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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY’S ‘THE RANT’) — Now that the election is over, it seems our two local congressmen don’t have time for the media or their constituents anymore.

Since Friday we’ve tried to call and get interviews with Congressmen Mike McIntyre and Walter Jones as well as Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr to talk about the countdown to the “fiscal cliff.”

I’ve got to say, out of the four, the one who “gets it” and impressed us the most was Senator Hagan. She was presiding over the senate Friday, but took time out to call us back and do an interview over the phone.

We gave Senator Burr a pass Friday because we were told he was in an Intelligence Committee meeting, and with all that’s blowing up around the world, that probably kept him pretty busy. We’re also told today that when he gets back to DC this afternoon, he’ll try to do an interview with us.

On the other hand, it appears that Congressmen McIntyre and Jones are in hiding. We were told Friday and again today they’re too busy to talk with us. Both of their staffs directed us though to “written statements” regarding “the cliff” – statements we assume were probably written by staffers anyway. Or, if they were truly written by the Congressmen – or dictated to a staffer – wouldn’t it take less time just to do an interview?

Disappointing that these two don’t have the courage to take questions about “the cliff.” I realize it’s a no win situation, but this is exactly why people are sick and tired of politics and politicians. Why have the intestinal fortitude to answer questions when you can hide behind an email.

Gentlemen, I now vote “fail.”

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  • Rocky Lane Moore

    The Newsreporter is rightly trying to put pressure on our elected leaders to get busy, because inaction is going to kick us in our wallets. However, I trust that the real reason why congressional leaders are difficult to reach right now, is because they are working very hard on solutions. Everyone in the country, even the politician’s mothers are on their case, so do what you must, but I am sure they are working these issues, despite the the jounalistic snub.

  • B M

    McIntyre is only interested when he can haul around a blank check with his name on it, he’s served so long he has no idea about normal peoples needs, he has lost touch with reality, he thinks federal money comes from the sky above, he doesn’t realize that us normal people have to live on a budget, something he has no idea what a budget is, Washington doesn’t have an income problem, they can’t even account for all they take in, Washington has a SPENDING problem! McIntyre has made a lot of campaign promises, from illegal immigration (which he has done nothing about) to being fiscally responsible, even though he’s “king” of the pork barrel, so it’s no surprise he no longer wants to accountable, he’s rather cut off GRANMA’S social security than cut off B/S foreign aid! that’s our Mike!

  • Government Mule

    These Fed level representatives (Govt. Employees) have probably already been informed that the economy has already (been intentionally) collapsed and that a new currency will need to be issued early next year. (See Amero online) The new currency will be distributed so everyone gets a little. No one gets a lot and they also get free health care (not a lot and not very good) and a free GPS tracker in your microchip that allows you a little currency, health care and Government tracking. Thank me. Now you know… pray hard.

  • Stoney

    What in the world makes you think these two need to jump when you snap your fingers? You aren’t the only person they work for. Let then do their thing.


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