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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled Friday the state can outlaw video sweepstakes parlors.

North Carolina’s highest court says the state can outlaw video sweepstakes parlors because they don’t have the same free speech protections given to video games.

“I’m pleased every member of the Supreme Court chose to uphold the law the General Assembly passed overwhelmingly with bipartisan support,” N.C. Senate President Pro-Tem Phil Berger said in a news release Friday. “Now that the question is settled, I expect our law enforcement officials will begin enforcing the law.”

Despite the ruling, sweepstakes parlors in Wilmington remain open.

A manager at Cyberspot on N. College Road, who did not want to speak on camera, says the store will stay open through, at least, a 20-day grace period until January 3rd.

He says the store is beginning the process of adjusting its business model to comply with the ruling. He adds the thought of so many employees out of work, especially right after Christmas, is upsetting.

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  • M.Holder

    This comment is strictly for all you people who either run a internet cafe or work at one, I too owned and operated one, how can you honestly say that this is legal, most employee’s who work for them are getting paid under the table while still collecting welfare. The companies are making a fortune off of poor people who think that the are going to hit the big one, people sell their food stamps to play, or spend their whole paycheck,the owners are getting rich,while the poor get poorer, I HOPE THEY DO CLOSE DOWN FOR GOOD! also the owner do not turn in all their profits!!!!

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