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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have their hands full after two violent crimes yesterday. Following two separate incidents one man is dead, and another is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Late last night the life of 28-year-old Karem Demond Thomas changed, when police say he was shot multiple times in the chest outside of Willow Park Apartments on Frog Pond Place.

“We’re not exactly sure what he was doing over there,” WPD spokesman Det. Kevin Smith said. “Part of that is going to be getting information from him: what were his movements? Who was he talking to? Was there any witnesses? There is a lot of old-fashioned detective footwork going on right now as we try to track down some of that information.”

Thomas is listed in stable condition at the hospital.

In a separate incident at a homeless camp, Judson Lee Poland, Jr., 48, was not as lucky. Police responded to a medical call at the Old Wilson’s Restaurant on New Centre Drive.

“Somebody bashed him in the face pretty damn good,” a caller to 911 told a dispatcher.

Investigators say cases involving vagrant communities can sometimes be hard to investigate because of the constant movement of their occupants .

“We’ve got to go and find the areas that we know he frequented and talk to people who are there and see if they remember him,” Det. Smith said. “They have a relationship with a lot of people whether it’s the same store they go to, people know them and know what their situation is.”

If you have any information about either of these crimes, call the police or CrimeStoppers.

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  • Guest, Just Another

    How will O and Feinstein help us with this? I’m guessing it wasn’t a high capacity “assault weapon”. Probably a POS stolen handgun. Make any crime committed with a weapon a Federal crime and this issue will be fixed.

  • Guest461

    I tend to agree with that. However, here are the up-front hurdles:

    Problem No.1: A “weapon” can be something as insignificant as a pencil when used appropriately and purposely. The ambulance chasing attorneys would eat this alive. “Your honor, my client had absolutely no intent of committing this crime, even though he accidentally shoved this pencil through the plaintiffs neck. It was a knee-jerk reaction and a self-defense move the defendant used to protect himself from being arrested for a crime he hadn’t yet committed.”

    Problem No 2: Judges that are going to enforce and uphold these laws don’t exist. The main reason that existing laws do no good. The revolving courtroom door spins effortlessly as smiling criminals keep greasing the hinges. The courts are a joke, criminals know it, lawyers know it…and we know it. The repeat offender rate for violent crime is no less than astounding!!! They wouldn’t be so able to repeat their actions if they weren’t deliberately set loose to do so, now would they?


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