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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is asking a team led by Vice President Joe Biden to offer “concrete proposals” to curb gun violence no later than January, in the aftermath of the horrific massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.

Obama says after he receives recommendations from Biden’s group, he will push legislation “without delay.” The president is urging Congress to hold votes on the bill.

Obama says the issue is complex but quote, “we have a deep obligation – all of us – to try.”

Biden, a longtime gun control advocate, will lead a team that will include members of Obama’s administration and outside groups.

The move comes after Friday’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. Twenty children and six adults were killed at the school by a gunman wielding a semi-automatic rifle.

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  • guarddog

    Just what we need need more gun laws.What needs to happen is more people standing up against all of the lowlife scumbags.im because crime will increase when criminals do not have to worry about being shot at.

  • captsundrop


  • Citizen of the Republic

    He doesn’t even know where he is most of the time.

    In addition, you may even make the argument he has some mental issue after his performance in the debate.

  • csparks568

    More guns are not the solution. I hear that if every one carried the thugs would be shot. However how may people can actually aim, stand and shoot? Stray bullets kill too. More guns are not the answer. Less is more (safety)

  • Guest CommonTater

    Wanna know where your “less” would take place? The law abiding citizens. Think!

  • Guest7969

    “less is more”…its what the Germans and Jews thought when they rounded up guns

  • Government Mule

    Maybe he will finally make it illegal to steal guns, break into schools and shoot children. Then we will all be safe. Govt., save me. Science save, money save me.. etc. Maybe Tomorrow really will be the last day!

  • Guest7969

    this! This opportunity is what the government has been WAITING for to make a gun rights grab! Just like the Patriot Act, it was floating around for YEARS just waiting for the right time. It was one of the most FAR reaching laws enacted. Can our Congressmen and women NOT READ..

    I quote, “…The right of the people to keep and bare arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” IT doesn’t say it can be infringed when nut jobs kill children. It doesn’t say it can be infringed when nut jobs shoot Congressmen. WE the people are ALLOWING those we elect to INFRINGE on ALL of our rights…because they bet we won’t do a DANG THING ABOUT IT!

  • GuestGeorge

    This is the same Washington gang responsable for “fast and furious” I do believe,among many other botched actions.Strange how the vast majority of these mass killings seem to occur in the liberal states,west coast,Colorado and the north east!!! Humm?aprii

  • Guest7969

    laws OBVIOUSLY don’t work…the guy commited a few felonies in doing what he did. The one law that DID work was he was UNABLE to PURCHASE a firearm. He killed and STOLE his mothers guns to do what he did…tell me WHAT laws are going to stop that?


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