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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As more details about the shootings Friday in Connecticut and a murder right here in Wilmington the night before become available, the nation’s mindset seems to shift from horror to anger and demands for change, specifically about gun laws.

“I just don’t think you can legislate bad people and whatever instrument they use to express that evil with, whether it’s a gun, a car, a rock or a big knife. It doesn’t really matter, the results are the same,” said Richard Wright, manager of Shooter’s Choice in Wilmington.

Wright says he is appalled by the shooter at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary. He does not think, though, his actions should speak for the people who follow the laws in place for owning and operating guns.

“To take everyone’s right away because some crazy person did something that evil, no, it just doesn’t work that way,” Wright said. “I really believe that we have a natural right, a god-given right, to protect yourself.”

There are some people, though, that feel the gun laws should be rewritten to provide a safer environment overall. Wilmington attorney Deb Butler is one of those people.

“As a fairly young nation, we have a ‘maverick’ mindset when it comes to owning guns, but society has evolved. It has changed,” Butler said. “This isn’t the wild, wild west anymore, and reasonable gun control is paramount.”

Butler says guns do not need to go away altogether, but semi-automatic weapons are not necessary.

“There are reasonable time/place restrictions on a number of things, so extended waiting periods and the prohibition of assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles is reasonable in an evolved society,” Butler said. “We must do it, and we must do it immediately.”

An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds half of Americans say the Connecticut school shooting reflects broader problems of our society, not just the isolated acts of a troubled person.

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28 Comments on "Shootings raise questions about gun laws"

Justin America
2015 years 9 months ago

Only an attorney would think rewriting gun laws should would provide a safer environment overall. It’s job safety for the attorney! lol Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, all teachers should be required to take weapons and self defense training and each should be required to carry a concealed weapon. Here, a little logic: the killer is stealing guns and about to shoot his Mother then random children and he thinks,…. wait, wait. Deb Butler got those gun laws re-written and now maybe I should just be good and.. oh who we are kidding. These are the last days and it’s a very violent culture you secular humanist and God-less atheist have pushed for.

2015 years 9 months ago

A person wanting to do evil will do evil in one way or another. They will fly a plane into a building, drive a car into a crowd, build a bomb, send poisen food to a gathering or shot people. Someone with that much evil in them will hurt others if they have their mind set to it. Even if they have to drown or stangle them. Murders have been happening since Cain and Able and will continue.
Semi-auto’s are used for hunting, but assult rifles such as ak-47 and SKS, are guns that should never be in the hands of people other then the military. But like drugs, they will find their ways into the hands of the wrong person until we do something about it and it is time to do something about the assult rifles on the streets.
Parents should be responsible with the firearms they have… if it is yours then it should be locked up until you need it. I am amazed to read.. almost everyday on how children get hold of parents guns and shot thier friends or themselves due to parents stupidity.
The mental ill need proper treatment. Which means doctors need not be scared to treat them. when a person goes in for a visit and ask for help they should not be sent out the door without some Zolof or something in hand; then refer them to a better doctor for followup.
We need better trained teachers in schools to handle children with issues so they can start learning at a young age how to coup with their emotions and have the help they need so as adults they dont flip out and shot up the world.
This is not the answers but some of the battles that we need to fight need to start today, we need a game plan for the future.
Laws only stop the honest people. We need a plan of action for the people who do evil and how to prevent events from being this bad. Things will get worse if we dont act now!

2015 years 9 months ago

need to study up on EXACTLY why we were given the right to bare arms. IF the military has AR15’s…then the people should have those weapons as well. Our right to bare arms was to keep the ability to control the government, by FORCE if necessary!

2015 years 9 months ago

are correct, at this time we are not fighting to keep ourselves from a tyrannical government. However, the Second was put in place NOT FOR HUNTING, but to protect our freedoms from those who would want to strip them away. The right of the people to rise up and use force to keep a government in check. Assault weapons are in the hands of our military, our government, therefore must be in the hands of those who might someday need to stand up to tyranny. Remember, Hitler was ELECTED…our forefathers put measures in place in our country to ENSURE something like that doesn’t happen here. Just look at Syria, Iraq, Iran…do those individuals need assault weapons to fight their governments…don’t say it could NEVER happen here. I’ll keep my guns to ENSURE it doesn’t have a chance!

2015 years 9 months ago

A ban on assault weapons is not “banning all guns”
Good grief
Our government is not tyrannical
Our government is not allowing just criminals to get guns

Where do you guys come up with this stuff?
Oh wait, I used to belong to the NRA……….

You have more to fear from the NRA than you do the government (the NRA at least knows how to use a gun)
Take away assault rifles and 30 round clips for them and most gun owners lose absolutely nothing.
Make a crime committed with an assault rifle punishable by death – automatic – no appeal.



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