UPDATE: Suspect charged with murder in baseball bat beating

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Submitted: Tue, 01/08/2013 - 2:12am
Updated: Tue, 01/08/2013 - 5:50pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Boyd Harrelson has been charged with Second Degree Murder in the baseball bat beating of a man in Leland who later died.

Harrelson had already been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies Friday arrested William Joseph Connolly for assaulting Hartford Talmage Sellers III New Year’s Day. Connolly is in jail under $5,000 bond. Sellers died Friday of his injuries.

Deputies had already charged Nickolas Wayne Smith, with assault with a deadly weapon as well.

No bond has been set for Harrelson.


  • A Harrelson says:

    First off, Ryan is not violent. He is a very good kid. He didn’t touch anyone that night. So before you say anything about being violent you should check your facts. What if your daddy was getting jumped though….would you sit there and watch? I sure wouldn’t. I would protect him, just like he would do the same for me. Maybe some of you people should think about things like that. Frankie & Ryan could have been killed that night. He protected himself. Point blank. Self-defense. Look it up sometime.

  • Beat in head or kicked in throat? says:

    Look at his history. He has obviously taught his son to act like a violent animal as well.

  • Spread the word: boyd harrelson says:

    I hope the sellers family is aware that Brunswick county has allowed boyd harralson back on streets. My condolences!

  • man-dies-after-alleged-baseball bat beating says:

    Please support the victims family and let brunswick county know that this is wrong!

  • A. Harrelson says:

    Well it looks like some people are going to be very disappointed. My daddy & brother are going to be fine. Looks like Brunswick County finally got some common sense. I do want to say though, to all the people who have followed this incident….The “Thugs” are the boys who got out there vehicle and tried to assault my family. Let’s get this correct. If my family are such “thugs” don’t you think they would have started the incident first. In which they did not. Sellars willfully got out of his vehicle that night. Knowing there could be consequences. He should have thought about his family instead of acting tough. My FAMILY was protecting themselves. If he wouldn’t have gone up there that night this wouldn’t have happend. Maybe someone will learn from this.
    A. Harrelson

  • Harrelson on streets!!!!!!!! says:

    Wanted everyone who lives and pays taxes in our community to know that some dumb a** magistrate has allowed this fool to get out. He is walking our streets now!

  • Protest before Oct 8th says:

    Any of the sellers family interested in having a protest before the court date on oct 8 th? It may get enough media coverage to put pressure on Brunswick county and allow justice to prevail……? I would show up with justice for tee signs etc.

  • good says:

    i guess its ok for someone to come where you and your family lives and try to beat on you with a bat but if you got that bat and protect your self you probably wouldnt know wat u were swinging at after being beat in the head with bat either its bad it happend like that but it happends guess they should have googled him before going and messing with some random guy wat happend to the victims frirnds that was helping him beat on this man some friends crazy when victim gets hold of the bat but it all boils down to if they wouldnt have messed with boyd harrelson none of this wat have happend im glad to see he is out and back with his family maybe one day protecting yourself want get citizens locked up glad your out keep your head up

  • Southern Traveler says:

    I would assume that three men beating a man in the head with a baseball bat would mean to kill him. If they didn’t mean to kill him they would have broken his legs or knee cap or arms, right?

  • Guest 211 says:


  • SurfCityTom says:

    were they merely beating him or was their intent to kill him?

    Much easier for the Prosector to prove the former rather than the latter.

    Their defense might have been they were watching “The Untouchables” and each had an out of body experience as Robert DeNiro portraying Al Capone.

  • Guest6858 says:

    At least they didn’t assault him and then steal his food and go inside and est.

  • tweety11 says:

    why haven’t we asked for the death penalty.Comments are very nice compared……..

  • hello says:

    it’s crazy how everybody is looking at the guys who were arrested as the baad guys,but how can u judge somebody in a situation like that you don’t know wat u would do if something like that happened…it doesn’t mention about the guys who were in the car with sellers….or about how harrelson got hit first….

  • friend of boyd says:

    atleast hes out charges should be dropped in my opinion and he should be able to go on with his life i know him and never not once have i seen hom say im just going to go beat on somebody with a bat id protect my self to in a situation like that and anybody who says they is full of it thats one of those things where if that boy and his friends wanted to jump somebody and it backfired people call boyd a coward but think about it if the victim had a problem he should have went up there and handled it with out a bat and this would have been avoided so whos the coward really think bout stuff like that before you talk bout somebody you dont know glad your out buddy we will have to grill out some time before it gets cold so you can get some real food in you instead of those lunchables they give you in brunswick county that wouldnt feel up a two year old.

  • Guestred says:

    Can someone please tell me WHY these savages weren’t charged with murder?

  • Vog46 says:

    Assault with a deadly weapon does not require proof of intent

    Murder charges indicate the intent was to kill
    I’m not a lawyer but I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night


  • Vog46 says:

    2nd degree and keep the assault with a deadly weapon charge.
    Lose on one charge and hit him with the other.
    The scatter gun approach.

    IN all honesty it appears as though one guy had it in for the victim and the other two were pinch hitters.
    So it looks as though they have developed evidence that suggests at least for one attacker that murder was the goal.
    Good job by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office


  • goodnight says:

    Boyd aways been a hot head always in fights I myself got into it with him about four years a go I new then where he was headed back to prison ya that right he was lock up before for drugs you can look it up yourself

  • Tracie C says:

    Whaaaat? You mean this “tough guy” (see the look on his face?) had to use a bat? Dude, you know what they do with “bat like” sticks to guys like you in prison right? Can we find out their court date so we can go point and laugh?
    Much sympathy to the victim’s family.

  • Shame says:

    Personally no one knows really what happened but these guys. Talking crap about these guys don’t make anyone look cool it makes them look like chickens who can’t say the stuff to their faces. So all the rumors and smart comments need to be kept to yourselfs you don’t know what happened that night so you can’t say what this man deserves. Who knows maybe if you were in his shoes you would have done the same thing!!!! Ohh and they seemed to leave out the part that Harrelson was taken to the hopspital too!!! Always making some one look bad

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