WWAY learns more about the suspects in CFCC student’s murder

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Submitted: Tue, 12/18/2012 - 4:57am
Updated: Tue, 12/18/2012 - 1:25pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Monday, four people were each charged with felony first-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old student Josh Proutey. Now, we are learning more about the accused.

The youngest of the group is 17-year old Daniel Henry. Henry is a student at Ashley High School and has no criminal record.

“Danny was a good kid. We all were. Some of us just end up being more unlucky than others. They get into trouble, wrong place, wrong time,” said childhood friend Jeff Cordle.

23-year old Christopher Cromartie, Jr. is a former New Hanover High School student and an amateur boxer.

Cromartie had been in trouble in the past, including a 2010 felony attempted breaking and entering charge. Still, the news came as a shock to Cromartie’s coach.

“I’m very surprised. He’s a good person,” said Andre Thompson, Cromartie’s boxing coach.

Also charged was 19-year-old Jasmine Dottin, who has no criminal record. The D.A. says Dottin was driving the car the night Proutey was killed.

Prosecutors say the one who pulled the trigger was 22-year old Quintel Grady.
Grady spent almost two and a half years in prison on a 2007 robbery with a dangerous weapon charge, and has been arrested in the past two years for breaking and entering cars, evading arrest, and drug possession.
Grady, Cromartie and Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.
Because Henry is a minor, he is being held under a $2 million bond and faces a maximum sentence of life without parole.

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