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ASHEVILLE, NC (AP) — The director of the NC Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement has asked for a demotion ahead of the incoming Republican administration.

The Department of Public Safety says outgoing department secretary Reuben Young approved John Ledford’s request to return to Asheville as an agent starting Jan. 1.

Ledford was appointed by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue and served in the agency’s top position for three years. During his tenure, ALE expanded into enforcement activities including a SWAT-like unit that serves high-risk warrants and chases fugitives.

Earlier this year, the state auditor issued a critical report saying Ledford blocked its investigation into what it said was misuse of his state car. Ledford insisted he only used the car on state business, even though it coincided with trips home to the mountains from Raleigh.

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  • Guest123234

    I am well acquainted with this agency and very surprised this is happening. I know of other HDQ’s personnel through the years who left Raleigh and went back to the field but this is crazy. Allen Page the Deputy Director is also going back to Asheville and will now be his Supervisor. Was there an open slot in Asheville for him to take?? I have never heard of a Director becoming a field agent. Does McCrory approve of this? This is not good for the people in Asheville who had to put up with these two while they were in Raleigh.

  • SurfCityTom

    a pay cut. But he continues riding the state gravy train; and gets reassigned to his home area near Asheville.

    Funny how politics works out.

  • Huber

    Well – Reuben Young becomes re-eligible to make un-accrued overtime now as a general field agent with a high mgmt. Pay Scale he won’t loose. Far less paper work involved, less stress on the job and can head home @5PM and leave the good ole boy & girl ‘politics’ in Raleigh with the NCDMV and NCSBI. No one to answer to other than to themselves. Of course — he’s now out of the: ‘Political ALE State Click ‘and will have to fend for himself. I hope the big boys in Raleigh won’t be too hard on him for abandoning their political ship. Yet — Some may also follow his lead !


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