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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police responded to two separate 911 calls in the 5200 block of Hunters Trail Thursday and Friday. The second call turned out to be deadly.

The first call occurred late Thursday night when police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. They arrived on scene to find brothers George and Al Dastmalchi arguing.

George Dastmalchi was taken to a Wilmington hospital and treated for what investigators are calling severe intoxication. He later left the hospital under his own power.

Around 12:43 a.m. police responded to a second 911 call at 5210 Hunters Trail. When they arrived, Al Dastmalchi, 65, told them that he had heard someone breaking the glass on his front door. He said he got his handgun and went downstairs to investigate. When he got to the bottom of the steps he could see that the glass in the top of the door was broken.

Al Dasmtalchi told investigators when he opened the front door, he looked to his left and saw someone lunging at him with a spiked object in his hand. He fired one round at close range, hitting the person in the right side of the chest. When he turned on the porch light, he realized the person he shot was his brother George. He immediately called 911. EMS responded and took George to New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where he later died.

While no charges are pending at this time, the Wilmington Police Department says that the case is under investigation.

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  • Guest2020

    By some of the comments made here, this is the proper protocol when you hear glass breaking in the middle of the night: 1) leave your gun where it is; 2) call 911; 3)turn on the light to see who it is; 4)sit back and do nothing while the person attacks you.

    If the brother’s intentions were completely innocent, he would have knocked on the door instead of breaking the glass. The shooter was justified in protecting himself.

  • Guest100

    This is suspicious to be…This man lived in a neighborhood where there is little if any crime and why was he so quick to pull out a gun? Did he even bother to ask who was knocking on his door? Breaking the glass out of a door that a person can’t even get in nor can he reach the inside door knob is a bit suspicious…wonder what the real deal is? We may never know, the brother died! Seems to me he acted a bit too quickly now his own brother is dead because of it.

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