ONLY ON 3: Fight erupts at high school basketball game in Leland

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Submitted: Sat, 01/05/2013 - 4:31am
Updated: Tue, 07/21/2015 - 5:20am

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — It was a close Waccamaw Conference game between North Brunswick and Whiteville, when a hard foul changed the atmosphere of the crowd. After the foul by Whiteville’s Rhasheem McMillan, a North Brunswick fan threw a plastic bottle from the stands, nearly hitting McMillan.

Both benches emptied, and fans ran onto the court, as coaches and administrators tried keep the situation from escalating. Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies quickly controlled the crowd.

After a 15-minute break in play, all fans were ejected, and the game ended without a single person in the stands.

“It was the best idea just to keep the hostility away from the kids,” North Brunswick head coach Bryan Hayes said. “Our biggest concern was the safety of the kids, and just ensuring their health and well being was first and foremost. We just felt like it was a little too hostile at that time to continue with the fans in the game, because it’s about the kids. It’s not about the fans.”

North Brunswick would win the game 67-58.



    Surely you are not addressing me?!?!?!?! I was not talking about the coach, if I was talking about him paying attention to the surroundings I would have addressed that comment to him and named him personally. There were several other school officials there who were all in the way trying to sell or pass out some kind of tickets whenever we arrived. The section closest to the locker room door were the only people that I saw initially acting like “unruly animals” as you stated. I am not sure of the woman’s age, but she didn’t really appear to be school age, but whatever her age, she should have known better. As far as being a “low class idiot” or displaying “animalistic behavior”, well….you know the rest. As far as myself, I would hope that someone would want to model MY behavior at a basketball game, because I cheer for MY team; I don’t taunt and tease the opponents or boo as they enter the gym…so with that being said maybe YOUR fans should take notice, since obviously they haven’t seen that before.

  • Guest Reply says:

    Within any event…sports affiliated or anything else…once the crowds go ballistic over something like what happened here to near violence…lead them to the streets!
    More action should be taken like this, and the staff did what was absolutely right to end the stupidity of a not so mature audience.
    Next step…post Warning Signs at these events for misconduct behavior, and follow through with the enforcement. People will get the message!!

  • Guest108 says:

    Like always I really wish WWAY would report the ENTIRE story. Whiteville was upset and becoming more frustrated at the huge lead North Brunswick had. Their players became more volatile in their playing. At one point their players were rude to North’s cheerleaders. And clearly the video shows the “football tackle” of a foul Whiteville committed against the North player. And then the Whiteville player, after tackling North’s player, fluffed up flexing his muscles and mouthed off to the North side like that was some great accomplishment. A single water bottle was thrown (not 2 like Star News reported…who wasn’t even there!) and the bottle did NOT hit Whiteville’s player. Both sides of the gym were mixed with fans; we sat on North’s side with Whiteville fans behind us. So who knows who actually threw the bottle. Plus some of the shots of the “erupting fans’, particularly the white woman holding the black woman back, was Whiteville’s fans…not North’s. We encountered those parents as we were arriving for the game so that’s how we know that. Yes, it’s an unfortunate incident for both schools but it is not as one sided or out of control as the media has made it out to be.

  • jaheed cason says:

    Yes two bottles were thrown because I was sitting near the two people that threw them but yea the boy actually hit him and was flexing his muscles like he was big and he is on the North side so he was really dumb for that!! But the bottle did hit him in the face and he was going after the girl that was beside me because she threw it

  • Oh Well says:

    If the referees would manage the games in your area like they are suppose to and enforce the state rules, many of these situations would not occur. The WHS player should have been popped a technical for unsportsmanlike conduct or could have gone as far as taunting, which is an ejection by NCHSAA rules. I feel sure that this was not the first thing this player did in the game. I have watched him play for several years and saw him removed from a game as a JV player for his attitude. For some strange reason, the officials in that area allow the players, coaches, and cheerleaders do and say what they please.

  • ....Yeshua !! sippin' RED BULL ! says:

    ….Bryan Hayes was directly in front of the rude fans, prior to!!!
    The ignorant girl was making gestures behind the players (WHS TEAM) waving her hands behind their backs during an inbound, an also yelling and taunting—-As fans, we were seated right behind the NBHS coaches….so, all that being said coach Hayes could’ve contacted the schools athletic director and had the unruly fan removed based on her character. NORTH BRUNSWICK should try getting some knew administrators because during the previous season, the asst. principal played around with the clock to benefit his school !!! Not saying that WHITEVILLE has the best administrators…at least they stay off camera once they “hide the hands.” Coach Hayes, u my friend are : “The BAMMA OF DA WEEK!”

  • Guest111 says:

    “getting some KNEW administrators”. Yeah, nice spelling. You must be proud of that Columbus County education!

  • Guest123 says:

    There was no way Coach Hayes could have prevented any of this. He was not sitting directly in front of the rude fans. In fact the bottle was thrown on the opposite side of the gym. There was no way he could have heard or seen the fan that did any of this. The baskeball team for North Bruswick all returned to their bench and did nothing to provoke any of this. Coach Hayes should be commended for his handling of the situation.


    First of all, had the female been asked to leave or stop her antics in the third quarter of the game whenever she started waving her hands at them, I doubt very seriously that all of this would have happened. Maybe security or school officials should be a little more attentive to the surroundings, just a thought. It was very unfortunate, that we didn’t get to see our children play. I could understand and respect that if we were the aggressors, but in the end, the safety of our children was the most important matter. Kudos to law enforcement, who made sure the children were escorted safely back to Columbus County!!!!!

  • windy says:

    You sound like another low-class idiot making excuses for bad behavior. Perhaps the coach was focusing on COACHING the team. Babysitting unruly animals amongst the crowd is not exactly his responsibility. This was a high school game. By high-school age, children should have at least a basic understand of how to conduct themselves in a civil, appropriate, respectful manner. But I do suppose if their role models (such as yourself) do not set the example, then they will not learn such socially acceptable skills, and therefore others will always be ‘blamed’ for their (and your) animalistic behaviors.


    Before one starts criticizing someone else’s education system…proof your own comments….”Columbus county education” …really? Now let me guess, you’re a proud recipient of a Brunswick County education? FYI….the “C” in County should be capitalized.

  • GuestCC says:

    Whiteville City Schools and Columbus County Schools are two different school systems. You are obviously the parent of one of those “LA” hooligans! Try teaching your kids some manners and respect instead of worrying about some blogger’s word usage! I have seen Leland high schoolers behave this way at every game I’ve attended on their campus this school year. So, before nitpicking someone else’s post, make sure that the only education your child is receiving is not from the LOW class! What else can one expect from Leland?

    Leave ref calls to the refs. Leave the law to — oh, well. I forgot about that situation. The courts, maybe?

  • GuestCC says:

    On second thought, thank goodness BC deputies were there. But, yes, hopefully the courts will be dealing with the other. That whole town is a hot mess. No wonder the kids act the way they do. Look at their parents and role models!

  • Guest111 says:

    No darling. New Hanover County parent. But when I see stupid, I call it out! Must have struck a nerve close to you.

  • Sandy says:

    It has nothing to do with you !! And if you were staying in your place, you wouldn’t be smart-mouthing a 9th-12th grader !!! Smh at Society ! Oh and it looks like you are “associating” with me ! :-) Have a nice day !

  • windy says:

    …. however, I personally believe it would be a great idea to combine the two. Why not keep those responsible for the shallow gene pool together under one roof, thereby giving the rest of the region a chance to recuperate?

  • WHS Pack says:


  • windy says:

    We will all gladly “stay in our place.” None of us would be caught dead associating with the likes of you. By the way, it’s spelled “don’t” … and I believe you’ve forgotten to undo your caps lock. Let me guess, you’re a proud recipient of a Columbus county education …

  • Just me says:

    Heck, they throw out entire stadiums at some soccer games when the fans become unruly. It’s sports, the players and fans are part of the game and things like this always happen. That is what makes it so exciting.

  • Guest61246 says:

    Bunch of low-life rednecks. They need to completely cancel the rest of the basketball season for both schools.

  • rhasheem Mcmillan says:


  • anne says:

    They have it on film don’t they? The culprits that started it all should be singled out and suspended and also banned from future games They can do that can’t they? Or would it be politically incorrect to do so?


    I agree that the referees should have called the game a little better for actions on the court as well as in the stands. I’ve known of instances when a fan was asked to leave. If they had asked the female to leave earlier in the third quarter, this could have possibly been avoided. EVERY time they inbounded the ball in that area, there was drama; without an earlier intervention the situation was almost inevitable. As for his behavior in a previous game, every situation is different, so please if you were not there and didn’t see for yourself, please refrain from being judgemental. He is a fun loving young man, who loves the game of basketball and brings a lot of energy to the game. Anyone can only take but so much taunting and teasing, before they react;however physical contact only escalated the situation.

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