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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The director of the North Carolina Film Office says the state’s film industry hit record-breaking numbers the past two years, but that’s unlikely to repeat in 2013.

In 2011, North Carolina hit it big with “The Hunger Games,” based on books with a huge following. This year’s record is courtesy of the big-budget “Iron Man 3.”

NC Film Office Director Aaron Syrett says the state’s main market is a film that costs $10 million to $50 million, such as “Safe Haven,” based on a Nicholas Sparks’ book.

Year-end projections show television and film had direct in-state spending of more than $376 million in 2012 and created more than 4,100 crew positions. That beat the previous records, set in 2011, of $220 million in spending and 3,300 crew positions.

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  • jeff s.

    You know that if the lawmakers in Raleigh weren’t so lame N.C. could attract movies just like other states with a healthy and prosperous incentives package. 300 and some million? Look at neighboring state Georgia they made over Two and a half BILLION just last year! Good luck N.C. you’re going to need it.m

  • Smaller Government is Always the Answer

    Wrong! Corporate welfare in the form of film incentives are not the answer. Let’s make NC a more business friendly environment by reducing regulations and lowering taxes to attract movie makers. This would take the NC government and the NC tax payers out of the movie making business.


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