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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (ALLISON CORNEUA /US WEEKLY) — Is another Teen Mom 2 divorce in the works?

Swapping vows with Cortland Rogers Dec. 4 following a two-week engagement, Evans — mom to son Jace, 3 — became furious with her new husband after he spent too much time on the phone chatting with his ex, who is the mother of his young daughter

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  • local dummy 84

    im glad someone else said the samething i been thinking for months!!!

  • Tena

    AMEN- there has got to be more to talk about besides that!!

  • Guest2020

    I just wish that the local media would quit giving this idiot credence by reporting on every detail of her pathetic life.


    Middle class working tax payers are about to go off of a finicial fiscal cliff. My house was broken into, my car was broken into twice, my personal items that I worked hard for were ransacked and stolen from me. Sweet, precious lives have been taken from this world way too early. It is dangerous to be downtown or to even walk the loop. My list could go on and has not even touched on the many issues in Wilmington. Please tell me that this trash is not what you think the citzens of the port city care to read about.

  • Guest1242

    Stop freaking out over an article. Every story does not have to be doom and gloom. She is a local girl who who has achieved a sick sort of stardom because of MTV. Is it that hard to just pass up the story and move on to your fiscal cliff news.

  • Guest 211


  • SomethingSmells

    Get a life BEECHER2. If you don’t like the articles on this site, don’t read them or go somewhere else. I’m sure there are other sites out there to complain and be a sour fart.

  • taxpayer

    skank ever go away?

  • snopdog

    Maybe, just maybe jenelle evans and brian berger could become involved. They deserve each other. What a great paper the star news has become. trash reporting on trash.


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