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Two accused in CFCC student's murder talk about the crime, impact


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- It has been just five days since 19-year-old Joshua Proutey was murdered in downtown Wilmington. Tonight, WWAY's Matt Ray was the only TV reporter to talk to two of the suspects.

"I just want to tell me mom I love her," Daniel Henry, 17, said, "and my brother and my dad."

"I'm not as tough as I look," Henry said wiping away tears. "I get stereotyped so much.

Henry, 17, said he wishes he could change what happened.

"If I could rewind back, I would've stepped in front of the bullet for Josh," Henry said. "He had more going on for himself than me."

Henry, the youngest of the group accused, says his life is over because of someone else's actions. He and investigators say Quintel Grady shot and killed Prouty. Henry also apologized to the Proutey family for their loss.

"I don't want no sympathy. I just want justice," Henry said. "Yeah, give me time, but don't give me life. I did not pull the trigger. I can't control what somebody else do."

Chris Cromartie, 23, is also charged in the killing.

"I was gonna give it about a week or two, and then just turn myself in if they didn't find any leads, but it took about a couple days, and they were knocking at the gym door," Cromartie said. "My mind is crazy right now. I have not slept since I've been here (in jail). It's not because of the case itself. It's because I have insomnia."

Cromartie said he knew he could have stayed to try and help Proutey after the shooting, but it was too late.

"I could have did CPR, but CPR was not going to help him out," Cromartie said. "But to Joshua's family, I apologize."

Cromartie, Grady and Jasmine Dottin are in jail without bond. They could face the death penalty.

Because Henry is a minor, his bond is set at $2 million. He faces a maximum sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

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Random thoughts

If President Obama had a son "he'd look just like Daniel Henry".

Although the killings by psychotic, privileged white and asian kids (and the killing by one cop-wannabe "white Hispanic") get all the press. the total number of victims of these crimes is DWARFED by the number of killings perpetrated by black street thugs.

Furthermore, the majority of the thugs' victims are also black and all of this killing is pretty much ignored.... Though after a child became collateral damage in Chicago, Mayor "Rhambo" Emmanuel bravely asked the gang bangers to take their shootouts to the back alleys where they were less likely to endanger children!!

Family members arrests, food card questions

I see other Cromartie arrests this week, are they kin to Chris Cromartie Jr? I am not misled about his Jesus postings on the internet anymore. If his grandma was in the hospital like he said, is this why he didn't have anyone to get gas money from in his family and led his friends on a mission to rob, to buy him gas? The sandwich theft part, is these mothers getting food stamp cards for the younger high school kids and not giving their kids their own food cards to them to eat on when they are not home? That happens a lot and they should also be charged with theft if they get public funds to feed their kids and keep it themselves. The child welfare manager should be required to post the list by numbers of people in each map location receiving food cards paid by tax funds.
12/22/2012 09:37 Arrest Arrestee: CROMARTIE, JAY JAWAN
12/26/2012 06:06 Arrest Arrestee: CROMARTIE, NICOLE LATRICE

food card?

are you crazy or just don't know any better.A mother lost a son to a sensless murder and you are talking about a food card.REALLY.

Perhaps your reading comprehension needs some fine tuning ...

The post to which you are referring was NOT 'about a food card.' It was about the leaches of society, such as murderer Cromartie, who spend their lives taking, taking, taking from the rest of us. Whether public assistance, section 8 housing, food stamps, money (i.e., robbery), or even other people's lives as in this particular case. People like Cromartie are disgraces to society.

fine tuning

Maybe you should read the post again.For as comprehension its just fine.Your take is your opinion,mind opinion is mind, does that make me right or wrong?You republicans kill me if its not what you believe or say its not right(not republicans as you see the word)

Josh Proutys Murderers!

An eye for a eye. They should all be sentenced to death. I teach my children that if they are with someone that does something wrong they are just a guilty. They went out that night to commit crimes. My daughter and friends are suffering everyday without Josh. He was truly a amazing kid. If i could bring all his friends to the trial i would. Your famlys should be embarrassed of you all. There is no forgiveness here.

After reading these comments

After reading these comments shows how ignorant some people can be. I dont think that making racist comments is going to change things at all. All i have read is that white people have money,white people work hard, or blacks are thugs. But lets just keep it real right now. There are black people who are more wealthy then whites there are blacks that work hard, there are blacks that get robbed and killed for stupid stuff. So to judge all blacks on a couple of black kids wrong doing is not right. The sad part is when a black man kill a white man they get all sorts of nasty comments about them, their ghetto,thugs, came from a broken up home. Now lets turn the table what about the whites shooting up the schools,killing innocent kids, robbing people now what are they just in the last couple of days it was 3 white boys on the news for sending threats to a school bout shooting it up, now are they thugs,gansters. I guess not because they are white. It just kills me to hear this nonsense, and for anyone to say HANG THEM WHAT THE HELL THIS IS NOT SLAVERY DAYS, SO WHAT IS THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT THE WHITE MAN THAT SHOT UP THE MOVIES CAN THEY HANG HIM TO OR NO CAUSE HE'S WHITE THEY NOT GIVING HIM LIFE THEY SAY HE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS WHAT THE HELL WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE YOU TELL ME. NOW BEFORE U JUDGE BLACKS LOOK AT THE WHITES CRIMES AND ASK YOURSELF ARE THEY THUGS AND GANSTAS.

Sweet fancy Moses....

How about learning English prior to posting. Yes they should be hung high, white, black, who gives a damn. A murderous thug is a murderous thug. They should all be put down like rabid dogs. Understand?


Grand ole see you are alive and still talking out of both sides of your neck.You know you don't mean that.You see color all day everyday.

Why is the media ignoring Jasmine Dottin?

My girlfriend is Jasmine Dottin's sister and knows that she would never be capable of murder. Granted she had a theft problem and deserves to be punished for those crimes but not first degree murder. That responsibility should fall on the one that pulled the trigger and took someone's life. If anyone was with the wrong people at the wrong time it's her. She was dating Daniel Henry and was therefore able to be easily persuaded to do his bidding (Like drive him and his merry band of goons around). The media should get everyone's side not just 2 of the 4 people. She needs to be taught a lesson, but the only person that truly deserves life in prison/execution is he who pulled the trigger.

close observer

let me guess you are going to yell discrimination so maybe she will get off. or better yet go call jesse jackson or al sharpton or the naacp. she is guilty by being at the crime scene GUILTY GUILTY.

Oh cry me a river

If Jasmine Dottin wasn't driving the vehicle, transporting the killer to his prey, then none of this would have happened in the first place and an innocent life would not have been lost. And if she were such a great person as you claim, why did she not attempt to help the victim or at least call 911?

Thug Chris Cromartie UNC documentary biography

Here we see him describing his lifeplan to be dead or in prison for a long time

My little sister

Im not going to listen to a word anyone has to say about my younger sister, Jasmine Dottin. My tiny little family is grieving for her, and my heart breaks every time I read what people on the internet have to say about her because of her race but I know her better than anyone. She is not a thug. Nor a gangster or a murderer. My sister needs to be taught a lesson for robbery, but sentencing her to life in prison, with no bail and the death penalty is unspeakable.
Daniel Henry was my sisters boyfriend and has influenced her to do wrong since they met. These guys took advantage of the fact that Jasmine had a car. They used her. My sister never even hangs out with people like this. She's the one that was with the wrong people at the wrong time. And if I never get to see her again...or spend time with her the way I have all my life, I'll never be the same again. She doesn't need to be pinned with first degree murder.
And as my boyfriend said, I wish you would let people see her side of the story. How can you not be curious about the only female in a group of thugs? That's not fair. Cromarte Jr. is lying about things, cussing, and laughing in his interview. What kind of crap is that? No remorse... yet he got my sister into the worse possible situation. He is the murderer. He's the one that bought and fired that gun.
Lets get real...

Wait a minute. Daniel Henry,

Wait a minute. Daniel Henry, on camera, pretends to be this innocent, upset, 17 year old, crybaby.

You mean, he's really fronting ? You mean he's really the cold-blooded, gangsta-thug, bully, his past indicates ?

Your wonderful innocent

Your wonderful innocent little sister is exactly where she belongs! She has stolen from my mother(who is elderly and on a fixed income)on more than one occasion! We where all victims of Jasmine's lies! We tried to help her when she had no where to go! And she took advantage of my families generosity! Her boyfriend also assaulted my daughter one afternoon in a walmart parking lot! And why? Because she stuck up for Jasmine after he verbally abused her! He threw my daughter out of the car and pushed her to the ground. A woman seen it all and called 911! Jasmine left my daughter on the ground and sped off! Why? Because there was a gun and drugs in her car! And she was driving with no tags! Yeah Jasmine is a perfect person! NOT! I honestly hope all 4 of them get what they deserve! Life in prision death penalty? Doesn't matter to me! She's just as much to blame as the one who pulled the trigger! GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!

My heart "grieves", for the

My heart "grieves", for the innocent young boy, who was slaughtered by your evil, robbing, murdering, sister.

Your sister is a criminal

Your sister is a criminal who made the choice to involve herself in a horrific, inhuman crime. As the other posters have stated, she also chose to drive that night, enjoy Josh Proutey's sandwich, and fill her car up with gas, all while Josh Proutey was dying in the parking lot where they shot him. Just like the rest of the group involved in this crime, your sister is an immoral animal. She could have, at any time, chose to stop, but she did not! Time for everyone, including her family, to be responsible and accept the fact that she is a dangerous criminal that deserves harsh punishment!

Your little sister ....

Apparently your little sister had no problem with filling her gas tank with money stolen from the murder victim, nor did she see anything wrong with indulging in the stolen sandwich. For supposedly never hanging out with the wrong crowd as you claim, she certainly felt comfortable doing so that night!
Face the facts .. she is locked up where she belongs. No one cares if you get to see her again, and regardless things WILL never be the same for you or her. Perhaps it's time to stop thinking about yourself and your own criminal woes. Let's think about the VICTIM's family for a moment. THEY are the ones who will never see their son again, and for whom things will never be the same. THEY are the ones who deserve sympathy. NOT YOU.

Oh cry me a river!

So, in other words, your sister is innocent and was essentially FORCED to drive the get-away vehicle for the accused murderers, against her will?
It is highly offensive that you would consider HER to be "in the wrong place at the wrong time." She chose to be involved in criminal activity that night, first by participating in stalking a woman with intent to rob her, and then participating in what ended up being a murder. The VICTIM was in the "wrong place at the wrong time." Your sister sought him out intentially, personally driving a car full of thugs to their next victim.
And for the record ... No one is "curious about the only female in the group." A thug is a thug. A piece of trash is a piece of trash. Her actions clearly speak of the fact that she is an unworthy member of society.

As the result of your

As the result of your sister's decision to committ robbery, a innocent, hard working young boy's lifeless body is laying on a cold metal table, in some morgue. What is "unspeakable", is the act of evil she, and the other thugs committed against this young man.

Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel is a wonderful

Daniel is a wonderful person. He's a good Christian, and he's sorry. He just wanted to rob Joshua of the money he earned. He didn't mean to rob him of his life. Daniel is a young man, and needed money. Working for it, is just not his thing. He, along with the others, decided to take what the other young boy had worked for.

Chin up Daniel, my brother. Be positive. The Daniel I know is a loving, energetic, and caring person. I have every hope, that in five years you will be a prison "Trustee". In less then 10 years, you will be a "Honor Inmate". Maybe with dreams, and motivation, "Inmate Of The Year" at Central Prison, in less then 25 years. Then you can be proud of yourself, because you earned it.


There is not many Christians that will go out and rob,steal,shoot people. Maybe that is the way they are taught at your Church but not at a Christian Church I have ever been to. Two wrongs don't make a right and neither does three stealing, robbing, killing just don;t add up. So again Guilty.

You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me!!!!! Robbing an innocent person is OK? Daniel is as guilty as the rest of the GANG that killed Joshua. Working for his money is not his thing? WHATEVER! Hopefully Daniel will get what he deserves while he spends his life in prison.......He will never have to work now......I guess prison is his thing then. He knew they were all going to rob someone, so maybe he should have used his brain and chose his friends more wisely......BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER!

Gang member posing as a community volunteer

It is what it is, Chris Cromartie played double-agent gang member by volunteering and getting in good with the community so no one would suspect him of crimes like robbing white people in Forest Hills and downtown. He had no intention of working in a job to earn money and he shows no remorse. He is an adult gang member posing as a community youth volunteer. Thug with a smile, no different than a spying terrorist.

Nicely done

Ask any of these thugs, they will tell you work is for suckers.


I think he was hanging with the wrong people at the wrong time and should have been through a different incident other than this for him to realize the value of life. He seems to see now and life is too harsh for a youth who has a good heart and mind but he just needs to mature and find himself (the man God made him to be). The fact that he mentioned God is very good because it shows that he has a concision and realizes that he can do better and be better than a criminal running the streets. Henry should be sentenced some years but not life because he has the potential to be a positive person, he just seemed to be around the wrong influence and this should be a lessened learned. His actions should be recorded to see if he acts truly as a criminal while locked up with true criminals. Also, the fact that he said he would've took the bullet for Joshua is eye opening, it is very rare for someone who is a hard up criminal to have a conscious and a good heart to say that.

Bad Decisions

I dont know henry, cromatrie, grady, or dottin personally so i cant comment on their hearts and their secret thoughts. Really..none of us can because we are not God. They are surely responsible (directly and/or indirectly) for a young man's death..a senseless murder.

These young folks have made the worst decision they can possible make. Their decision has plunged the Ploutey family into the ultimate sorrow, and their own families into shame, embarassment, sorrow, and despair. They have no earthly idea about the reality of this situation, the anger they face from the community, and the prison time they are facing. But, most importantly, these young folks will never forget the events surrounding that night..the moment Joshua Proutey was shot, how he collapsed right before their eyes, and the blood shed.

My point, where are the programs for these youth..the mentoring programs. Barfield, Cheatham, and other prominent black men in this city need to GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING. Is it their job..yes it it! Every time you turn around, some of them are at some ribbon-cutting ceremony smiling for the camera. Mentor these kids, start an organization like 100 Black Men. These programs are invaluable in other cities, they offer their expertise to help direct the lives of the younger generation.

ever listen to Gang Rap songs?

White people get real and listen, these songs tell you everything you need to know about gangster thugs thinking. And get out there and volunteer and help out with the inner city gyms gang diversionary programs to try to keep four more from hitching a ride over to your hood tonite.