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WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s largest gun-rights lobby is calling for armed police officers to be posted in every American school to stop the next killer “waiting in the wings.”

The National Rifle Association broke its silence Friday on last week’s shooting rampage at a Connecticut elementary school that left 26 children and staff dead.

The group’s top lobbyist, Wayne LaPierre, said at a Washington news conference that, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

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  • Guest123456789

    huh in a building i choose hand gun any day over a long barreled rife theres no words for someone like you read up some more .223 is a baby round not as powerfull as a larger round such as 30-06 or 30-30. the velocity is so hi on the .223 cause the bullet is so small. That size round is ued for hunting small game like fox, and coyote. As were the 30-06, 30-30 ex…… is used for larger game like deer, or bear so before running your mouth like you know something learn alittle bit more about gun and bullet combos.

  • Guest000000

    More guns and guards;typical bad ideas. The killer would simply plan harder and longer and probably use more lethal means of destruction. Violence begets violence, war begets war, death begets death, hate begets hate, always has and always will.

  • Vog46

    It is true that Columbine did have LEOs present, however the argument that an armed teacher or principle could thwart a gunman would be completely refuted by the Columbine incident.
    This is the fallacy of gun ownership – it does NOT prevent murder or gun violence.
    But the armed LEO at a school adds another dimension. In some states killing an LEO results in the death penalty being invoked. This argument is also weak in that most mass murders end up killing themselves or dying during response to the killing spree. They have total disregard for life.
    But if it boils down to teachers and principles being armed, or having an LEO at each school I’d choose the LEO in a heartbeat. During breaks and summer we’d have extra patrolling officers which is also a good thing.
    As for assault weapon bans? I agree with it. It’s not just the 30 round clip that’s bothersome. The AR15 has a muzzle velocity of 3000 ft/sec (compared to a 9mm at 850) – and those bullets can penetrate walls and windows from a good distance. A 9mm is only effective at under 100 yards.
    This is why the “training” that a principle or teacher would need would be ineffective. They would be carrying hand guns against an assault rifle – even for an experienced shooter that’s a losing proposition.
    Lets do several things simultaneously-
    Propose automatic death penalty for mass shooting of children (at any location, not just schools).
    Put LEOs and walk through metal detectors at all schools.
    Encourage (or require) that principles(only) be allowed to conceal carry on school grounds(this helps prevent student access to guns in the classroom).
    Ban the sale of assault rifles and 30 round clips

    This will not solve the problem (nor will arming all teachers) – but it’s a palatable start


  • Vog46

    Glad to see they proposed a tempered response.
    I concur with this proposal and it should be done. I have no kids in school but would pay ncreased axes to fund this.
    An LEO is trained and can do other things when school is not in session. Having a few extra patrolmen around will help keep drunk County
    Commissioners off the road ways !!! Sounds like a win-win to me.

    Of course the Congressional response will be different, but so long as they are not talking a ban of “all” auto weapons I have no problem with them banning assault rifles.


  • longcolt

    on this one too. Armed officers in schools are a good idea & this would also serve as a form of economic stimulus to hire, train & arm tens of thousands LEO’s to protect our schools from weirdos. while i’m on the fence re: assault type rifles, there is a caveat. it will not stop with these rifles. with bufoons like biden, feinstein, bloomberg & mcarthy at the helm, we’ll see ammo and handguns of all types snuffed. remember, in the late 70’s there was a concerted effort to ban revolvers!! there was no mass killing, the political elite just felt they were too portable.

  • John

    When was the last time a convicted criminal committed a mass murder?

  • Guest123

    If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. I am not a proponent of assault rifles, nor do I own one. But criminals don’t obey laws. If these weapons were never allowed to the public, then keeping them out of the publics hands would be a good idea, however, there are now millions of weapons out there, so the purchase of these will simply go to the black market. Banning these weapons is purely a political response, and will have little to no impact on criminals obtaining them.

  • Ken

    Somehow this is about the type of response I expected from this group. I’m a firm believer in my rights to bear arms, however, I have no problem with placing limits on the types of weapons that can be owned for self protection and the size of the ammo clips they can hold. These actions alone will not reduce the chances of this happening again to 0 but it will help. We need other measures in place along with gun restrictions to reduce these horrific killings. While these new rules and or laws will help, we will never totally eliminate these things from happening because like the drunk driver that feels he can handle the road, there will always be some idiots that will claim they know what they are doing when they take control of a weapon.

  • Robo

    The right to bear arms given in the constitution was intended for protection against total government takeover, eliminating all our rights and freedoms. They were not thinking about hunting and fishing at the time.

  • No…NoItWon’t

    “These actions alone will not reduce the chances of this happening again to 0 but it will help” No it won’t. There is so many already out there it will just resort to the black market or people making them on their own. You see how well making drugs illegal has helped the war on drugs right? Criminals will be criminals, all restricting them will do will cause Jim and Joe weekend shooters to not be able to take their AR15 to the woods and have some fun with beer cans.

  • GuestMan.

    Armed guards were present at Columbine in 1999 and 15 people still ended up dead. What would have been better if the two boys didn’t have access t guns. “Guns don’t kill people, but they sure make it easier”.

  • John

    I’m all for the armed officers in schools if you want to fund it for peace of mind purposes… However here in the real world an armed officer or even two of them can do little to extinguish the threat of a mass shooting in a school. Look at the size of some of the high schools in the country… Some have 5,000 students… how are one or two armed officers going to protect even 5% of the student body? Also look at the scope of the layouts of schools… How lucky should we be that an individual with a assault rifle busting into a school would just happen to bust in right in front of the armed officer… Truth is these individuals have carefully and methodically planned their attack. They know where their threats are, and many knowing they won’t make it out alive simply won’t care that after killing a few people that an armed officer puts them down.

    Look at Columbine… That high school had two armed officers tell me how having them at that school thwarted the two young individuals who carried out that crime… tell me how they were able to save lives… tell me how anyone could. It’s a pipe dream to think you have the jump on a mass shooter when in fact the only person who knows what is about the happen is the shooter. They will always have the upper hand. The only way to limit their carnage is to limit their fire power. I’m not saying to ban all guns… to do so would be very problematic. however the NRA seems to believe that just because a “good” person with a gun on the scene automatically counters the “Bad” person… which is utterly stupid. What I’m saying is ban all guns intended for battlefields, and keep legal the guns intended for hunting and self defense. Not one person can tell me there is a legal purpose for a AK-47 or AR-15… if you can not defend you home and family with a 12 gauge shotgun or small caliber handgun you are out of luck already…

  • Guest123456789

    Oh I can ak47 not so much but my favorite gun is the AR15 and its personal preference it is no different then buying a .223 hunting rifle its built on the military M4 frame to give u the feel and look not for mass murdering that would be fully automatic. Close quarters would be handgun, shotgun, or a submachine-gun. So that would mean oh yea rifle round long-distance so you tell me the difference and don’t try to use ammo as an excuse cause they make extended magazines for many deferent guns.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Guess what?? Columbine occurred during the Clinton ban on guns. Bans don’t work. They never have. No one said a good person with a gun will always counter the bad ones, but at least they have a chance. Do you really think the bad guys are going to line up and turn in the weapons? Where there is a will there is a way. Legal purpose for a AK-47? What does that mean? They are in fact legal at this point. The second amendment was written with defending your country and your freedoms in mind. I own a AR-15 and always will. If you don’t like them, don’t buy em!!!

  • Frank

    Here we go again! I really think you should have some knowledge about the subject matter before commenting. So you think banning hi-cap mags and ar platforms would solve the problem. You can shoot a 40 or 45 cal. semi auto pistol with 10 to 13 rounds per magazine. You can have 7 magazines totaling 70 to 91 rounds. You can change a mag out in 1/2 a second with practice. Do you see where I am going with this? Do you remember what the gangs use to do in the old days. They would kill with pipes, chains, and knives. I have a AR-15 for my protection. Who are you to tell me I can’t protect myself and family with this weapon. By the way, do you have any concept on what damage can be done with a hunting rifle or 12 gauge shotgun with 9 plus rounds? We are a nation of guns and will always be. Do you remember how America got started? A bunch of farmers with muskets fighting tyranny and oppression. If I have to say again “bad guys don’t follow rules and laws” I will scream!! They will have their weapons so I shouldn’t? Maybe we need to train and arm the schools. Put more law enforcement presence in schools. It has been proven that bad guys will steer clear from armed citizens. Work on mental health and awareness. If you start adding ridicules laws on guns we will wind up like Europe. Really? You want to be like Europe? Take the politics out, get out of La La land, and try using a little common sense.

  • GuestUSMC

    Trained, armed school employees are a better, less expensive choice. They are already there, cover more area and would work just as well. As for the idea to ban military semi-automatics, a hunting rifle will kill as surely as a military weapon.

  • Guest1121

    Nonsense, ask any military or swat team member how much training they have had to go through to approach an active shooter.
    An armed civilian does no have that training and will either hide or shoot indiscriminately.

  • Guest704

    It’s a good idea to have a sworn officer or two nearby, but any planned threat will already know that they are there. A true threat will study an officer’s movements and whereabouts & plan accordingly. It’s ultimately a false sense of security. …however, it is better than not having anyone there.

  • John

    And I collect baseball cards but I’m not out paper cutting people to death… You didn’t answer my question… Who cares about how it feels… it’s an assault rifle which can shoot 4 to 6 rounds a second… 100 rounds per minute… Yes the high capacity mags should be capped and banned, but you still haven’t given me one legal purpose for your beloved AR-15.

  • RSimmons

    If the NRA wants this as a solution let them, the gun nuts and the weapon manufactures pay for it.

  • Erlkoenig

    Washington is not the tempered crowd. It’s filled with Marxists who want to strip away American’s rights to self defense. What we need is fruit-cake control. But we can’t profile them nor offend them in this current PC climate. Liberals have gone way out of their way to make sure Lanza was made to feel good about his nut-case-ness; the same way they enabled mass killer Nasan.

  • John

    You need a strong dose of that common sense. I’m not in LA LA Land… you are my friend. The problem is we live in a nation which allows its citizens access to own high caliber assault riffle’s such as your beloved AR-15 with a muzzle which allows bullets at a rate of 3,000 ft per sec. you standard 9mm semi-automatic handgun is rated at 850 ft per sec. I’m a veteran I have fired these weapons I know what they are capable of doing, and unfortunately we have seen the carnage they leave behind when someone with ill intentions gets their hands on one. They should be banned!! Period. No civilian walking around breathing oxygen in the USA has zero legal need for such a weapon. They are designed for battlefields and thats where they belong. I understand your point concerning clips and how a trained person can change them out quickly, but your argument does not hold water… the shooter in Tucson, AZ was only attacked and stopped while he was changing clips… You see that action gives people a chance to run for it, or do something heroic and stop the individual. When a individual walks into a movie theatre with a 100 round drum attached to his AR-15 he is setup to take out everyone in the room without having to interrupt his mission with reloading… Can you not pull you head out of your *** long enough to realize these weapons should not be legal… Lastly, convicted felons don’t carry out mass murder only young disenfranchised loners who have fallen in a pit of depression and rage carry out these acts, and they normally do it with weapons that come to them easy… When you can buy an AR-15 from Walmart we all lose… Walmart cashes more counterfeit checks than any other bank or business in America, and we trust these same individuals with determining who in eligible to purchase a firearm??? It’s insanity that only .07% of gun applicants get denied… why even go through the hassle? Just let them purchase the gun if only 7 people out of 10 million will get rejected… You can’t tell me that 99.93% of the population is mentally capable of being a responsible gun owner… you’ll never win that argument… Lastly, The 2nd amendment is not what you claim it is…. you say it gives you the right to own whatever weapon you want… WRONG! The 2nd amendment states that we have a right to a well REGULATED militia, and with that an individual right to bear arms… now think of the time those words were written colonial days when we had not yet formed an Army… Citizens were allowed by regulations to own and possess firearms for protection in the case a foreign threat were to attack… WE HAVE AN ARMY NOW!!! Even if we all agree to allow people own hunting guns, and small caliber handguns for self defense based on the last portion of the 2nd amendment it still does not state that individuals have the right to own and possess an arsenal. I’ll close with this I spent days/months/years perfecting the rules of engagement with a firearm. As much as you will disagree with me we should not arm principles, teachers, administrative personnel at schools with firearms… firstly they don’t have time to be properly trained, secondly if you go 1 month after getting properly trained you will lose the training as it is a diminishing skill. So finding the time to keep up with their training in conjunction with doing their day job in impossible. Also if anyone goes to pull a weapon from a holster while the individual attacking already has their gun at the ready they will be shot before getting the gun from the holster. We can debate these issues all day… I have a mountain of evidence against your claim.


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