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FIRST ON 3: Brian Berger arrested for DWI, colleagues respond


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was arrested again this morning. This time for driving while impaired.

Wilmington Police arrested berger in downtown Wilmington around 2 a.m. Officers say they pulled Berger over for making "an abrupt left turn" in the 200 block of Market Street.

Other officers were called in to do field sobriety tests. After two breath alcohol tests and a blood test, police arrested Berger and booked him into the New Hanover County Jail around 6:45 a.m. He left at 8 a.m. after James Canoni posted an $800 unsecured bond for Berger.

New Hanover County Commissioners past and present say they thought the distractions were over from Berger.

Commissioner Jonathan Barfield says this may be a sign that the community needs to come together to support Berger.

"I think as a community, at this point, we need to number one lift the man up in prayer and find a way to build a support system around him to help him through whatever he's dealing with," Barfield said.

Beth Dawson says she thought with new commissioners in place things would be different. She hopes this does not distract the new board for the business at hand.

Former commissioners Rick Catlin and Ted Davis are no strangers to Berger's run-ins with the law.

Now a state representative-elect, Catlin says he does not have plans to sponsor any legislation to allow voters to recall Berger.

Davis, also new to the state House, says he is exploring the idea, but he wants to make sure it is the right move for North Carolina and that lawmakers are not opening up Pandora's box.

We have tried to contact Berger by phone, text, and at his home multiple times today, but he has not gotten back to us.

Berger's next court date is January 16.

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I'll try to use small words here.... that hopefully you can understand.

It's clear by your serious lack of proper grammar and correct spelling that intelligence is not something you have in abundance. Too bad, really, because it makes it impossible to take anything you write seriously when you can't even form a coherent sentence.

It's time for you to put down the crack pipe. I wrote hind PARTS, not hind points. Hind parts refer to that thing that YOU see staring back at you from your bathroom mirror - the buttocks.

Finally, your 3rd-grade education has obviously left you unable to comprehend even the simplest idioms. Countless as I used it means that there would be scores (the meaning of that word as used here is "a lot") of North Carolinians jumping for joy to see yankees and idiots leaving our state for good. So run along now, Dimwit...your bus is leaving.

You are too funny, hahahaha!

You are too funny, hahahaha! "Hind parts," that is good hahaha!

Doubt it

It would be nice but I don't think we will be so lucky.


No wonder he is always late. If he was booked at 642am he must have been pulled at 500am. It is tough to be at meetings on time when you stay out all night.


I believe he was stopped around 2 AM; took some field tests for sobriety; and for whatever reason, was taken to NHRMC before he was finally booked. Must be a first offense as he was released on an unsecured bond.

Blood draw

They had to have blood drawn. I would guess he wasn't drunk but on some other drug that impaired his abilities.

Is this FINALLY the incident

Is this FINALLY the incident that will get this idiot to resign?!? I personally don't care if he endangers himself all day long, but now he's putting the citizens of the county he's supposed to be serving in grave danger. The guy is a pathetic, sad, sick little man, and it's time for him to GO. Whether he gets help or goes to jail is none of my problem or concern, but it IS my concern that he represents this county's voters and makes such poor choices that he could actually kill an innocent person. He obviously has impaired judgement, and he can no longer be allowed to make decisions that impact the lives of the people in New Hanover County. Resign, Berger. You've been an embarrassment to us all for long enough.


Amen to that.


Love that guy

That's my guy.


What? Commissioner Jonathan Barfield: "We need to find a way to build a support system around him."

That's great, but he needs to be removed as a Commissioner FIRST. THEN he needs to get help.

again...and again...and again

I bet commissioner Barfield was not even surprised. He realized the media was trying to contact him early on a tuesday morning and first thing that popped into his head was "WTF did berger do now"???????

After all the stories I've

After all the stories I've read on this guy, I can honestly say its only a matter of time before he snaps. SOMEBODY needs to wake up and do something about/with him before its too late.


Well, he's already beat up on his girlfriend numerous times, been detained after attempting suicide, etc. He's given us ample warning, really, so further mayhem should come as no surprise.

Where is my resume?

Let's see. Where did I put it? Maybe they will appoint me commissioner for a while. First thing; Ima outlaw violence. Doh, wait. It already... shut the front door. Anyway, I'm starting to really like this guy. I can relate to him. He's late. He's in trouble at work when he goes. His jobs always right on the edge but he keeps on. Let me find out he was going backwards down Market with his lights off in the rain with a suspended license taking a bong hit with a hooker on his lap and I will vote for him several times again. (no voter ID law in NC) did I vote for YOU?

Time for the Berger-faithful to defend their leader

I can't wait to read all of the comments about how this "paragon of civic virtue" is just getting a bad rep and is truly what we need more of in office...

in defense

It will be a bit until Mr. Berger gets over his hangover and naps, no one can seriously defend him, it has to be him. Then he will be able to defend himself, and blame the media, or an ex girlfriend. Glad they got him off of Market street before our kids school buses were out.

This guy is a time bomb...I

This guy is a time bomb...I hope he does not own a gun.

To All!

WOW! I want to tell everyone who is the big DUMMY her and it's surely not BB. This man is so smart and he will continue to do all these smart things over and over again. The old saying is you can fix a DUMB A%& but you cant fix stupid. Who else can do this and get by with it? It sure isn't you or me.

No: wait till he goes crazy

No: wait till he goes crazy and shots up the meetings.. then someone can say "Oh it dont surprise me". There were so many signs that pointed saying he was not all together in his mind!

I pray he dont own a gun or have the smarts to build a bomb. At least if he cant drive he wont be able to run over a crowd.

This guy is a train wreck and we want his opinion on how to handle money for this town? ummm wonder why taxes are going up. They cant handle eachother or themselves and they still want to handle a whole city.


50B Order

If he still has the 50B order against him by his ex girlfriend, it has a restriction on possessing guns and the police usually seize those when the order is served. Or, at least that is the way it is supposed to work.

However, gun bans or not, people can get a gun.