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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Law enforcement is looking for a juvenile who failed to return to custody following a home visit in Brunswick County.

The Division of Juvenile Justice says the juvenile, identified only as Tyler G., did not return to the Dobbs Youth Development Center, Lenoir Complex, in Kinston today.

Tyler was last seen yesterday at 1 a.m. at 7257 Lula Drive in Sunset Beach. The Division of Juvenile Justice has notified local law enforcement and is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Due to the unpredictability of juvenile behavior, the division says it has a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public. Anyone who sees Tyler or knows where he is should contact local law enforcement.

According to the Department of Public Safety’s website, “the Department currently operates seven Youth Development Centers statewide. YDCs provide mentoring, education, and therapeutic treatment to prepare youth for a fresh start when they re-enter their communities. YDCs promote learning and development through a wide range of educational and vocational courses.”

A DPS spokeswoman says YDCs are where juvenile offenders are sent after their cases are adjudicated.

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  • Guest2020

    I am assuming since there are no updates to this story that he has not been found. I live in Sunset Beach and have two children, so if the station has any new information, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • PublicAvenger

    This guy’s a “juvenile” ? He looks more like a 30 year old man. But I’ll keep an eye out for that dare, young, misguided, thug-boy, who keeps draining countless thousands out of our tax base, each year.

    I sure hope we find him.

  • Megan Evans


  • windy

    Why was this thug ever allowed out of custody for a “home visit” if he is considered “unpredictable” and a danger to the community? He is from Lenoir county and he was allowed to go all the way to Brunswick for a home visit? What is wrong with this picture..

  • windy

    Oh no … not THE GOVERNOR’S HOTLINE!!! That there’s some serious action there ..

  • Rickey

    Whoever let this dangerous person out for a visit ought to be fired. I for one, live in Sunset Beach and will be calling the Govenor’s Hot Line tomorrow!!!

  • Amber & Carolyn

    This is Tyler gales grandma & sister we have known him for along time, For one he has never been in a fight much less a danger to the community. He also has lost his dad in the past 6 months ans has been going through a lot and has really bad nervous. And all he did was come home for visit with us and it’s his first Christmas without a father and he’s had a hard time coping with it. And we want these comments to stop now there no need for them so stop now.

  • LaDonna Garner “Aunt”

    I can assure you that Tyler is not a threat to you. And No One is going to get fired over this visit. His missing announcement was a standard one for any Juvenile. They knew he was not a treat to the community or they would not have let him out for a visit. He is just grieving for his deceased father during the holidays.

  • Anita Gales Evans

    I think that everyone needs to keep their comments to their self. You know nothing about the situation or him,Thug????.. An just for your information he is from Brunswick County so therefore mind your own business! He is harmless to no one but his self! This could be any of y’all’s child so therefore you need to think before you open your mouth because no one knows what they would do until they are in that position.

  • Guesttenheimer

    “Nothing wrong wiff my son, he did nothing wrong, he aiiight” Excerpt: “Due to the unpredictability of juvenile behavior, the division says it has a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public.”

    He was there for a reason. That reason was not because he is “harmless”. Understand the danger you have the reponsibility for and understand that it needs to be controlled. To underestimate teens with mental problems means more potential disaster for the general public.

    PS – This happens to be a “public blog”. This has the purpose of allowing readers to comment on news reports. This news report happens to include your relative. We can comment and express our opinions in any manner we like. We can “open our mouths” anytime we like, about any article we like. Is a bell starting to ring for you yet?

  • anne

    Since the article doesn’t say anything about it, I am going to assume he was released to a relative or someone so that he could come home for Christmas. The story doesn’t say, but was this person responsible for getting him back to the facility and failed to do so, or did the young man just up and disappear so that he didn’t have to go back?

    If the former is the case, will that person be held responsible for not returning him?

    Just asking

  • Guestrespect

    This appears to be a kid out looking for trouble. He is out after 1 AM, he doesn’t respect the chance he got and all you poor people can say is he is a good boy.

    He will be in and out of jail the rest of his life if he is not killed first.

    The ones that have posted here who saids you are his family you are a bunch of losers. If you cared for him you would be helping them find him. So, maybe when he is locked up for a while he will learn some respect. Something I take he never learned form hom.

  • Anita Gales Evans

    Respect!!! Sounds like ur parents failed you tremendously!!! GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!! Feel sorry for people like you. God have mercy on you & yours!!!” Vengeance IS Mine”!!! ” SAITH THE LORD, I WILL REPAY!!! BETTER GET ON THEIR KNEES!!!! Dont see how u sleep, but then again ur RUTHLESS YOU ARE !!! HOW BOUT DAT???

  • Guest2020

    “Due to the unpredictability of juvenile behavior, the division says it has a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public.”

    If this is the case, then he should have never been released. No solo runs for my daughter until this boy is caught.

  • windy

    What nice excuses and baseless comebacks; however, the fact remains that this thug is in violation of the law and is a threat to society. Deal with it.

  • windy

    He resided in the juvenile detention center (aka JAIL for minors) in Lenoir county, did he not? Then that is where he was from before going AWOL in Brunswick. I realize you’re trying to make excuses in support of your brutha, however, the facts are the facts. Accept ’em.

  • Windy

    When the authorities put out a public bulletin in search of this dangerous thug, then it becomes our business. Deal with it.

  • windy

    I’m sure it is easier for family members to maintain their ignorance when their ‘loved ones’ are not the subject of online public commentary. Perhaps they should have raised their spawn to be respectful, law-abiding citizens, in which case their ‘loved ones’ would not be the topic of a public forum. Oh but wait, it’s not their fault … and this juvenile delinquent is a ‘good boy’ …

  • windy

    So an acceptable method of “grieving for his deceased father” is to go AWOL from juvenile prison???

  • sunset5569

    Wow. This article doesn’t really give much information. For there to not be very much info, people sure are jumping to a lot of conclusions about what this young man may or may not have done and may or may not do. Maybe WWAY, the Sheriff’s Dept or someone with more information should define what sort of threat he may be. He may not have done anything that was a threat to another human being but people are treating it as such and thus becoming a threat to him. Somebody needs to step up. People are scared, especially after what happened in CT. His family is clearly concerned for his safety and stated that he is not a threat to others and now it is down to law enforcement or WWAY to confirm this so that things don’t continue to escalate.

  • Don Jones

    I do not know Tyler G. But the Department of Public Safety & Youth Development Center do know him & their statement was:
    “Due to the unpredictability of juvenile behavior, the division says it has a high degree of concern for the safety of both the juvenile and the public. Anyone who sees Tyler or knows where he is should contact local law enforcement.” I see people claiming to be his family posting on here. Obviously this young man does have some issues. Issues that for whatever reason his family is unable to help him with. And yet when he has disappeared they attempt to defend him witj some backwoods “NELLish” gibberish. People die every day. We all have or will have someone close to us die at some point in our lives. No one,not me, not Tyler, not anyone can blame someones death for the choices WE make. I hope that this young man finds his way & is safe soon. Until then…for his family stop making excuses for him. It’s time he grew up. For the non-constructive comments I pray you NEVER have a child or family member who is lost or missing.


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