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FIRST ON 3: Wilmington Police shoot dog during arrest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Witnesses say a Wilmington Police Officer shot a family's dog during an arrest Sunday night. Police say the pitbull ran towards them after they arrested a man on Rankin Street in Wilmington.

The dog was shot four times, which police say is protocal in a situation when an animal is aggressive towards officers.

Witnesses say the dog did not run at the group of officers but instead just walked towards them. They say their family pet was killed needlessly and the police should have just arrested the suspect and left the area.

Police did not release any details on the suspect that was arrested but say he is a convicted felon.

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Shoot everything that moves

After dark, shoot everything that moves on the streets numbered 5 or higher and eventually we will all be able to go back downtown safely. Won't be hard to get volunteers....

If I am not mistaknen, just

If I am not mistaknen, just about all of the housing on Rankin Stis Goverment Subsidized housing, correct?

I'm sorry, but if you are being housed at the support of the government, how can you "afford" to have and maintain a dog, especially a larger breed like a Pit Bull? Those dogs do't eat small amount of food.

Given the time of the night this incident occured, why was the dog out running around?

Everyone is quick to blame someone else, other than themselves, especially when theywere doing something that they shouldn't have been doing in the first place. In emergency services work, the safety of each officer, firefighter, paramedic etc is priority one for each of them.

These officers came into the neighborhood for a totally different reason, and this dog just happened to "walk towards them"?

I have homeowners call me to their houses to do work for them, and then they refuse to retrain their dog when I get there. Know what I do? I refuse to do any work until any dog is place in another room, etc, so I can get my work done safely and in a timely manner.

Control your dogs, its not that hard to do, if you really wanted to do it in the first place.

Dog killed Why do the police

Dog killed
Why do the police feel the need to shot any animal 4 times when I would think once would be enough. It's not like they don't get any practice shooting, they should have good need. I love animals and I feel sorry for this family and I hope that the officer never looses a pet

The dog was in the wrong

The dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Killing Dog?

Why would the smart owner of the dog have not said, wait let me put the dog in another room, or have locked it up? The blame goes to the person that owns the animal!

Good work...

Good work WPD. As the owner of a canine, I know that these dogs are bred to be violent. I very much doubt that the pit "just walked up" to the officers. In MOST cases, these dogs are in a house where there is either drug manufact., dealing, or something else having to do with crime. Of course the witnesses will say it was not aggressive. The WPD knows better.

The record shows that they

The record shows that they do not.

Bred to be violent?

Are you kidding me? Good for you that you own a dog, but you are an idiot for saying that pitbulls are bred to be violent. That is so stereotypical and you are the main reason Pits have the reputation they have. My Pit is the sweetest most loving dog in the world and would rather kiss you to death that ever put her teeth on you......And yes my pit would just walk up to anyone, probably jump and kiss on them. Not viciously attack.
My neighbor has a little rat terrier and that dog is far more vicious than any violent bully dog. She growls and bites anyone who comes near her. So it isnt just the breed.
So please stop being so stereotypical and stop giving good dogs bad names.

You forgot one minor detail Kilroy!

When a rat terrier bites, it will be lucky if it's be able to break the skin. When a pitbull turns on someone, it effectively rips a childs entire face off and has been well known to kill and adult! The true stories are endless, thus the reputation.

Even "good dog" breeds (as you refer to them) can turn on a human, sometimes even unprovoked. That's why we call them "ANIMALS". The same applies to the four drug thugs that shot the college kid in the head for his cellphone last week. Starting to click with you now?

There's a reason

There's a reason stereotypes are stereotypes. Most of the time, it's pretty accurate. Obviously, not every pitbull is overly aggressive, but it's well known that people use them a lot for fighting. Quoted from wiki:

The term pit bull refers to certain breeds of dog – namely, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, and any crosses between the three. In a few parts of the world, the American Bulldog is also classified as 'Pit Bull'-type dog, despite the fact that they have major genetic differences.
The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred for working terriers and eagerness despite the threat of substantive injury, strength, and athleticism. American Pit Bull Terriers constitute the majority of dogs used for illegal dog fighting in the United States. Widely reported pit bull attacks have resulted in the enacting of breed-specific legislation in several jurisdictions, as well as increased premiums for liability insurance.

So, please don't pretend that all pitbulls are as kind and sweet as yours.


Some people need to learn more about the breed of dog they own, what they were bred for and what they are capable of before they jump!

I hope...

I hope that you don't have to eat those words when that dog takes a chunk out of a little child or an animal in your care.

Just another routine,

Just another routine, gratuitous killing of a dog by law enforcement.
Thanks to the journalist for doing a professional job by interviewing witnesses. Many news outlets in such situations blindly quote the police.

Do you really expect the peeps in this neighborhood... tell the truth about police activity and provide "accurate" witness acounts to the media? To your slanted point, Many news outlets in such situations blindly quote disgruntled witnesses, then idiots like you actually believe it!

I believe you do not really

I believe you do not really know what you're talking about, and calling others idiots will not help you one bit in this situation.


you guys cry about a dog shot by a cop doing his job.what about the four scumbags that shoot a kid in the head for ten bucks and his lunch.get real

I support the officers. The

I support the officers. The owners should be fined for allowing their pitbull to roam the neighborhood,no one should have to wait for the thing to clamp onto them before they can defend themselves.

You'd probably support them

You'd probably support them no matter what.

So even if the dog ran

So even if the dog ran towards them, he was being loyal and likely what he felt he needed to do to protect his family. Cops need to learn how to deal with dogs differently than just shooting them. So sad.

I agree. The killing of the

I agree. The killing of the dog rests squarely on the owners shoulders. It's called being responsible. Just like the dogs in the back of truck beds traveling 70 miles an hour down the highway or being drug for miles because they are tied. Or just running the streets and getting injured or killed simply because it was more convenient for the owner to open the door. I feel for the animal but have no compassion for these owners. It's thinking ahead for things that can and have happened. If I were that officer, I wouldn't have hesitated no matter the breed.

Something different???

Yes the dog was being loyal, thats what dogs do, they are loyal to their owners. So yes the dog was doing right by his owner or family. However, it is the owners responsibility to keep that dog in check and not be loose to have the ability to go up to anyone. Yes people are unnecisarily scared of pitbulls, and a pittbull off of a leash is especially scarry for someone who is not used to being around them. But the owner or another family memeber should have gotten the dog under control and out of the situation so that the dog would not have the chance to interact with the cops.
End of story, its the owners responsibility to take control of their animal, and these people clearly didnt.
The WPD did their job and they did what they needed to do to keep the situation under control

"Witnesses say the dog did

"Witnesses say the dog did not run at the group of officers but instead just walked towards them. They say their family pet was killed needlessly"......

Riiiiiiiiiiiight....stupid people...

It's against the law for the dog to be on the street with no leash. So make sure to go back and charge the dog's owners with letting their pitbull run loose. And check its rabies shots. That ought to set them back a few hundred dollars...

Not so fast

A dog at large is not supposed to be free game for someone who's out to kill it just because they can get away with it. If there is a local ordinance prescribing punishment for having a dog at large, I am sure it's not the death penalty.

" game..."?

A comment like that doesn't deserve a response, but I'd like to provide you an opportunity to give your opinion without you appearing completely and blatanly ignorant.

Do you really believe a police officer is going to pump 4 rounds of ammo in a dog that's simply walking around in a non-threatening manner, all the while civilians are in the immediate area? Where in the hell are you from, Somalia?

Think Again

I know you're trying to be facetious, but actually gratuitous shootings happen very regularly. You need to pull your head out of the sand, before speaking about ignorance.

Death penalty?

It's the death penalty if the dog posses a threat...believe that!

No proof that it did.

No proof that it did.

Absolutely ridiculous!!!

Absolutely ridiculous!!! I've know that dog since he was a few weeks old!!! Such a good dog!!! WPD Definetly made a mistake!!!

Doubt it....

I sincerely doubt that the dog "just walked towards them". If that were the case, it would be a weekly occurance.

Too bad for the dog, can't wait to hear the animal "rights" activists on this one though.

I'm sure the officer didn't take it lightly, but my support is to that officer. They have to go out each day into that mess, going home to their family safely should be the number one priority.

It Does Happen Weekly

Around the country, shootings like this one do happen several times a week.