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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After years of making headlines for committing crimes, a Columbus County man with ties to R.C. Soles pleaded guilty today sending him to prison for years.

Earlier this week a judge gave B.J. Wright a nearly $4 million bond. On his way out of the courtroom Wright reportedly told a bailiff, “I’ll be home by Christmas.” But today he found out he won’t be going home any time soon.

After years of gaining notoriety for his run-ins with the law, Wright is on the fast track to prison. Thursday, he pleaded guilty to crimes including cocaine possession, running from police, harassment of a juror and obstruction of justice.

District Attorney Jon David says Wright was sentenced to between 12.5 and more than 17 years behind bars.

“What that effectively means under any set of scenarios is that he is going to serve at least a decade and a half in the prison system before he would be eligible for any type of release,” David said. “This is a very real punishment. It’s the end of the road for a man that really deserved a significant sentence.”

Wright has gone to many lengths to avoid jail time, including jumping from a second-story window at the Columbus County Courthouse in August. David says he hopes other people realize they cannot avoid or tamper with the judicial system.

He says Wright’s sentence is a very big victory for Columbus County. The DA thinks the community as a whole will be a safer place with wright locked up.

“It’s really a triumph to understand that no one is above the law and you will be held ultimately responsible for your behavior,” David said. “Today a man got 17 years, and he needed it.”

We tried to talk to some Columbus County residents this afternoon. They did not want to go on camera, but they said say they think Wright is ultimately messed up because of his relationship with Soles.

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  • Guest CommonTater

    Well since the loser can’t live off good ole RC I guess it’s the taxpayers job now. What a waste of O2…….

  • stratcatz

    Does anyone know anything about the SBI/FBI investigation into RC Soles?

  • Git out

    We, The People, did not approve court support salaries, shelter and food for 15 years for this media seeker. Meanwhile, deadly violent people are wandering around robbing and killing elderly working folks.

  • Grand Ole Party

    We should do what with this idiot? Just allow him to continue to break the law over and over? Some of us, did in fact, approve of this sentence. I am among the WE THE PEOPLE.

  • Guest111

    I say put this cretin on a work gang somewhere… no weights, no tv, no phone no nuthin’. In fact, that’s what should be done with all the people in prison.

  • rdudney

    WWAY…you need to interview more reliable sources. You said you spoke to folks who didn’t want to go on camera saying BJ’s relationship with Senator Soles caused his problems….SINCE WHEN IS HEAR SAY NEWS????
    BJ Wright was mean as a snake in elementary and middle school…AND THAT’S A FACT!!! He was destined for trouble due to a lack of proper upbringing.

  • eliot ness

    @ rdudney: It seems effortless for you to judge and condemn so easily. Are you psychic? Or does GOD give you that authority? When you blame it on a lack of proper upbringing, remember you have children too. Sometimes we say things that come back and bite us in the a$$, don’t we? When you point the finger at B.J. you have 3 pointing back at you. Is your daughter mean or was it a lack of proper upbringing or both when she was convicted of animal cruelty for starving her horse, among other crimes? Nuf said.

  • Guest1234567

    I wonder if they’ll put him in the new prison near Razor City? RC used a lot of political clout to get it there, and he won’t have to go far to visit.


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