should. We have all lost someone special to us, but we've all also gained a beautiful angel to protect and guide us. Love you Josh and thanks for all the memories. Rest Easy in Paradise.


I don't live in Wilmington and I didn't know Josh but I did lose a son two years go. The best thing anyone can spend their time on is praying for his family. His parents will never be the same. It will be very hard for them to find joy in any holiday or celebration again. Just imagine how they will feel on Josh's birthday every year. They have many hard days ahead and can use your prayers more than criticism of police or talking about how to protect yourself. They need your support to hold them up and help them get out of bed each day.

We need that list!

So, according to the WPD, Mr. Proutey was at fault, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will the city, or the WPD, please publish this secret list of the places not to be and at what times?

How dare law enforcement blame this young man. He was at his job, earning a living.

Will the scores of parents, and their children, be at the wrong place tonite when "Hobbit" is being performed? Is the WPD saying the city's Community Arts Center is unsafe? How about the Children's Art Museum, directly across the street? When is it the wrong time to take our children there?

WPD's arrogance is appalling.

Joshua's Background

Looking into my son, Joshua's, background is as useless and senseless as his death. Do we want to be a culture of people who blame the victim? Josh was typical in many ways. There is NOTHING in his background that we are ashamed of. One minor offense that was later dismissed can not change who and what he was. Find ONE person that knew Joshi that did not think he was AWESOME, KIND HEARTED, COMPASSIONATE, and FUN! This background check won't help you know him.

The solution for downtown

If you look at the starnews crime map. The majority of crimes are in downtown. WPD already has cameras everywhere, they patrol. Downtown has provided places where people can get cabs for the drunks. Here is the solution for reducing downtown crime. Reduce the number of bars. There are far too many bars downtown I believe 62-63 places licensed to sell alcohol. When a bar closes down a alot of them dont allow another bar to open in it's spot but rather allow only a shop or resturant to be opened. This will slowly get rid of the bars. And for the bars that stay open. They need to be closed by midnight with last call at 10:30pm. If people still feel the need to party until the break fo dawn they can do so at their own home. Reducing the bars will bring better public opinion about downtown.

i miss josh

josh was a highschool friend of mine and very many , to know that i live in wilmington and not far from where this happened hurts more than words can describe,i dont feel safe here in wilmington anymore, and i truly expect the person who did this to understand they didnt just take josh they took the souls of many other teenagers, he was well loved and will be well missed.

Young Man Killed In Downtown Wilmington last night

This morning when I heard the news about the young man killed in Wilmington, my heart broke into a million peices as I lay on the floor crying and praying for him and his family. Did anyone think to check online for news updates and read them? If you are one of the people as myself who did check for new updates you noticed this young man has a name and it is: Joshua Patrick Proutey, Josh was one of God's creations put on this earth for a purpose and a reason. My thoughts and prayer's have been sent up to heaven and my condolences are going to the family and friends. I also wish to say, no one messes with God or his children. Read the Ten Commandents and you will find one of the 10 says, thy shall not kill.Please stop pointing your finger at each other, instead join together and pray for Josh and his family who has been left behind with a huge void in their heart and life forever. Be respectful to Josh and stop checking into his back ground. How disrespectful can one be to do this at a time like this. Be respectful to his family and friends. Have you even thought maybe his family is reading all the comments being written about their son who was killed in a parking lot after he had completed his job and was on his way home to most likely call and check in with his family.I have only read seven condolences sent to Josh's family. Shame on you. My prayer is for God to hold Josh close to his heart and just rock him and welcome him to his new home in heaven. I also pray God will wrap his around this family and bring comfort,peace,and to keep his protective hedge around this hurting family and for his friends.I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.My condolences again for Josh and his family and friends.Amen


I recently moved to wilmington, bought a home here and relocated with my two children and fiance, and my mother as well, things like this unfortunate life lost along with the horrible things that happened in Connecticut, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all of these victims, there needs to be armed, trained, and uninformed police officers in some situations in more public places in this country period, some of these horrible things could be prevented if people and communities came together and made significant changes when it comes protecting innocent citizens and even children,

and to agree with your point with CHP,those are not enough if you do not really know how to use the weapon you own in a serious situation,

i know about a hundred soldiers getting out of the military, some now jobless, that would pry jump at the opportunity to protect here in our homeland within our communities, whether its un-uniformed armed securtiy in every public school in the country, or its someone volunteering to patrol downtown wilmington 3rd shift with his permitted weapon having a presence to maybe prevent the next robbery,

Community watch

They fail to mention that last Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. On the same street A similar attack occurred with the victim shooting back before his life was taken. This was not a random attack. Wpd needs to step up patrols to catch these criminals before another attack happens. Someone is prowling and preying on the residents downtown. Be aware of your surroundings. We live downtown and have never felt unsafe but this has to be stopped.

This is a huge tragedy no

This is a huge tragedy no doubt... but, unlike some of the comments, downtown is very safe, despite some occasional crime. It's planet Earth.

City willing to spend $39 million for a stadium...

But not budget enough for an effective police force to get these thugs off the streets.

One thing

That is not mentioned.

Has the move of the Police Station out of down town a factor in crime in the area?

It is a curious situation


I'd like to point out..

If he was leaving work at the regularly scheduled time and walking home, or to his car, then wouldn't he have been in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time? Wrong place at the Wrong time implies that he wasn't supposed to be there at that time.

I know this family.and now

I know this family.and now living in nc. realley hope the lowlife that did this come to justice..... did not know josh,but knowing the family he was a good kid.what a shame.....


It has become very clear to me now, that downtown IS the wrong place... at any time...

Well said...

Well said...

this is a terrible tragedy

this is a terrible tragedy that coul have, and should have been prevented. That being said, please become informed before you comment or continue to pass on untrue information. I live and work in downtown wilmington for almost 5 years now and have never had any problems of any consequence. I am consistently out late at night and I walk everywhere I go. I know how to handle myself and I look out for myself and the people around me. There are not shootings all the time as some of you have stated. The fact is that the crimes that do happen are typically teens attempting to rob people. more guns is not the answer, thats how these kids get guns to begin with. Downtown is a very small area and needs to be patrolled more effectively. sitting at an intersection waiting for drunks wont cut it. standing in front of bars waiting to break up fights wont cut it. These crimes are not committed by downtown patrons but by people aiming to prey on them. the police need to do a better job keeping a 10 square block area safe.

'nuff said


"sitting at an intersection

"sitting at an intersection waiting for drunks wont cut it. standing in front of bars waiting to break up fights wont cut it."


The downtown police presence is all about extracting money through fines and court costs not actually stopping violent crime. If they moved one or two blocks outward they'd be a hell of a lot more useful in keeping the citizenry safe. City Limits can take care of itself guys.


Maybe Saffo and his scumbag cronies should focus more on public safety other then ballfields and unwanted annexation


joshua was a cousin of mine and he was a great young man who never caused any greif for anyone and i hope and pray they find the people responsable for this and though it will never bring josh back to his huge family of cousins,father 2 older brothers and 1 sister maybe it will save someone elses family from going through in peace josh we are with you!

A innocent life!

This is a horrible crime...when I saw this story it bought tears to my eyes. Im lost for heart is heavy. Its Xmas time & someone has taken a innocent life & has caused a unbreakable pain & wound to his family that will never be healed. Wilmington crime has became scary. You jus never know what to expect day to day. There is no need for someone to think that they have the right to hurt or kill. Its just pure HATE. This family deserves justice...praying for them!!

If you know how to handle a

If you know how to handle a firearm odds are no one will be caught in the cross fire.Only a worthless mutt will meet it's maker.

This is the fourth teen that

This is the fourth teen that Johnston County has lost in the past week. It's not about what he should or shouldn't have been doing. We need to pray that it doesn't continue to happen, 45 teens in the last 4 years is 45 too many regardless of the circumstances. Josh always knew how to make anyone smile & was willing to help anyone that needed it. RIP to all the angels.

Time to take action

When will downtown businesses and homeowners start doing something about how dangerous their neighborhood is? I love the beautiful, historic homes in downtown Wilmington and would even consider purchasing one, but there is no way I would ever live in such a crime-ridden area, where thugs, drunks, and prostitutes are able to roam free. This is also why on the rare occasion I go to one of the downtown restaurants I make sure I'm out of there by 8 pm. After 8 or 9 pm, all the classy-looking people are gone, and what's left are hoodlums and girls who look like prostitutes.