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WWAY learns more about the suspects in CFCC student's murder


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Monday, four people were each charged with felony first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old student Josh Proutey. Now, we are learning more about the accused.

The youngest of the group is 17-year old Daniel Henry. Henry is a student at Ashley High School and has no criminal record.

"Danny was a good kid. We all were. Some of us just end up being more unlucky than others. They get into trouble, wrong place, wrong time," said childhood friend Jeff Cordle.

23-year old Christopher Cromartie, Jr. is a former New Hanover High School student and an amateur boxer.

Cromartie had been in trouble in the past, including a 2010 felony attempted breaking and entering charge. Still, the news came as a shock to Cromartie's coach.

"I'm very surprised. He's a good person," said Andre Thompson, Cromartie’s boxing coach.

Also charged was 19-year-old Jasmine Dottin, who has no criminal record. The D.A. says Dottin was driving the car the night Proutey was killed.

Prosecutors say the one who pulled the trigger was 22-year old Quintel Grady.
Grady spent almost two and a half years in prison on a 2007 robbery with a dangerous weapon charge, and has been arrested in the past two years for breaking and entering cars, evading arrest, and drug possession.
Grady, Cromartie and Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.
Because Henry is a minor, he is being held under a $2 million bond and faces a maximum sentence of life without parole.

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This is why people in this

This is why people in this country have assault rifles with huge magazines. If you don't understand this consider yourself lucky, having obviuosly having never lived around people like this. Look at their eyes, empty, just don't get it. No impulse control, in need of immediate satisfaction, a complete lack of ability of forethought. If you have'nt lived or worked around people like this, do your best to keep it that way, you will probably live longer. $10.00 and he's dead. This is not an abberation, this is reality. Why is it that people from all over the world come to this country, and after 1 generation assimilate, prosper, and can speak proper english? See the the look on their faces, DUUHH, all of them. No sign of any brain activity there. They have ceased to evolve in any meaningful way a long, long time ago. Like truely crazy people who don't like to take their med's thinking theres nothing wrong with them, truely stupid people don't know they're stupid. They probably have 25 children betwen them, just like them, and on & on it goes. If this makes you angry or offended, feeling ashamed, etc, pack up & move to Chicago, or may'be detroit, how about St Louis, or maybe New Orleans, or ANY other major city in the US and see what is coming your way.

They have 25 kids lol that

They have 25 kids lol that was funny. Its people like yall that stay judgeing people that u dont know. Yall are the people that dont give people chances. Wilmington its bigger then this. If kids felt like they had some where to go to have something to do with their time wilmington might be a better place. Do yall really think its jobs around here? If yall do yall are truely blind. The kids have nothing to do after school while school is out. Nothing to help them. Yall need to get off yall high horse and open your eyes cause its not just black kids its all different type of kids. People keep saying our community while what are yall doing to try and make the community better.


We give you parks yall tear them up. we give you homes yall tear them up we pay for your food,cloths,hair,shoes,nails,cars etc,etc at some point yall have to start standing on your own. We are tired of supporting people who cant take care or dont appreciate what you have and always think we owe you more. So with that being said yall can find a job if you want one it may not be the best job but you can work if you want. Yall are brought up lying playing the system to get more welfare and foodstamps the more kids you have the more money you get. So when you get caught doing something wrong you try to lie your way out all 4 should rot in hell. The best thing that ever happened to blacks is they were slaves. you look around at the way black people act like idiots and no home training. their pants around their knees long dreads no bath slinging their arms like apes.

Guestme first off u dont

Guestme first off u dont give me anything. I work for everything that I have. And second of all I dont get any help from the govt. All blacks dont. But if u do your research white people get more help from the govt. Then blacks. trust I have real good home training. Get out that bubble u r in.

Criminal records ...

As far as the individuals with supposedly no criminal records ... that only means that they did not get caught, before now. Decent, law-abiding citizens do not normally hang around with ex-cons and felons who spend their time breaking and entering and robbing innocent people. As a taxpayer, I am disgusted that my hard-earned money is being used to fund these thugs' section 8 housing, while they roam the streets like a pack of wild dogs taking even more from society .. anything at all that they can get their greedy hands on. The Wilmington Housing Authority seriously needs to look at the applicant process and screen each individual for a demonstrated NEED for housing and a CLEAN background. Let people who truly need help and who at least know how to respect society get first dibs on housing. The deadbeats and thugs can go live in cardboard boxes in the park for all I care.

response to criminal records.

There is no excuse for the death of this young but just because they have no background does not mean they were robbing and killing before. When you grow up with ppl who made the wrong decisions in life sometimes you don't judge them for there past and give them another chance in life when it comes to your friendship personally. The problem today is that everyone judges a person by its cover when in some cases that's not a bad idea cause some ppl never change, but in some cases ppl do. I am very sorry that this happen to this young man but Daniel is a good young man, he was peer pressured into something that he had no idea what was going on and the outcome. Also he was probably scared to say anything because the shooter had a record of doing crazy things. I think Daniel should not be charged with murder only because he is a young man who feels the hurt of the victims parents and that he is 17 yrs old with a misleading life

Most normal, decent people

are tired of the WHA, section 8 and failure being rewarded by Government, reckless spending, criminals rights etc. Take a second and enjoy that feeling of this fresh, new wave of violence and purging about to wash over this Country....

They should have to suffer

They should have to suffer the same fate he did, if we start punishing these criminals execution style, you would see our country would be a lot less violent!! It's time they all started suffering for their actions!!

wow, Good people!! just

wow, Good people!! just imagine if they were bad! morons making stupid statements. Good people? gotta do better than that. good for nothing maybe!!

I'm really going to need you

I'm really going to need you all to know that if this was 4 white ppl killing an innocent black man their bail would have been 3$. Or wait does that even occur to you that their is a such thing as a innocent black man. I knew daniel very personally and he is not a bad person. He was just your average funny kid.

If it were white kids on a

If it were white kids on a black kid it would be called a hate crime.

EThey said that this was the

EThey said that this was the first killing in the downtown area in two years. The young man that stabbed downtown two years ago was black. So they arrested the person that killed him. And guess what? He got a bond, a whole bond. So basically thats saying oh well give him a bond he did us a favor anyway.

R u kidding?

If it were four white people killing an innocent black person, the Reverand Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be here with the whole media circus! Young white males are the disenfranchised now. It is insanity. It isn't about race. It is about decency. Your morals are so twisted that it is scary!

White people.

So , racists much? Always seeing the color and not the violent criminal. Anyway, when have you ever heard of 4 white ppl on govt subsidy / criminal backgrounds killing and innocent black man. It's black people doing the killing in the violent little cesspool called Downtown. It's going to get worse and worse, (duh) until people, like you, all go... OMG that's right. So... look for it to get much worse kids.

Hate crime?

It does bother me that this is not being labeled as a hate crime. Four black people slaughtered an innocent white kid. If it were reversed it would be a hate crime and the people would rightfully be held as racist and locked away. Hate and racisim go both ways. I also find it full of hate that two of these murderers are described as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but as good people. A good person doesn't steal and doesn't harm others. These people are evil and I pray that they are locked away forever. It reminds me of the other news story where the man murdered his second daughter after spending eleven years in jail for murdering his first daughter. You can't rehabitlitate evil. You can pray for them, but keep them off of the streets. If they are ever set free and murder again, the blood is on the hands of the defense attorney and the jurors. I hope the courtroom is full of people to silently support Josh's memory. I pray that friends of the accused realize that what they did has broken the hearts of many and they deserve to be where they cannot hurt an innocent again.


I agree. White people are being dicriminated against. The authorities want to keep the noise down because they don't want any riots or vigilantes I guess. The time for these punks to get what any white would get is NOW! I am SO SICK of authority telling me I have to support and let off the hook a group of people who bear ill will toward me. That is over.

Hate crimes and robberies

Hate crimes and robberies are not the same thing, regardless of the color of the criminals or victims. This is called armed robbery that resulted in murder. An attack on a person because of his or her race/religion/sexual orientation because you hate that group of people is a hate crime. This is not hate, they specifically went out to rob someone. I don't believe the intent was to kill or even physically hurt someone, but Grady pulled the trigger and that is what happened, so he has murdered someone for $10. That's a pathetic tragedy. However, the intended goal was to steal money for themselves, not to punish white people for being white. Focus on the reality of the situation and maybe you can think about how to address these problems.

There is a growing trend

There is a growing trend across the US of black mobs seeking out and attacking whites.

Seeking to commit a crime of violence, choosing a victim based on race, is a de facto and de jure hate crime. Typically, survivors report the blacks making comments along the lines of 'You're going to die today, white boy' (Trayvon Martin's last words).

This news article doesn't list the earlier crimes by this same group of black thugs. At least two other (white) people were singled out and attacked by this mob, but managed to escape. One lady was dialling 911 and they left her alone.

The fact is, according to the FBI's Unform Crime Reports, there are more than 770,000 interracial violent crimes in the United States every year. More than 85% of them are black perpetrator, white victim. The usual explanations don't apply. It's not poverty, it's not level of education. The single best predictor of the violent crime rate in any geographical area is the percentage of its population that is black or hispanic. For you staticians out there, there's a .81 correlation between black/hispanic population and violent crime, vs. .36 for rate of poverty and .35 for median level of education. In plain English, it means that 90% of violent crime can be predicted by racial demographics.

Many commenters have mentioned Section 8 housing. One of the unstated goals of Sec. 8 is to shift black crime out of black areas and into nicer areas inhabited by whites. This helps hide the problem of black violence by allowing bureaucrats and black advocacy groups to be able to say 'But there's crime in white areas, too! It's everywhere'!

I'd like to be able to say that if Obama had a son, he would look like Joshua, but (a) I don't want to insult the lad's memory, and (b) Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and the other race-hate peddlars are notoriously silent when it comes to the all-too-frequent crimes of this nature.


Everything you said is true bur if whites had a group like jackson,sharpton it would be consdered racist. White people cant have a united white college fund it is racist. The white people better start sticking together like the blacks do or we will be ran all over more than we are now.

How do...

How do you know?? Were you there? How do you know what motivated them?

cfcc student

MAD AS HECK.........What has this world come to.. killing sonmeone over 10 dollars,cell phone and a sandwich.. the are just pure trash.get a job, make your own money,buy your own cell phone.and make your own sandwich. they all should get death. don't put them on death row.. so the working people have to take care of do the crime .you do your time. as citizens of wilmington we need to take a stand. very sad ....


These hoodlums have no sense of value of a human life. They figured this young man's was worth $10, a sandwich and a phone. What a bunch of pathetic losers. I am glad they are being charged with first degree murder. They, by their own admission, went looking for someone to rob.

Such a sad story for the young man and his family. Our prayers go out to them in this tragic time.

Historic District Resident

Having lived in the Historic District for nearly twenty years, please allow me to warn you of the dangers that lurk there after dark.

Walking down any of the Historic District streets late at night is dangerous. Hoodlums are on the prowl looking for victims.

While taking packages out of the trunk of my car at around 9 P.M. on Second Street last December I was approached aggressively by three hostile-looking young men who planned to attack and rob me--it was written all over their faces. I was holding my car key in my hand, so I pushed the horn button and the horn blasted away. The persistant blasting horn and an approching car made the young men turn and saunter away as if they were out for a pleasant stroll.

You never read anything about the predators that stalkt the Historic District, but they are here on our streets, believe me. And if you are not extremely cautious, you will be mugged . . . or worse.

If convicted

They all should be executed because they have proven they lack the commonsense required to live in a civil society.

No, they are NOT good

No, they are NOT good people. Good people don't go around robbing others. Scumbags each and every one of them.


Quintel Grady the shooter spent a whole 2 and a half years in prison for robbery with a dangerous weapon. When are the Judges and District Attorneys going to start earning the 6 figure salaries and put these pieces of s%&t away?? Stop all of these damn plea agreements and hold people accountable for their actions. Daniel Henry's friend said wrong place wrong time. Well my friend these pieces of crap choose to be there. The only person that did not have a choice that night was the innocent young man who was just getting off work. Maybe these "good kids" who society has failed would not have been there if they had a frickin job. I also do not want to hear any white/black racial comments. Facts are facts. We have white nuts, black nuts, hispanic nuts, etc., etc. But these four are common low life pieces of s%&t.

His coach says he is a good person

His coach says he is a good person.

good people do not shoot people in the head for money. In some circles he would be referred to as a a hit man.

It is a very bad and dangerous person who does this sort of thing, and society needs to be protected from them. This is they type person we lock up behind bars or put in the gas chamber because their crimes are so terrable.

Wonder what the coach's definition of a bad person is?

Cromartie did not shoot

Cromartie did not shoot anyone, and it is thickheaded to judge anyone as a murderer except the man who pulled the trigger. If it comes out that the others paid/coerced Grady to kill someone, make your judgment then. But this would not be the first time someone who is not pure evil is a thief but not a murderer, even though he was in a situation where a murder took place. There are dozens of people in this town who will say how Cromartie has helped them in some way, he has been a thief in the past and it is a sad shame he has not completely changed, but any argument to paint Cromartie as a soulless/evil/inhuman/uncaring thug will fall on deaf ears. He made a really big mistake and needs to pay for it, but no one who has ever known him believes for a second he had anything to do with Grady's decision to fire a gun at that poor boy.
You won't hear the same arguments for Grady, fyi.

Sorry but u will hear the

Sorry but u will hear the same for grady. If chris is so good where was his support system at in court monday?

No more calling them "good"!

STOP quoting the acquaintances of these vile humans as being "good" people. They are not. They are evil, disgusting, horrible, demonic thugs that do not value the life of anyone or anything. I don't care a bit about their families, their situations, their pasts or what grades or accomplishments they have. SO WHAT? They killed a young man, a student working for his money, in cold blood as part of a gang initiation. PLEASE do not glorify or justify anything they do.

I hope and pray that each one is locked up away from the GOOD people forever.