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Four charged in murder of CFCC student


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Four people appeared in a New Hanover County courtroom this morning accused of murdering Joshua Proutey, 19, who was found dead of a gunshot wound in a parking lot near 2nd and Orange streets Thursday night.

At their first court appearance District Attorney Ben David alleged that the four suspects went to downtown Wilmington with the intent of robbing people. David said the four suspects followed a woman from one of the downtown bars until she stopped in a yard and pulled out a phone to call 911, at which point they ran away.

Prosecutors say the four suspects then found Proutey in a parking lot, where they robbed him of $10, his cell phone and a sandwich.

David claims after the suspects robbed Proutey, they ordered him back into his vehicle. When Proutey resisted, David says Quintel Grady, 22, shot Proutey once in the head killing him.

According to New Hanover County Jail and Wilmington Police Department records, Christopher Daniel Cromartie Jr., 23, Daniel Edward Henry, 17, Jasmine Nikole Dottin, 19, and Grady were arrested on suspicion of felony first-degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, attempted burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. Dottin also had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear on an unspecified charge.

Cromartie, Dottin and Grady are all being held without bond and could face the death penalty. Because Henry is a minor, he is being held under a $2 million bond and faces a maximum of life without parole.

All four suspects are due back in court January 10, 2013.

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Death Penalty for shooter-life for others

He was shot over $10, a cell phone and a sandwich. These guys DESERVE to spend time behind bars for LIFE. We need more police patrolling downtown Mayor Saffo...instead of hanging out in front of city limits shooting the breeze, they need to patrol. Wilmington is NOT safe...reminds me of Durham 10 years ago...the ghettos need to be cleaned out. I am just glad they were caught. Now they can wear their prison uniforms sagged down to show they are available.

If this had taken place in

If this had taken place in FL, they would have charged Proutey.

Death to them all! This is

Death to them all! This is how natural selection works so let's remove these Killers from the gene pool...

Get some facts

The officers you see "shooting the breeze" in front of City Limits are off duty officers working a contract for City Limits. They are doing the job that they are being paid to do. When working a contract, you are paid by the business, not the city.

It doesnt add up

I have Known Chris Cromartie all My Life, One Of My CLOSEST friends and Despite the Animal the Media Is Painting him to be...I cant accept that. he Is GUILTY of Robbing Josh, Burglary, and Accessory to the Murder..but to try to give him the DEATH PENALTY WHEN HE DIDNT PULL THE TRIGGER? MY HEART IT BROKEN AT THE THOUGHT. i am also an Associate of Josh and I thank god that They Found all the People Who played a Part in this vicious Crime. My Condolences are with his Loved Ones. all im asking is that the Appropiate Puinishments be given. the girl who was the getaway Driver...I would say 35 Years..but LIFE? I dont know what to think...It was a Bad Plan gone Worst...

are you stupid? I am black

are you stupid? I am black and this is a senseless crime. All those involved deserves what they got, they were all a part of it. I am so embarrassed to be black. Those involved should be eradicated from the face of the earth, they are trulu scum.

Joshua Proutey was targeted

Joshua Proutey was targeted because of his RACE.
Christopher Cromartie Jr. said "I figured if I robbed a White person… they're bound to have money lying around."
Anti-Whites support a blackout on black-on-White murders.
Anti-Whites support flooding White countries with non-Whites.
Anti-whites support White genocide and call it “anti-racism.”
They say they’re “anti-racist” what they are is anti-White
anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.

To the Proutey Family

It seems like most commits here are more to the point of pointing fingers and are negative. Although you are wanting revenge for what has happened, I can not blame you. I just wanted you to know that my only concern right now is for the family and friends of Josh. I can not imagine what you must be going through. I myself did not know Josh but I do know his brother Ben, and he is one hell of a guy. I can only imagine Josh was a great person and nothing anyone can say or do will take back the hurt you must be feeling. The only thing I can say is I hope that God will be with you during this tragic time. I wish I could could have meet Josh, I wish I could have shaken Josh's hand.

How sad! What a terrible,

How sad! What a terrible, incomprehensible thing to do to a young man who had his life in front of him---a young man who had already dedicated his life to helping those who were less fortunate. My heart is burdened for his family and friends.

May justice be swift for these four careless pieces of scum. I just hope that each night when they shut their eyes that they will experience the anguish that Josh's family is living.

The murder of Mr. Proutey

Lock these four up and throw away the key. Hundreds of people come out of the ghettos every day and go to college, volunteer to help others, get good jobs, work hard and show respect to other human beings. I have met several women on the bus who have lived in the Wilmington ghetto all their lives, and have raised children who became good citizens. These four hardly deserve the word human. Anyone who goes along on any robbery anywhere knows that there is a chance that someone will get hurt, and when such a person makes a choice to go anyway, then he/she is just as guilty as the person who pulls the trigger. The law supports this idea. They will all serve life terms, hopefully. For the trigger man, I would ask for the death penalty if I were on a jury. That trigger man told the victim to get in the car so that he could kill him and no one would notice the body until these worthless thugs had time to get away.That is premeditated murder. I trust that our D.A. will ask for the death penalty and get it, at least for the trigger guy. That's four more of these hopeless losers off the street. Let's get the rest of them who are roaming around down town beating up women when they steal their purses, beating up people walking to and from events or just trying to walk to the store for a gallon of milk. Let's get them off the streets and keep them off with maximum sentences.

Instead of praising WPD for solving a crime

We should be asking them why they aren't doing more to keep these hardened criminals out of downtown. Maybe it's time for a proactive Rudy Giuliani approach.

These hardened criminals

These hardened criminals live downtown, close to the historic and entertainment district, so they can rob, beat up or shoot, and go a few blocks to their homes. The police know where the gang-affiliated ones live but can't do anything until they catch them committing crimes. The Wilmington police respond quickly. I know because i used to live downtown until I felt that I had to move to a safer area. Our city police are doing an awesome job but we need more of them concentrated in the downtown area. The presence alone can discourage a lot of these stupid thugs from committing their crimes. Notice that they always have to have more than one in their attacking party. They are too cowardly to go out alone and confront their victims. They have to have a group and a BIG HANDGUN.

Okay, they'll force them into other neighborhoods...

perhaps even drive them to your house and away from the highest crime spots. Would that make you happy?

Where is the NAACP.

Funny first it was four young black men that killed a delivery driver for Chinese food, Now four black young men and women kill a person for $10 bucks. Statement from the NAACP anyone.

No surprise

You wonder why these stories become racially charged? Every single time one of these things happen downtown my thought is always I bet they are black. I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but every time I check, they are. Do you even have to ask why we think this? Look at the statistics. Blame it on what you want, but the stats are there.

that was stupid

Funny that you say that... Because EVERYTIME a MASS MURDER happens, where lots of people are killed... Especially 20 children for no absolute reason... I always say "I bet they are WHITE"... and guess what, everytime, I am RIGHT!!! Keep your racist comments to yourself unless you have a VALID argument to say that black people are the only murderers... the statistics are there as well! So shut up, bc WHITE people arent any better... Killing is wrong, no matter who does it...

i am a white woman and i

i am a white woman and i back you up on this 100% its not just blacks most of the times it is white people that is doing the killing

Close Friend of Josh Prouteys...

When i met Josh three years ago he was the funniest person id ever met. I am his Best friend's girlfriend... so i was around him ALOT. My boyfriend grew up with him and was probably alot closer to him than anyone. I can't even describe to you how this has affected him, as well as his other friends and family. The idea that somene would shot him for as little as his 10$ is just sick. These people deserve to sit in jail for the rest of their lives and nothing less. I loved josh so much and i can honestly tell you that its been very hard. Not having him around is going to be weird. I can honestly say that i feel so much hate for the 4 that were involved in this pointless crime. With time i know god will heal us all, but for now we grieve. I hope Josh's memory will live on with us all, and that we can all remember the amazing and fun person that he was to have around.

RIP Josh. We love you.


I'm willing to bet good

I'm willing to bet good money someone, maybe even deb Butler will be the attorney that represents these 4 animals, talk about ironic!

And some say good job WPD, what for, when downtown is more dangerous now than ever!, I have an idea, why not work 80% of your police force from 10:00pm till 6:am and let the honest citizens watch over the towns and neighborhoods during the day?, they'd be a drastic change in crime in the first 30 days.

Rude Comment

Dear I'm Willing to Bet Good Money.....what a class act you are. Your comment is rude and you are uniformed. Just another ranting idiot. This tragedy is just that; a horrible act of violence by yet someone else with access to a gun. An example is "how quickly" human beings can lose control at great price. WPD did an excellent job bringing these four forward. Downtown, statistically, has seen a drop in crime. Do your research before you open your ignorant mouth. Finally, what a loser you are to insinuate that attorney Deb Butler is some sort of bad guy. You are wrong and I would love to see your uneducated self try to debate her on any subject here. Go point your finger at Goolsby who will most likely get Brian Berger off et again. Idiot.

You are ignorant, rude and

You are ignorant, rude and not the slightest bit capable to have a meaningful conversation about this. Too bad it wasn't you.

I wonder

Is it not rude and ignorant to wish another person dead?

I knew one of the

I knew one of the individuals involved in this horrific crime. (not the trigger man) We grew up together and completed our K-12 education together. I know he had a rough upbringing, not alot of guidance, and struggled with behavior issues; however that is no excuse. This crime was malicious and premeditated. All four individuals set out to rob innocent people in downtown Wilmington. Therefore, if someone died as a result of a planned robbery everyone should face the same consequence. For me, the plan to commit a robbery that then results in death means everyone is guilty. It is hard to imagine my childhood buddy facing the death penalty, but people have to endure the consequences of their poor decision making. I am genuinely disappointed, disgusted, and shocked by my classmates actions. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family. God Bless

Here is an interesting

Here is an interesting article about Cromartie
He has been convicted of robbery before, and he has lived in the rough part of Wilmington, seen people die, experienced violence.
He has tried to turn his life around and been active helping organizations and trying to help younger kids. He is a part of the boxing center program.
He is not the one who pulled the trigger and I don't believe for a second that he expected the 4th guy to do so.
But what we see is the difficulty in getting out of "the ghetto" life, or whatever you want to call it. What I see is one young man who I don't believe is a murderer caught up in a situation that could have been predicted for him by anyone looking in. The trap and cycle of poverty that fosters criminal behavior is not something I bet any of you commenting here, calling them all Animals, know anything about. If you had any idea, you would seek justice for Josh, but not lump these criminals all together as if they are all the same. Just take a second and consider the connection between specific types of crime and economics. Poverty means crime, I don't care what race you are. [Wealth also means crime, but a different kind-different drugs, too.] Murder is a different category than robbery, and you need to hold back from calling all of these criminals murderers. The unreasonable comments here are objectifying the criminals in the same way I believe the one who pulled the trigger objectified the victim. You don't see any value or humanity, just a group of black palates to paint hate on to help assuage your anger and fear. Make it stop. A huge piece of stopping this senseless violence is creating a community where we can salvage people and get them out of the barrel of bad apples. All the ignorant remarks just serve to spin the same cycle of excluding the poor and minorities from a meaningful life in this community.

Pondering your comment ....

Which "organizations" (plural) was he a part of? Why are none of these "younger kids" he supposedly helped coming to his defense in his time of need? And do people who are "trying to turn their life around" normally associate with thugs and participate in robbing innocent citizens? I eagerly await your reply to these questions. :-)

I consider your post racist

Having known many Africaan American friends who grew up in much tougher ghettos in Wilmington, NC, I find it insulting and racist to use that as any excuse to choose to go out and stalk people to rob which ends up in a violent, senseless death. You are in control of your own future and to imply otherwise is insulting. Your poor victim of a hoodlum could have backed out after the couple woke up and they left the Forest Hills neighborhood. He could have backed out after the woman went in the yard realizing she was being stalked like some sort of human prey. He chose to continue and he needs to get off of the streets and behind bars for the rest of his life.

Open your eyes

We white people are now the minority not blacks. Blacks continue to live in the getto because we allow it we give them welfare checks food stamps a free place to live why would they want to change they have everything they need. They don't want to work, they want handouts and any one taking up for these FOUR ANIMALS are blind. Cause that's exactly what they are. Good job to WPD and NHCSD for getting the trash off the street

So white people dont live In

So white people dont live In the hood. Am just saying. Yall like black people this black people that. I do think other races live in the hood to. And those same black people that made something of their self most likely had a community that help kids. After school summer time or any other time. See wilmington doesnt have anything. So instead of judgeing why dont u try to make a difference. Am just saying.

How is that possible?

What exactly do you mean by blaming others and telling people to "make a difference"? The last time I checked, many people are so busy working full-time jobs, sometimes two jobs, just to supply money to the government which goes directly into your greedy outstretched hand. And yet you want more?

We white people

Mr. Angry white male, I don't believe this horrific crime committed was about race, I believe it was a robbery, be it a white male or black male. For as "We white people are now the minority" don't just half listen to news, do your research please. African Americans do not live in the ghetto because you "we white people" allow it and give THEM "welfare checks and food stamps" repeating myself, research the US Census and look up the percentage of whom receives foodstamps and checks "entitlements", ok. Do you think just because they're African American, that all African Americans' would take up for them after committing such a heinous crime. I'll pray for folks like you with such a mindset. May God bless you.