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BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) — In Bladen County, one mother says her daughter has been dealing with a bully for months. She says nothing is done because the bully’s father is a deputy.

Robin Porter says her daughter, Jessica, has been bullied by former classmate Courtney Bullard for the past year. Now, the situation has turned violent, and this time, it was all caught on camera.

The video may be offensive to some viewers.

“My daughter has made the statement to me, she says, ‘Mama, I will kill myself. I can’t take it,'” said Robin Porter.

She says it all started when Bullard assaulted her daughter in February. According to Porter, Bullard’s father, Bladen County Sheriff’s Deputy Greg Bullard, said he would handle the situation. But Porter says over the course of the year, things only got worse. She says Courtney Bullard has been threatening her daughter on Facebook, saying she was going to beat her up. Two weeks ago, she says her daughter was lured into a set-up where onlookers shot the cell phone video.

Jessica’s mother and aunt believe Deputy Bullard has been covering up for his daughter.

“It’s always been in Bladen County who you are. That’s the favoritism part I don’t like. Just because who you are shouldn’t make a difference with the law,” said Porter’s aunt.

They say more needs to be done to prosecute bullies before things turn violent.

“I have gotten emails from numerous amounts of children telling me how they’ve been bullied and how the bullies got away with it,” said Robin Porter. “I’m just fed up.”

We spoke with Bladen County Sheriff Prentis Benston who said there is no attempt by the Sheriff’s Office to cover up anything.

Dep. Bullard was not on duty today, the Sheriff said he would contact Bullard for us, but so far, we have not heard back.

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  • You got the facts wrong, her parents were not looking forward to going on TV, but couldn’t get the response they needed for action to be taken. This was the only way to let people see that our law enforcement were hindering the process.

  • Robin Porter

    Well if you are a parent and you know of things that my child does that Im not aware of why dont you do your job as a parent and call me!!

  • Robin Porter

    For your info Jessica never got out of the car the night that she stopped by there with her so called “friends”.Or did she have any intention on going there to fight.She had no idea what was gonna take place.So therefore Jessica didnt disrespect anybody!! Get your facts straight!!

  • ks

    Nobody has the right to put their hands on anyone…and maybe everyone involved will learn to keep their mouth shut before someone really gets hurt or killed..what i watched is nothing to be proud of regardless of who said what…

  • Not in Bladen county

    humm……silence. Speaks loud and clear!

  • not in Bladen county

    There are two sides to every story, Did you by any chance see the entire video? and you don’t think this girl was the victim? “learn how to fight”, you must be from Bladenboro too. Fighting is never the answer, maybe you should get out into the world outside Bladenboro.


    If your so sick of how things are run in bladen county go back up north, nobody has asked you to come fix anything, the reason nothing can be done is because leadership in bladen is always trying to deal with people like you, that think we need to change down here when we are perfectly fine. So please be a little more considerate of what people thats lived here since they were children want not just yourself

  • Lauren

    Let me make one thing clear! The guy’s grave they were fighting at WAS NOT Courtney’s brother’s grave. The guy’s grave was Robert Cain. He only has one sister and her name is Nicole! How do you think the parents of Robert feel? Having to turn on their tv and see this bs about how people were “celebrating” Robert’s birthday by getting messed up on drugs? Let’s try to show some class here! That is the most disrespectful thing about this video! Not only does the family of Robert have to hear about people getting high, or drunk at Robert’s grave, they also have to deal with two “little girls” fighting over some dumb drama. Get over it! Get a life and make something of your self, and stop trying to be big and bad, BOTH of you! Have some respect for the family that lost Robert. If you want to act like little girls and get in a fight, do it somewhere other than a grave yard! Nobody seems to have a thought in their mind for the family who lost Robert! GROW UP BLADEN COUNTY!

  • Guest Fed up with Bladenboro

    Robin I don’t blame you n Burman for not backing down from this. Courtney has been nothing but trouble for as long as I can remember but she always seemed to walk away Scott free. Courtney isnt the only one that should be charged as everyone that was there knew what was happening n they just stood there. I have never once heard u say that Jessica was perfect but no one deserved what happened to her n u can best believe it the roles were reversed Jessica would have been punished already . It just goes to show its not what u know but who u know

  • b06

    What an ignorant comment. Obviously you are blind to all the wonderful people who have roots in Bladen county. Yes, there are few who have lifestyles that may not be up to your standards or mine for that matter, but who are you to judge and deem it as a result of location? Last I checked, there are people with behavioral issues EVERYWHERE. If you don’t like it here and can’t see all the good people in this county that work hard to make a difference, you should leave.

  • A

    Why should he continue to work? An investigation should take place like phone tapping, fb and twitter.Yes I am well aware of all their efforts to spoil Courtney, I think so!Did they try GOD for once? How have their efforts been working so far, let me see, oh u can watch the video.Pure shame and disgrace.Judge what, the truth is welcome in heaven.I know this family like a book!I bet Greg is walking around cussing God and everyone as we speak.Oh and it’s New Years too don’t forget to top it off with some alcohol.My bad I do see his efforts now!

  • NoName1

    First of all, neither of these girls are Robert Cain’s sister. He has ONE sister, and her name is Nicole Cain. She, and the rest of his family, would be horrified at seeing this crap anywhere near his grave. Thank God his family is getting a gate to keep this kind of trash out.

  • a

    It would be in the best interest to fire Greg Bullard, he uses his position to cover up his daughters crap.He thinks he is a lawyer specialist as well.Greg stop trying to give deadbeats advice on how to screw over their families.It didn’t help your so called friend at all.U think he is your best buddy but he talks straight up crap about u.The joke is on u buddy!!!!Wait till u experience it for yourself, then u can see how it feels.I am so glad u r being seen for what u r,walk around with your stuck up self and act like u r better than everyone(what is your salary $20,000 a yr)That’s pretty good for someone who needs to be in a hamster wheel.U r so full of yourself and ignorant!!!

  • Bladenboro Retiree

    I know what you mean, John H.

    I have tried my best to get county officials to do something to clean up the county, but nothing has happened. A group occasionally picks up litter but that’s about it.

    When you allow a countryside to look like a hillbilly junk yard, you’re going to have redneck behavior. One thing for sure–there are a lot of rednecks here in Bladen behaving badly, very badly.

    Creating eyesores is a part of their hostile behavior–they want to make a “mess” and they do, and nobody seems to care.

  • a

    She’s never been spanked. She orders those two around like dogs.Grown behind parents that cater to a spoiled brat.I would take her little red ride, see about enlisting her in the army or involuntary commiting her to the psych ward.Get thee behind me satan, I rebuke these devils in the name of Jesus!!!

  • a

    and take his little family with him.He has one of the worst mouths I have ever heard and is as two faced as they come.Let’s do blame him for all this, he is one more sorry individual.He has been running his mouth about people in the community and running down other kids when he should have been praying for the families.Look at his own child for Christ’s sake.God don’t like ugly.

  • a

    Have u actually seen Greg Bullard? He is as busy as acat covering up crap when it comes to his Courtney.She does no wrong.Greg is to worried Luann will leave him to make Courtney mind.She actually gave consent to being videoed by looking straight into the camera and acknowledging her actions.Set up, maybe by Courtney. She spit on Jessica, watch the video closely, that is about as low as u can go.

  • A

    Courtney is exactly what u saw and has been for years, her parents are good people alright. If saying GD every other word makes u a good person and drinking like a fish then Greg is.Lu Ann is a wolf in sheeps clothing, she’s everybody’s friend to their face.Her husband controls whther or not she can even speak to someone.It makes a big difference that he is a deputy in this county, conflict of interest.I know them personally and I can tell u first hand!!!The parents make it about themselves when they allow her to back talk, stay out all hours of the night before she was 18, hang with trash and give her everything she wants. Honestly people are so snowed to the Bullards.

  • leann

    First of all Jessica didnt go up there to party she wanted to go respect robert and seco.f she did.t meet at te graveyarf to fight and you have no right calling anybody rednecks when you do t even know what happened

  • Guest252

    Again, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. And she hasn’t fought there that you know of. Just like you don’t know of a lot of things she keeps from you. She’s a 16 year old girl, she knows all the tricks.

  • Guest252

    Just because some people have junk in their yards and have redneck actions does not mean it is the whole county. Do not put down what you have been raised through. Be thankful for where you came from.

  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    Very few people realize that being a parent entails an AWESOME responsibility and accountability…FOR A LIFETIME!!! The life that you create (bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh) will live FOREVER, either in Heaven or Hell. To provide every physical necessity, along with a varying amount of luxuries; to give the best of education; and though he or she may rise to world-wide fame or amass a fortune, the parent has utterly FAILED that life they created if the reason for life and the accountability to God has not been taught. Again…RESPECT God with every facet of your life and everything else will fall into place.

  • Guest Reply

    By any chance…did this pile of no nothing news story start over ownership of a hog?
    All of these stories of tech bullies through these years of internet/cellphones/etc., hopefully will follow these patrons throughout their lives so they can realize just how stupid all of this bull crap is and was…or until they get signed up for a Reality TV Series :-(
    I just hope none run for Congress….HA!
    Who cares? These parents that want their 15 minutes of FAME!
    Thanks WWAY for the New Years laugh! Now….back to Teen Mom and her divorce…or Honey boo boo.

  • This crap is why I don’t live in Bladen Count anymore

    Then you are an idiot. Violence is never the answer. Would you want someone to threaten to kill you? I don’t think so. You need to grow up and wake up.

  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    The pure filth that came out of that gal’s mouth is indicative of the filth that is in her heart, mind and life and was evidenced by her facebook page when it was public. It was deactivated, evidently,(which was a smart move and should’ve been done long before it was actually done). You are known by your actions and associations and when you constantly have pictures of people smoking dope, drinking, having money spread out with references to it being drug money and things like “wakee & bakee” as your status…WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE FOOLING? Certainly not GOD ALMIGHTY and certainly not the citizens of this county!! (By the way, I didn’t know what “Wakee & Bakee” meant until I was informed what it meant…I guess something like “I just got up out of bed and I’m burning me some kind of drug”.)

  • John H.

    As a life-long citizen of Bladen County, I have witnessed its decline in its people and landscape.

    For Jessica and Courtney and their “friends” to meet in a graveyard for a party at a friend’s grave–a party celebrated with alcohol and drugs– is typical redneck behavior here in Bladen, and a redneck mentality permeates the whole county.

    When you ride down our county’s highways you will see redneck houses with junk displayed in front yards and spilling out of car ports. Rural blight is everywhere, and county government officials give it no attention.

    Bladen is full of the kind of people you see on that repulsive reality show “Honey Boo Boo.”

  • Robin Porter

    Well thats great.we could use a character witness for the girls in court..you willing???

  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    Exactly along the same line as what I said. It is HIGH TIME we, the respectful, law-abiding, God-fearing members of Bladen County TAKE BACK our schools, towns, and county. WE MUST STAND for ourselves, our children and demand that the law is adhered to.

  • Fired Up

    If Jessica was trying to adhere to a curfew then when she knew they was on the way to a friends grave she knew at that moment she did not have time to go hang out….she was trying to adhere to curfew, then why did she even take the ride to the graveyard?…had to be close to curfew then. Anyway, I was not there,as a mom of Bladen County,the Porter family is well known through Jessicas father. There is going to be positive and negative comments surrounding this ordeal that is for sure ITS BLADENBORO NC. I have seen Jessicas and her behaviors towards adults, friends, and just around town, YET this gives NO ONE a RIGHT to BULLY ANYONE! I DONT CARE IF SHE IS A COPS daughter or NOT!……IT has been going on for awhile NOW it is time for some action from BLADEN COUNTY LAW ….


  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    I think that all parents of the other students at WBHS that DO go to school to learn, DO make good grades, ACT in a way becoming of Christ and a respectful upbringing, are productive/positive members are NEVER part of any of the stupidity should be at that school complaining REGULARLY about the pure JUNK that our children have to go through just sitting in a class with these types of clowns. My child complains on a regular basis about not being able to concentrate or complete work due to the stupidity of classmates. I have contacted individual teachers to alert them to the vile behaviors and actions of their students behind their backs as well as the parents of some of the students, the office and the Board. WE MUST TAKE OUR SCHOOL and COUNTY back folks. The absurdity has gone on WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!

  • Bladen

    Need a reason for the Sheriff to step in – Columbine and other events at schools. We want an armed guard in the schools now, but cant take care of the issues at the start, only give it Lip service after the s*%t hits the news. We need to make sure what caliber deputies we have to send to the schools.

  • Robin Porter

    Well thats great,we could use a character witness in court for the girls..Are you willing???

  • Robin Porter

    Jessica has NOT hung out with Courtney,Im sure your mother would feel the same way had it been you and I have not said the first thing about getting her father fired!

  • Robin Porter

    I did call the police and file a report,we took charges out the next day.Im sorry you think Courtney has been treated unfairly but MY child has too!!

  • Guest252

    People that have went to school with both of these girls know that what has happened is no where near bullying. Ones that go to school with these girls knows that both girls stay in the midst of the drama and have been in multiple fights because they wanted to and started it. Not to mention these girls have been drinking and doing drugs at that grave of their friend together! If I were Jessica’s mom I’d be ashamed of myself putting this story up when she knows her daughter stays in trouble. It’s very suspicious also how Jessica always fights back in every fight she is in except this one. Seems like a set up to me. Also, Courtney is 18 meaning she is an “adult”. Her parents can’t really have control over her since technically she is legal. Let’s not blame the parents in this situation although it seems they did a horrible job raising there children but let’s blame the girls who did all this to themselves. Sheriff or not he is still a parent. And also, using excuses for her doesn’t change the situation. No matter what Courtney and her family are going through she should have been a classy young lady and be grown about the situation. I don’t feel sorry for either girls. Like I said the people that have went to school with both these girls know the story that the parents and outsiders don’t see.

  • Robin Porter

    First off,If I called anybody then I had a good reason.And Jessica has NEVER fought a graveyard Thank you!

  • N/A

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Yes what the Bullard girl is doing is wrong and yes something should be done but numerous amount of times has the Porter girl put herself in situations such as these. Although this time she may not have, in the past year she has been in so much drama, told people to meet her at a gas station to fight, and has had disrespectful and bully type statuses on facebook. Also, just two nights ago her mother was calling another adult out on facebook in a bullying way. I guess the apple DOESN’T fall too far from the tree. Both of these girls parents need to control there own children and learn how to make respectful woman out of them first and maybe things such as these wouldn’t happen. This whole ordeal is pure ignorance and these two girls should both feel horrible about themselves starting drama at someone’s sons grave!! Maybe that should also have been mentioned. This isn’t the first fight between the two at someone’s grave!

  • Bladen

    If the “father” cant discipline his daughter – see if he can arrest her, take out papers and send him to cuff and lock her up or be fired while filmed. Wasn’t there a recent bulling law passed that reaches beyond assault? If his own family don’t listen to him, I know now I wouldn’t either.

  • a

    I totally agree, but don’t hold your breath, hopefully Bladen county will wake up and get the trash out before our county is ruined.I have seen this happen with Courtney being allowed by the Bladen County Board of Education to attend West Bladen high school which she was out of district at the time.(because her father was employed there. They were written one letter and warned about her I know but let it happen anyway and she has been trouble ever since.( she caused numerous problems in middle school but was just patted on the head because her mom would buy gifts to soothe her cheerleading coach and teachers over.)Thank God she has been caught in action.

  • Guestth

    Sometimes the best of parents can not control their 18 year old kids.
    People this girl is an adult and I am sure that all of us at some point in our teenage years got into fights or said something we should not have. Stop making everything about the parents and as far as the father being a deputy so what…. why didnt the parent of the victim call the police when it first happened ?????
    Any parent is going to try to protect their child law enforcement or not.
    Courtney is not the way shes unfairly being made out to be by the media and her parents are good people.

  • Robin Piorter

    I am Jessicas mother.No jessica is not perfect and yes she makes bad choices at times but she is a teenager and she is 16.Yes she does have drama,what teenager doesnt.I never said a word about having her father fired or did I put down law enforcement.I have some friends in law enforcement and they have been very helpful but there is only so much they can do that the law will allow.Courtney assaulted Jessica the first time on Feb 2 at a convenient store just before school was taken in.Her father and I had a meeting at the school that morning.Although he was very rude to me.We thought the situation was handled.then in April she gets on fb bragging about beating Jessica again and this time she was gonna put her in the hospital.I made a call to her mother at that time.On the night before this last assault Jessica was with 2 kids who she thought were her friends and they stopped by a friends grave for his birthday.There were kids partying there and doing drugs and Courtney was there.My daughter told them she didnt have time for that bull crap and had to go home and the kids got mad at her and called her “disrespectful” because she had a curfew and was trying to make her friends leave.The next day those same “friends” set her up and lured her back there so Courtney could beat her up.yall have not seen the whole video,only what the news had shown,In that video she is telling her that she is beating her because Jessica was “direspectful” because she said she had 4 minutes to be home and tried to make her friends leave.Really??? She beat my child because she could and that was her only excuse.I am upset because I there isnt a whole lot I can do to get these kids punished for this.Courtney got her charges and after being told a week and ahalf there was nothing I could charge the others for I was told I could charge 2 of them with aiding and betting.It took law enforcement 3 days to get Courtney served,not the next day,Her parents plainly said they werent gonna help her this time but her daddy went right on over there and bailed her out.Greg has been rude to me and my daughter and has tried to place blame on us.he tried to hinder me from talking to the sheriff when I called up there because he answered the phone.The Sheriff was rude to me when I tried to talk to him and told me that COurtney actions had no reflection upon that dept and that courtney was “grown” and didnt live with her parents.Courtney DOES live with her parents and drives a car that moma and daddy pays for.I have been getting alot of neagative feed back but thats ok.Jessica is MY child not yours,I guess if they had killed her that day that it would have been ok too huh?? So dont put down my child for something she had no idea that was gonna happen.

  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    I just thank God Almighty that my own children, who attend West Bladen High School, have absolutely nothing to do with anyone in this awful video. Know how I know that? Because their father and I make sure that we know where they are at all times and who they are with. That is our business to do until they are 18 years old. And yet and still, if they live under our roof, they will still abide by OUR rules. Even after they turn adult age, we have raised them in such a manner that they know that first and foremost, they are to respect GOD and in turn everything else falls into place. If they respect God, they will respect themselves, the names of their family members, church members, peers, town, county, etc. I know teens will be teens and they are tempted on a daily basis with things at school and in the community that they have no business being privy to. THAT is exactly why it is of the utmost importance to KNOW where your children are people!!!!!

  • ann

    Let me have that little bully. She must be able to run wild at home with no disipline. She needs a good old fashioned ass whipping and restriction to get her little coward self in check.

  • Jen

    This is stupid. All these people getting upset over Jessica. I go to school and know both of them and neither of them are innocent. They bully each other and disrespect more than themselves. They should get arrested for underage drinking TOGETHER every weekend. Honestly, the fact that her mother put her on tv is for show. I don’t take sides I’m just saying there BOTH guilty!!!! Also Courtney’s father shouldn’t get fired for his daughters actions. ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS?!?

  • Side two

    Jessica Porter isn’t the victim ever. You can ask anyone in her school and they will tell you that she causes trouble all the time for herself. She opens her mouth and talks trash and gets herself into these situations. She talks trash and gets her tail beat. It’s not bullying. It’s being dumb. She doesn’t know how to fight and then gets beat up and cries to her mom to pull papers. And everyone is talking about oh I would be ashamed if that was my daughter but you all don’t know the whole story. She came talking trash on her brothers grave on his birthday. If that we’re me I would beat her up too. If I were her parents I would be proud. She was standing up for her brother. If Jessica would shut her mouth or learn how to fight she wouldn’t be “bullied” anymore. In fact if you look up her record she has never won a fight and then pulls papers. So for everyone reading I’m just setting the story straight. There are two sides to every story and this side needed to be told. Thanks.

  • Rbin Porter

    And another thing that boy is NOT Courtneys brother,She is an only child!!

  • Guest Concerned Bladen Citizen

    I agree that law enforcement in Bladen needs to be revamped. No, they aren’t all bad but unfortunately, there is more than one bad apple. Starting with the Town Managers of the towns in Bladen County, the Mayors, the Chiefs of Police, etc. They need to ALL be looked into and I mean their entire families. Many of them have family members that they either house or support that are druggies, drug dealers, etc and they condone it because they do nothing to help their family member other than cover for them or put on a temporary band aid. Then all of us who live in the county have to live with their lawlessness and worry about the effects that they have on the rest of our family members. It’s a crying shame and YES, the “small town politics” is of high importance in these small townships. Anyone who tries to say that they aren’t is deceived!

  • Mr.

    I am sick and tired of the garbage that leads this county. From the top down they are absolute trash. Every single police officer, lawyer, judge are half the human that runs the local gas stations. If you read this County Manager, you are a slimeball. I am from the great state of Michigan and live her now by choice but I am sick to my stomach on how this county is ran. Any one of you that have a job in local government were in Michigan, you would be working in Mcdonalds. I will run against you. I will prove that I am the dominent candidate. And I will fire pretty much all of the county employees. You should be sick of yourself and so should the people that love here. We need new leadership.

  • GUEST123

    Firing a deputy over something like this is not a smart choice at all, you have to think about some of these officers works long shifts in order to protect and serve and are most of the time absent from the home life. Also this shouldnt judge how this deputy does on his job, I have personally dealt with Bladen County Officers and in my opinion are some of the most professional of all in the surrounding area. Once last thing, there is ALWAYS two sides to a story, so before people go thinking this jessica girl is innocent someone should look at her past and see if any of her actions has caused this situation to occur.

  • Guest71

    Why should the father be fired or put on leave? Do you live in his home to know the things that him and his wife have been trying to do to help get their daughter in control? I think not. The parents have been using all the resources that can to help get control. We shouldn’t judge unless we are there and know that things are not being done.

  • Guest71

    As a parent, i know that something should be done about the bullying, but there are things that have been going on with Ms. Bullard over the past year and she has had many issues. Her parents are good people and there is a few people that know the problems that they have been dealing with their daughter. Do many know that she moved out awhile back? Do many know that she was sent to get counseling recently? We on the outside can only form opinions. We really don’t know what Mr. Bullard is dealing with. We only are speculating. Ms. Bullard and her friends should be punished for their participation. The blame should not go toward her parents when they have been handling the situation. We need to focus on where the trouble is and that is the young lady and her friends.

  • B3

    I’m sorry, but I know a lot of folks in law enforcement and they all have one another’s backs. This girl is expressing what she has learned from her deputy father. He should be fired and she should be brought up on assault charges immediately… like tonight. In Brunswick County we spent years with Boss Hogg (Hewett) and his ability to lie, deceive, steal, and defraud our County for many, many years, before he was finally arrested and sent to the prison he belongs in. He only did a short stint… should have been a lifetime for what he did. And this girl, she learned this behavior at home. Arrest her, fire her Dad, and get your County in order before your Sheriff becomes the next loser Hewett.

  • Joe

    what a little redneck piece of garbage. I dont care who her daddy is she should be charged and locked under the jail. Get with the program little girl you look like a fool. I dont care if your daddy is a cop!

  • Guestjenn

    what kind of young lady speaks that way? Trash I suppose. I would be ashamed to call her my daughter!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Come on folks, something like this goes out and people blame the Sheriff or the schools, but let’s put accountability on the correct parties! These girls seem to have been locked into a bullying cycle that got them to this point. I hate to think of the home life, the personal choices, the lack of spirituality, and the utter disregard for humanity that got these kids to this point! Why aren’t these girls consumed in starting their careers and families? Why aren’t they contributing to a church community? The fifth with which they have been immersed isn’t undone overnight. I defend Sheriff Benston as a God-fearing man who has invested his career in Bladen County. We should as a community be deeply concerned by the path these youth have chosen, but let’s not blame the wrong people.

  • Guest 13131

    needs to be fired, or at the very least, put on leave. If he can’t handle his own daughter, how can he be expected to handle a more difficult situation.

  • Hmm…

    Mrs. Porter, your attitude is about as good as mud. It is no wonder your daughter was associated with the other girl. Facts straight or not, both your daughter’s reputation and that of the other girl are ruined. So, act your age and stop yelling at everyone else’s children on the internet. Do you have that much time to waste, or is this your 15 minutes of fame? You should be with your child, supporting her in her time of need. Not acting like you are 15 yourself posting rude comments. If you don’t want to read negative comments then you should have kept that video to yourself.

  • Guest252

    You as a parent see your daughter on facebook. With all this going on she still is talking junk on her statuses and you wonder why people don’t have her back 100%. I realize she’s a teenager but she isn’t helping herself when she’s trying to make a point and she’s acting just as Courtney is on a social network.

  • Guest252

    God doesn’t like judgemental people and not treating others like your neighbors either so please don’t drag God into it like this.

  • Not in Bladen county

    There is a BIG difference in talking smack, and smacking someone. This wasn’t your ordinary fight, she lured this girl to a location where she could assault her and then, she THREATENED her life. That’s a BIG no-no! She needs some anger management therapy before she lands herself in jail, or worse yet, hurts someone to a point she will regret. She has brought a lot of humiliation to her family, if nothing else.

  • Stupid drama

    I have personally seen Jessica Bully people. She tries to act innocent every single time. She calls people and tells them to go fight. She starts it most of the time. For once it wasnt her & you try to point fingers. She would have a 4 page record if she got arrested all the times she has talked smack or bullied someone. This Tail Whoopin’ shoulda happened along time ago.

  • Robin Porter

    Hmmm,I wonder if you are one of the subjects in that video!!!

  • Anonymous

    To understand what kind of filth is coming out of this pill heads mouth. You must first understand what kinda filth goes in her mouth.lol I think all these people should dig a huge hole and jump in it! Next time you decide to record a fight make sure it’s worth watching.

  • Not in Bladen county

    Might as well give us their names….none of them deserve privacy. Besides, the public needs to know the lowlifes that would be willing to participate. Actually, they could have stopped this in the beginning, shame on them too!

  • orange crush

    Those who helped lure little girl…….lawyer up.They have a charge for you too.

  • Bladenboro resident

    I don’t believe this is a bullying incident. The news cast makes it seem like this Jessica girl has done nothing wrong. (From going to west Bladen high school I have seen it myself, girls are going to have drama with each other and I’m sure they both talked crap toward each other. I’m not trying to disrespect Jessica but her name is well knowed so I believe she done it to herself. Just my opinion.

  • Bladen County Resident

    I am glad I am not the parent of the low-class, trashy-mouthed Courtney Bullard. I would be embarrassed out of my mind. Such filth coming from her mouth.

    Perhaps her parents can teach her a little civility, but it’s probably already too late.

    This video can be used as court evidence, and Ms. Bullard needs to appear soon in a court of law. Perhaps when she stands in front of a judge, she will have the decency to use civil language. Perhaps.

    And civil? I doubt she knows the meaning of the word.

  • A

    She will be the most well behaved one -little church mouse in the court room.

  • Rhonda

    I recently saw this story and the video. I think it’s sad that the mother of the girl that DID NOT EVEN FIGHT BACK in the video felt the only way she could get help for this problem was to go public on the news. If I were to meet her I would hug her and tell her how proud I am of her for making people aware of this bully and protecting someone else’s child from her. I could care less who Courtneys parents are or what they do for a living. The fact is that she is a bully and a coward and apparently has fear of Robin or she wouldn’t have needed a video camera and a clan of followers to come with her to ambush Robin. When reading the comments on here it is quite apparent as to who is a parent and who is just running that pie hole for no reason besides to have a say so and make themselves feel better. I can almost see them posting their comment then getting on the cell phone(that their parent pays the bill for most likely)and telling Courtney,” You should read what I just posted!) If Courtney only gets probation or a fine it will only prove the fact that many have already stated…Courtney is a spoiled brat that has been made to believe she is above the law due to her fathers “rent a pig” position and her mothers fear of her own daughter. It’s people like this girl that we read about in the paper that got some friends together kidnap the person that has pissed them off and taken them to a graveyard and beaten them and burned them alive. In the video she not only spits on Robin(assult) punches her for no reason,…Robin NEVER once raised a hand to her(assult AGIAN)…and threatens her life (communicating a threat)…..over….well from what I could understand Courtney saying between punching this girl,looking at the camera and mumbling nonsense to make herself seem more convincing….her brother or something. From what I understand Courtney doesn’t even have a brother!!! Go figure!??? Now all you others out there that want to run around pointing fingers and saying Robin deserved this and she should learn to keep her mouth shut….watch the video…the only person on that video guilty is Courtney and whoever was a willing participant in the luring and video taping. Courtney made sure SHE was seen committing the crimes listed above and she made sure more than one person saw it. Apparently she wanted to be punished and knows she will face judgement so let her proud little self take her sentence like the woman she wants to act like with her head held high.The sad fact of all of this is in the end…..we are talking about little girls that don’t know the half of what life is all about. If Courtney gets away with this it just gives more little girls out there the incentive they need,want and desire to become bullies in years to come. I wish Robin and her family much luck and I wish the Bullard family some guidence.

  • orange crush

    Did deputy bullard ever make a statement…sheriff said he would that i recall from article. lol

  • BladenCountier

    I think it is very funny to see all of these immature people that do not know anything about the story, except the news part, comment and talk about either of the girls and the parents. I laugh even more when people comment and say things like “little piece of garbage” which commenting that would be cyber-bullying and you come on here to talk about the issue of bullying. I think that if you were involved in this you need to stay off here and quit commenting on everyones comment to make one side look worse than the other, and if you don’t know anything about it you should keep your comments to yourself because you’re making yourself look very immature and manipulative. Also, if you are an adult I hope you are mature enough to make rational decisions about talking about other children, because you may be in Deputy Bullard’s shoes one day getting crap for something people THINK he is and do not KNOW FOR SURE. I do not know anything about this incident i just happened to see this and get disgusted by all of the comments that some people have posted.


    I think its time that all the comments STOP.Let it go.My family has been trashed,the Bullards have been trashed.Yes I went to the media and maybe I shouldnt have.Most of you commenting negative stuff evidently have a problem with our families anyway.Im sick of it all.Our lawyers and the judge will handle this.So no more comments please! But your prayers are appreciated!!

  • Fed up

    I hear the deputys daughter has arranged yet another beating except this times charges were not filed.Wonder who has to get killed before this girl is taken off the streets??

  • 911

    I have not one time seen Jessicas mother write or say anything about having Greg Bullard fired or have I seen her air anybodys dirty laundry.You people evidently arent reading everything.From the way I see it she has made an effort to go to Courtneys parents from the beginning when the problems began.And please tell me how this child was disrespectful when she didnt fight the girl back a didnt now she was going to a graveyard to fight? The mother was backed into a corner because she was getting nowhere with this and getting these kids charged.I know when you got a cops kid in trouble that its much easier for them to get away with it.From the news article I would say that all the children who set it up are bullies.Ive read about both familys being trashed,the county and the law enforcement.Ask yourself this.What would you do different if Jessica were ur child???

  • 919

    Awww you must be one of Courtneys “friends”.Its so nice of you to defend her.

  • Guest25268

    Do not expect parents to call you and tell you that your child is in the wrong or doing something they don’t needs to be doing when it is NOT THEIR CHILD nor their responsibility. If you knew when, where, and what your child was doing AT ALL TIMES then you would not have to worry about mess like this happening. Yes I understand these are teenage girls we’re talking about but we were all teenagers before and tried tricks in the book so let’s not be so ignorant to fall under the games of your child. They will make mistakes but after being in high school for a year or two and this is one out of many fights and situations this child Jessica has been in then it’s time for the parent to step up as a parent and realize that your child is in the wrong! The parents are to blame for this incident because they have no control over THEIR kids. Both these girls are your typical rebellious teenagers that have accomplished to snow their parents in their actions in lifestyles. These girls hide from their parents very well their “other life” full of drugs, drinking, and sexual relations with any guy of any skin color. (No racism intended either) Jessica just hides her separate life better than the Bullard girl. This isn’t bullying. This is just another example of two teenage girls fighting because they are both ignorant, love the drama, and disrespectful. And for those who comment saying this is bullying you obviously are not from Bladen county and if you are I’m sure you’re on the side of one of the parties or you’re not aware of the past of both these girls. I’m all for stopping a bully like but both these girls are bullies, one just got caught on camera before the other did. The little girl from Chadbourn, that was a bully story that was to make the news and change ans make a difference but this ignorance, is nothing but people trying to get money I’m sure or just put attention on themselves. And if you cannot handle comments on this website then refrain from looking on it. You were the one to put it on the news for the world to see so you need to be grown and deal with the punches negative or positive because again you wanted the world to see this SO DEAL WITH IT. In life people are NOT gonna always have your back nor will they agree with you. That’s life get over it.

  • Concerned Citizen

    All I see is about how bad of a bully Courtney Bullard is and all the bad things she does. If she is so bad then please tell me why the mother of Jessica Porter allowed her daughter to be around such a bad individual in the first place. Seems like some bad parenting on her part. And the mother can say all she wants about her daughter being “bullied” but in all actuality her daughter is just as much of a bully. Go read her facebook statuses or ones she has commented on and you will clearly see where this so called victim is threatening others saying “I’ll beat you up if you keep running your mouth” Is that not bullying? And her mother continually appears to be ignorant to the fact that her daughter is is notas innocent as everyone thinks she is. Check her background out, see how many times this “victim” has started fights with others and bullied them. Next time you put up a bullying situation article make sure you get the whole story and not just a pissed off kother’s account.

  • just a thought

    Greg Bullard is just the tech guy for the Sheriffs Dept. But if anybody wants to start firing parents then how about the drug abusing “gospel singer” that sure seems like a contradiction.

  • Saphire

    It is precisely because bullying is an intractable problem that schools and parents need to get more realistic about it. It’s not going away, so deal with it firmly so it can at least be kept under control. Thus, being a parent I’ve learned to be vigilant and more particular on the safety of my teens especially when it comes with bullying cases. Then I found this site that provides a protection for children from a safety mobile protection that can access family, friends and 911 in times of emergency. I just downloaded their application on their iPhone. Here’s where you can find it: http://safetrec.com/

  • Robin Porter

    I didnt allow my daughter to hang around Courtney! And if anybody needs to get their facts together its you!!

  • 911

    Ohhhh a desk cop,No wonder he cant do anything with his daughter.Hes not equipped to handle dangerous and violent people.When did they start giving you a badge and a gun to sit on the computer and answer telephones all day?

  • Guest88

    my god loves everbody and anybody can do better
    god loves you courteney bullard keep singing for the jesus
    keep your head up for the cross

  • Not in Bladen county

    You are not even on the same page…everyone has done things they are not proud of…it’s called growing up. This is about conduct beyond making a mistake. It is a CRIME, in the USA to assault a person, male or female, mad or not, and this girl needs to learn some self control before it’s too late. Nobody is saying the redhead is perfect, but what the other girl and her friends did was criminal.And that’s where it all starts. Nip it in the bud! However, sounds as if it may already be too late! If I saw my child beat another person in that way, just because of words, I would tear them up myself…and they know it! It’s called parenting, teaching your child the boundaries. Doesn’t mean they won’t cross them, but they will know not to come running home and expect their parents to defend their actions. Courtney’s parents need to hold her accountable for her actions, along with the legal system. This will follow her for the rest of her life, especially every time she fills out an application for a job, and she has to put she has a record. The worst thing we can do as a parent is sympathize with her behavior to our kids instead of using this as a teaching tool of consequences.

  • Not in Bladen county

    lol, blame the victim….nice. If you are OK with that video, you should seek help…immediately.

  • A

    I would never be friends with such a trashy individual, my mother raised me better. My mother also wouldn’t have allowed me to hang out with either one of those girls. Both are dramatic and ignorant

  • ashely

    Courtney is of age. her parents are very good people. jessica starts with everybody so i dont know what the big deal is now. all she wants is for people to feel sorry for her. maybe this in to teach her to stop talking junk about people. before poniting fingers at the bullard’s maybe you need to rasied your own kids right.

  • Robin Porter

    I think litte kids need to stay off the comment page!!!!!

  • Guestsomeone who knows

    Are we the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Could care less

    & parents like the porters need to do some research on their own child. She isn’t a sweet little angel either. She’s been around the block a few times. She ruins lives & gets nothing done to her. Her pants fit a little too loose.

  • Not in Bladen county

    Was today the court day? Did Courtney get her little hand slapped, has anybody heard…..do tell.

  • Robin Porter

    Mommy and Daddy hired her an attorney and we go back Feb 26th!

  • Robin Porter

    Well Mrs Courtney got 6 months probation and her lil friends walked away with a NOT GUILTY charge!! How convenient!

  • @Soiknowitsreal

    Ok look , i understand why you think Courtney is the “bully” , but you still have to understand that Jessica isn’t an Angel i have class with the girl && she talk so much trash about everybody && thinks someone is not suppose to say anything back to her … i honestly can say she deserve what happen to her … Her mother is looking at her like the purest child in the world … Everyone ( as in males ) know who she is .. && how she get down .. ready to get on her knees && do what she do to anybody && Jessica thinks thee ish tf’ cute .. well it’s not .. your not innocent boo , so stop trying to act like you are .
    Courtney is Wrong Af’ too , because you don’t throw a illegal “party” at someones grave site without the PARENTS OF THE PERSON WHO IS DECEASED knowing .. now that was some disrespectful ishh … You wouldn’t like it if someone did that ishh to your family , so why do it to someone else’s …… Thats just my point … Both Of Them are Guilty … Point , Blank && The Period !!!

  • passerby

    Schools just dont take responsibility like they should, and why aren’t they taking proper steps to prevent future incidents?
    BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING ELSE I WANT TO BRING ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT NO SCHOOLS EVER SEEM TO POST ANY LINKS ON THEIR SCHOOL HOME WEBSITE that explains what to do or who to contact. When u engine search the topic, everything provided for parents is done so by non-profits, bloggers, and opionated people. To these people i just mentioned, Thank you, because your speaking up on behalf of these kids. Our schools would rather we think, “yes, bullies may be an existing issue, but not at our school,” than actually describe potential dangers and warning signs and who to contact…. Nothing on the schools end really comes abroad, unless a child commits suicide, then they are talking their way out of a corner. The true issue is they are not starting at the source. Child services and the school district should be communicating under the same investigstion. Deciding why such hostility resides in these kids, and why the lack of empathy. Mental evaluations wouldnt hurt either. Someone please tell me why this particular school faculty members havent been held accountable, they did nothing and the problem obviously escaladed. My father was a cop most of my natural existence, retiring after over 20 years and retiring a cook county detective, in the rough streets of Chicago, and yet my father would have never spent one second covering up nothing. We were taught, you never take the first swing, but if someone puts their hands on you, then you hittem back as hard as you can. I never picked on anyone, i cant help but think something lies behind this bullies anger. Something pyschological, this seems almost classic case of an ashamed victim would eventually grow to become. My son would lead me to my most recent experience with bullies. My oldest, now 9, was only 6 when he met his bully. Truthfully, my son would come home often disorienated, or at a loss for words. What seemed to be, was certain things that my son would get in trouble for, like his homework crumpled up, he tried saying aother kid did it. But because my son was known for stashing homework, i didnt notice until his 2nd grade year, when my younger son would attend school with for half day. Right in the beginning of the year, my son had on a pair of brand new shoes his grandparents got him. He came home the first week, and i went to move his shoes from the door way when his shoe started trying to talk to me. The whole front end rubber bottom had been completely peeled up, his shoe looked like it had a mouth. When i first questioned my son he was up front and honest. But the more questions i asked the more it sounded like he was lying. He didnt know the kids last name, and I couldnt catch the kid at the 2 bus stops. Well one day it was raining and i allowed my kids to take my umbrella, the second he stepped off the bus i could see the thing was mangled, completely destroyed, when he told me who did it, i approached other kids to validate this child and find out where he lived. Thinking i could speak to his folks, but apparently his home was unavailable, his parents picked him up by car at the first of 3 bus stops. So i went online to see what the school offered as far as help for situations. Nothing, no where online, and it was my understanding their bus driver was hip to everything thst happened, but does nothing. Let me just say, you may not agree with my decision, but attending their harvest festival that year, we weren’t there but 10 mins. I was actually standing behind my son when this plump, husky, mischivious grinned boy began walking up behind my son. Yes bigger in size, i beoieve about a year older, he tapped roughly on my sons back and shoulder. I started to look around the kid in hopes of finding his parent but just his little posse was there. My son seen the kid then immediately looked at me, and the look on his face told me it was him. So I stepped in between the two and made my presence known. I said, “so your so and so, im his mom” “where are your parents?” The look on the kids face was enough to let me know he knew i was not kidding. I let him know if you have a problem with my son, then your gonna have a problem with me. I told him my son isn’t afraid of you, hes afraid of me, and gettibg into trouble if he gets in a fight. I told him if he ever puts his hands on my son or my kids things, my kid has my permission to knock the hell out of you. And my next move will land me on your front door to claim the money for all the damage youve cost me, I will have a reciept for your folks. I will be totally honest, my son may have been smaller, and thinner but he constantly rough houses with his uncle, my brothers friends, his bigger cousin, i knew my son could of handled his own, but im glad he wouldnt have to experience having to defend himself, so early in his childhood. Im glad to say this boy would never make as much as a comment to be rude. He was actually nice to my son until the day we moved. The sad part is, this bully clearly suffered from some type of family related issue that was causing him to target someone he figured couldn’t put up a fight. A younger smaller kid reassured him he would intimidate my son, but here that wasnt the case. And when he realized this could result in his folks getting involved, it was definitely a different reaction. He lowered his head, and I knew the problem fell deeper than our eyes can surface. I hope that kid doesnt get failed by our school system, wake up to the self absorbed teachers who are so sick of kids at the end of the day, they dont bother to report the warning signs. Its your job, otherwise, why should we care whether they cut your pay, we dont have to speak up, but we do, but in return, do the same for our babies.

  • Anonymous

    You are way out of line and your comment has sexual inneundos. This girl is scared for her life and you have be cruel about this.

  • kelly

    I hope you advise her to mind her p’s & q’s. Im sure the bullard family would love to see her in court with their bully. It is hard to take (being picked on) People like courtney need help. Have no issues with hurting someone for ANY reason . Deep down courtney must really hate herself…How else can you be so cruel to a little girl.? Video said it all .she is a violent girl with mental issues

  • orange crush

    I hope you advise her to mind her p’s & q’s. Im sure the bullard family would love to see her in court with their bully. It is hard to take (being picked on) People like courtney need help. Have no issues with hurting someone for ANY reason . Deep down courtney must really hate herself…How else can you be so cruel to a young girl.?

  • Robin Porter

    Jessica is a student and does go to school with a couple of these children.Any advice on how you think I should handle that situation????

  • deb

    After reading several replies and it’s clear everyone will not agree. I strongly state this is my opinion. I know neither girl and my opinion is only based on what I have seen and read here. ‘
    I went to High School in Okinawa, we had a Military guard on the from and back of our bus every day. The School was inside the old Prison camp from the wars. There was barb wire all the way around, The compound was patrolled by guards every minute of the day.
    There were no fights on ground or on a bus. In the military a parent can be punished for their child’s actions. Even if she is 18. As long as she is living on the compound or parents home it reflects the parent.
    Since both have been in trouble and both have trouble with their behavior, Both need help in controlling their temper and outlook on life.They need to be sent to Therapy or have a Legal Law companion 24 hours a day that over sees their behavior to corrects it since neither parent seem to be able to control their children. As a parent I am well aware of how hard this can be some time. The state spends a lot of money on prisons and jails, it would be for the better of both girls if the state law intervened and created a legal behavior Companion for both girls at all times. This means homes, outings, school, where ever they would go. This companion is geared to modify their behavior and not allowed to have parents involved. Kind of like an ankle bracelet but its a person who corrects bad behavior. Even if it means the child is removed from the homes till a judge see their ways have been corrected and amended. These girls are gave far to much freedom and should have to earn the gifts they have been gave,, (cars, phones)… Behavior Therapy Companions are badly needed here before someone ends up in prison or dead.
    The state will say we don’t have such a thing sat up,, well the laws need to be reviewed and fixed so there is. Prison is over crowded and often just make matters worse. The thing is to correct the problem and use prison for the young as a very last resort. If Behavior is correct and its clear it is, then perhaps the system has saved a life and saved a young person un necessary prison time and heart ache for the family. Who ever this Behavior Therapy Companion is, needs to be well educated in Behavior dis orders and management and parents need to back off or be enforced by the law to comply with this sentence until it is corrected. And I mean this for ALL areas of these young peoples lives. For its clear self esteem, pride, self love, Self respect and respect of others and self control as well as Manners have clearly been lost.

  • Disgusted

    Courtney Bullard needs to have legal action taken against her. Only a coward would put someone in such a cruel situation. Her father needs to step up and be a man and she needs to be held responsible for her actions. I’m 25 and even I see how disgusting and shameful this is. This is the sort of hate that kids are having to endure in school when the biggest thing they should be concerned about is their education. It isn’t fair to the kids who actually want to go to school, learn, and do something with their lives instead of beating people up to make themselves feel powerful. SICK.

  • Concerned Citizen

    The girls are not currently students.

  • a

    He’s the biggest coward around, I am sure his daughter was FRAMED like Roger rabbit. I sure hope justice gets served, what a wonderful New Year!!!

  • Guest1946

    How much more stupid can someone be? You have someone record an assault with a video camera. These losers are our future…..God help us.

  • A

    You said a mouthful,only God can help us!

  • Guest123456789

    This looks like evidence of an assault. I’d be shocked if that girl isn’t arrested.

  • just saying

    Courtney Bullard was charged with Assault and Communicating Threats according to http://www.nccourts.org. and has a court date of 01/08/2012. So where is the cover-up?

  • Guest10101

    Very interesting…. Is victim has been suffering from the bullying since Feb 2012, so those charges must be her bullying some other victim since it was Jan 2012….

  • just saying

    Her court date is 01/08/2013. She was arrested for this incident.

  • guesty

    I’m guessing you mean 1/8/2013?

  • a

    Wait for it!That had to be done, she should get the old slap on the wrist,she can use her prayer for judgement and keep on bullying(thanks to her parents being in such HIGH positions)!!!I bet the whole county got Christmas gifts!!!!God is soooo good!!!She may get by now but everybody will have to answer for their own actions before a much higher power called God!!

  • Anonymous

    Those who are from Bladen County know that the “victim” may not be as innocent as they seem to be. I’m in no way sticking up for Bullard but I do know that Porter has been known to cause trouble herself and bully others. So check her background too.


    TO reply on this comment yes you are correct about Jessica she is another young teen going through teen life herself, and YES I know first hand that she does things behind her parents back and convinces them she is an Angel.. I want someone to show this county a perfect teen!! As well, Jessica has been involved in many DRAMA happenings around Bladenboro, West Bladen and has had her fair share of being. a Rebelious Teen.
    ((( This gives no ones child the right to BULLY her or anyone else)))
    I believe Ms Bullard figured she could get away with it since the situation had not been resolved, and took it further.
    I also believe that all parties involved with the set-up, luring, and the filming should all be prosecuted because it was thought out and planned..SO DOES THIS FALL IN TO PREMEDITATED:(characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning)???

    I believe it was a well premeditated act of BULLYING AND HATE!

  • Guest101101

    This is NOT surprising to me in the least with the current administration….. I am sure this is not all that is being covered up…. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the Sheriff to do anything about the situation or to get back to anyone, and if you do hear from the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or the Captain don’t expect too much…. I am very sorry your child has had to experience this…

  • B M

    that video alone should be enough reason to fire the deputy, if you can’t control your own children then in no way should you be allowed on the streets to control mine!

  • Sabrina

    Why should the father be punish for something he did not do. Parents can not control everything their kids do. If this was your child should you be fired?

  • GuestAnon

    What is on that video is clearly assault and battery. Why hasn’t the bully been arrested??? Deputy Bullard should be ashamed!

  • just saying

    She was arrested the following day.

  • Robin Porter

    No she wasnt,They couldnt find her for days.Her daddy finally took her in a bailed her out of it.

  • Fedup with Bladenbori

    I’m proud of the momma and daddy for standing up to the bullies the law and children involved are nothing but trouble and the whole bladen county law enforcement are nothing but a joke if my child was beaten like that only the good lord would have had the mercy on them because I would have unloaded on everyone involved so my hats off to robin and Burman y’all are better than I am

  • Seriously!?

    I am appalled at all of the people using the term “redneck” in a derogatory manner. The way you all are using it is just a prejudiced as using any other ethnic slur.

  • deputy25

    old school here. 3 sides to the story. hers , hers and then the FACTS. take the girls out to the woodshed and whoop those a#$es and do it again if the act up. worked years ago!! like bayer aspirin, better than ever!! some might disagree, but then spare the rod and see what you get!

  • ks

    The one thing that stands out for me here is the threat to kill if papers were took out…”I will kill you”. I wouldn’t put anything past people today. Regardless of past altercations this should not be ignored. From what I read these girls have a history of not being nice to each other, so that makes the threat a real possibility. I truly hope the deputy father doesn’t ignore that. It seems that parents today think they are doing the best for their children by getting them the best of everything but thats just ruining them. I dont know these girls personally and I do not have children in public schools. I teach them at home: and people will tell you I have respectful, polite, considerate children, not just because I homeschool but because they are told no and taught to respect and raised in church to love and fear God. Church today has turned into another place for children to meet and socialize. The house of God should be respected and while we are on respect…What kind of disrespect is it for the dead or his parents to meet on his grave doing the same things that helped put “her brother” there in the first place? What would it do to all the parents involved for one of you to die on his grave? Getting high on your friends grave is no way to honor anyone you call brother…Parents teach your children to submit themselves to God first raise them in church and they will have no problem submitting themselves to your authority..its time for parents to stop sparing the rod and spoiling their children. Sometimes when kids are bullied they react by picking on someone that are weaker than they are and if this is happening then realize you are no better off than the one doing the beating..Stop the cycle

  • A concerned friend

    okay, so. I don’t really talk to Jessica like that, but, what happened was WRONG. Courtney, only beat her up for the attention. I think Jessica should have knocked her lights out. Personally, I think the people who set her up, need theirs to. Better be glad I wasn’t there. Thats all Im saying. Courtney will get hers, & I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! She already got it her 8th grade year. Lol.

  • BC parent.

    I am a Bladen County parent who has a teenager who has been around this group of teenagers. My kid has had problems with drugs recently, does that make me a bad parent that he chose this path. I question myself daily on where did I go wrong, why did I not see this before it got out of hand. Yes I guess my kid has been spoiled. But never has he learned to abuse drugs or alcohol from me or his dad. I have tried to monitor his activites when he is not around us. We have taught him to own what you do wrong and tell the truth. I see these girls heading down the wrong path also and mostly likely drugs and alcohol is involved. If either of the parents don’t believe its true. I challege you to just have them drug tested. Mrs Porter I do not believe that your child should have been abused as she was on the video believe that. The drug problem in our county today with the teenagers and young adults is so huge that if something is not done we are going to lose more of our children. The young man who’s grave that the fight occurred at was taken from us to early and I pray everyday that I will not lose my kid at such a young age as he. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is such a taboo subject you never want to believe your child may have these problems but pride and denial can only cause more heartache. Resources are out there to help these kids and young adults but they can’t do it alone. The kids in our county who are effected come from all walks of life have money, are less fortunate or have been raised to attend church regularly. It does not matter how well you raise your child this can happen to any of them. Some of you who read this will say not my child but you might want to consider it could or maybe your child right now.


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