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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s video sweepstakes halls could be closed soon after the state’s highest court refused a request from industry officials to delay those closings while they appeal to the US Supreme Court.

The state Supreme Court on Wednesday denied the request from the sweepstakes game industry to delay last week’s decision that sweepstakes halls are gambling operations. The refusal could shut down hundreds of businesses across North Carolina.

Industry officials say they don’t expect the order to be enforced for 20 days, when it becomes final. In the meantime, its attorneys say they’ll continue their fight through the courts with further appeals.

The industry had sought a few weeks to see if the US Supreme Court would consider its claim of free-speech protections.

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  • Tracie C

    How exactly is putting money in a machine to WIN more money NOT considered gambling? Just sayin….

  • Teresa Hart

    It is a choice people make. Just like buying a lottery ticket to hit it big. Some people might spend a dollar or two supposedly on the lottery. But in essence, they are spending more to win just as much as they’ve already put in. If you spend $5 per week on lottery for a year, and hit maybe $50 eventually, are you happy? Or do you look at spending over $200 to make $50 a loss? Same thing applies to the video machines. It’s just the satisfaction of a sudden win. I love the machines. I wish they would just leave them alone. I choose to spend my money that way. It’s the outlet of choice for me.

  • Guest123456789

    whats the big deal with gambling? nobody forces you to put money in a machine, you do it by your own free will….why should it be outlawed?

  • Teresa Hart

    I agree. I chose to play and now I am being punished for staying out of trouble in bars or on the streets looking for something to do. I can’t go to Cherokee everytime I want to play a game. I would rather spend that money here in my home town. And the game rooms are a social site for me and alot of my other playing friends. I have met alot of super people there that otherwise, we would have never met. It’s the place to go to unwind. Just like a bar, bowling alley, sports bar, only I prefer non drinking establishments. These places offer that. And the ones I go to treat me like family. I feel welcome there. Even when I’ve had a bad day, I can go there, talk to someone who understands. They are my “bartenders” without the alcohol. Don’t take them away, please.


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